Magisk has proved to be one of the best alternatives to the other conventional rooting methods that rely upon altering the /system partition. Magisk works by building upon a mask over the /system partition, thus allowing for mods to be executed whilst keeping the system stable and safe. This feature has also invited many developers to port their ideas as modules for Magisk. While there aren’t a lot of options available as of yet, there are some great modules available for download from the Magisk repo and well, here are the 10 best Magisk modules you should be using:

1. Xposed Framework

We’ll be starting off with the most preferred choice of everyone – the Xposed Framework. Xposed has been around for quite some years, and has become an essential app for many users out there. Xposed builds around a framework over the Android OS, allowing execution of various Android mods and tweaks. When Magisk brought about root access without hampering the system partition, its developer rovo89 ported the Xposed Framework to Magisk to allow users to achieve the best of Xposed’s Modules along with systemless root.

Xposed Framework

To install Xposed Framework, simply download the Material Design Xposed Framework according to your system version and install it. Additionally, you’ll also need to install Xposed’s app to make use of the framework which can be found here. You can then use this app to install and manage various mods under Xposed Repo, some of which can be found here.

2. App Systemizer

This module is used to convert third party installed apps to system apps, but systemlessly, through Magisk. While some launchers are converted to system apps automatically, it includes an AppSystemizer companion app, which can be used to convert various other apps to system apps, as per the user’s discretion. The system apps can’t be uninstalled, they can only be disabled.

App Systemizer

3. Emoji One

Emoji One is the global standard for emojis and they have recently announced EmojiOne 3.0, which includes all new redesigned emojis. What this module does is that it essentially replaces the Google Emoji found on your device with Emoji One.

Emoji One Comparison

4. Viper4Android or AM3D Zirene

Viper4Android is by far one of the most feature-rich and advanced music mod out there for Android. It lets you alter almost each and every aspect of your device’s audio capabilities, thus giving you full control. It lets you customize the audio performance of your device’s speaker, Bluetooth speaker, headset or even a dock. The app not only increases the volume of the audio on your device but also improves bass & clarity, thanks to the cool ViPER Clarity and XHiFi technology.

Even though the interface is fairly easy to use, one might get confused with so many choices at their disposal. If so, you could opt with the AM3D sound mod by Zirene, which offers a simple and minimalistic interface, allowing easy tweaking around with the audio profiles for your system.

Viper and AM3D Zirene

5. Android Mic Fix

Many a times, after flashing a new ROM or firmware, you may experience a loss in the mic quality of your device. The reason behind this is that most of times your build.prop file is tampered with by the developers which causes the aforementioned issue. The Android Mic Fix, as the name suggests, aims to fix this problem with the help of the “resetprop” tool to modify your build.prop file.

Android Mic Fix

6. Tethering Enabler

Being able to share your mobile data with other devices and users is a feature everyone needs at least once in a while. Unfortunately, some OEMs prefer to have this feature removed from their devices, especially in countries like the US. Tethering Enabler is a module that helps the user enable USB as well as WiFi tethering on their devices.

Tethering Enabler

7. Dolby Atmos

Lenovo had introduced Dolby’s Atmos Sound technology to their devices a couple of years ago, something that was widely appreciated. The Dolby Atmos Magisk mod brigs the Dolby Atmos audio enhancements to any Android smartphone. The mod offers simple yet efficient sound modifications to the overall audio quality of one’s device. This app, which was earlier exclusive to Lenovo’s ROMs, has now been ported to Magisk, so that it can work systemlessly. You can customize the audio quality of music, movies, games, voice, etc. There are a lot of options here and if you are an audiophile, you will definitely appreciate the features on offer.

Dolby Atmos

8. Audio Modification Library

There are a number of sound mods available for rooted Android devices, like the aforementioned Viper4Android, AM3D Zirene and Dolby Atmos . Based upon your liking, you may want to one of them. But what if you like different features of different mods, but installing both mods at the same time would result in a system failure for you? Well, Audio Modification Library is a Magisk module that overcomes Magisk’s limitation of installing multiple audio mods, and does not cause any compatibility issues.

Audio Modification Library

9. ART Optimization

Android Lollipop includes a new virtual machine called ART (Android Runtime). ART uses AOT (ahead-of-time) compilation into native code, which performs better than Dalvik for compiling the apps. Android Lollipop includes the dex2oat tool for optimizing applications on deployment. What this app does is basically is configure the ART Optimization to execute its tasks swiftly depending upon the profile chosen by the user, thus drastically reducing the “Optimizing Apps” screen time.

ART Optimization

10. CrossBreeder Lite Edition

CrossBreeder is a set of mods that are used to modify system performance as well as conserve battery life. While the original project required proper /system access, it has now been ported to work with Magisk, and it works exceptionally well. You can use it to reduce the lag, increase your entropy levels, get more juice out of your device and speed up your mobile.

CrossBreeder Lite Edition

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Enhance Android With Various Magisk Mods

Magisk is a very powerful environment whose power continue to grow with the addition of more and more modules. While any app that requires root access works with Magisk, having the ability to run that app without altering the /system partition is a feature that everyone prefers and that’s what sets Magisk above from other root alternatives. While there aren’t many modules available on the Magisk repo currently, more and more mods are sure to come in the near future. As of now, these are indeed the best Magisk mods available, so try them out and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.