Best macOS Sonoma Widgets in 2024

In Short
  • You can find some useful macOS Sonoma Widgets that you can add to your Mac's desktop or the Notification Center.
  • Some of the best first-party macOS Sonoma widgets are Weather, World Clock, and Screen Time.
  • For productivity-focused widgets, you must try Todoist, News, and Spark Mail.

With macOS Sonoma, Apple allowed its users to add widgets on their Mac’s desktop. Now, when you can keep an eye on all the essential information right on your Mac’s desktop, there’s no need to switch back & forth between apps. You can have everything that matters to you right in your immediate sight. Fortunately, it’s super easy to add widgets on macOS Sonoma. Whether you wish to keep yourself updated with the latest emails or track your screen time, the best Mac widgets have got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through the 10 best macOS Sonoma widgets that should be on your radar. Here you go!

1. Color Widgets

If you love adding aesthetic widgets to your Mac, Color Widgets is all you need. It offers a library of predesigned widgets and also allows you to create your own widgets in no time. The app offers predesigned customizable widgets that you can add to Mac’s notification center or the desktop. Apart from the predesigned ones, you can also try making your own widgets from scratch.

Color Widgets

This macOS Sonoma widget includes everything from useful tools like calendars, clocks, and batteries to pleasing elements like photos and quotes that add a nice aesthetic to the desktop. With a bunch of customization options, Color Widgets can help you give a personal touch to your Mac. To sum up, if you’re a fan of customization, you must get your hands on this macOS widget.

2. World Clock Widget

If you’re someone like me who often needs to check out times for different cities across the globe, this macOS Sonoma widget is gonna make your life easier. The World Clock widget brings the world clock right to your Mac’s desktop, so you can stay in touch with your distant friends or siblings or have a look at the timezone of your foreign client to schedule a meeting.

Clock Widget

Besides seeing time in different cities around the around, you can click on the widget to use a stopwatch, set an alarm, or start timers on your Mac. The best thing about this macOS widget is that it’s free to use with the Clock app that comes pre-installed on all Apple devices.

Comes Pre-installed

3. Todoist

Do you still write important tasks on paper and then keep searching for them in your drawer? If yes, Todoist is gonna change your life for the better. It’s a mind-blowing task manager and to-do list app that helps you stay organized. You can plan out your day, collaborate on projects, and set deadlines. Besides, the app offers priority levels so you can plan your tasks according to the priority and due dates. That’s not all. This productivity app for Mac also allows you to integrate other useful apps like Gmail, Zapier, Calendar, Dropbox, and more. 

Todoist Widget

If you’re fond of this to-do app, you must give their widgets a shot. You’ll get to see all your lined-up tasks right on the desktop. The widget companion makes it easier to keep track of your important tasks without swinging between different apps.

4. Calendar & Reminders

While you’re working on your Mac, you will surely want to keep an eye on your upcoming events. Isn’t it? Well, the Calendar widget for macOS Sonoma gives you the freedom to quickly have a look at your scheduled meetings, upcoming flights, and other events lined up for you. While you can easily find third-party calendar apps for macOS, the built-in Calendar app lives up to the task for me.

Calendar Widget

To see a summary of your upcoming events, you must choose from the Up Next widget or the List Widget. You can click on an upcoming event to explore more details about it in the Calendar app. To sum up, it’s a nice widget for users who are looking for a simple calendar widget. If you crave more customization options, we’ve mentioned an option below.

Comes Pre-installed

5. Fantastical

For a long time, Fantastical has secured itself as one of the best calendar apps. If you feel Apple’s calendar app falls short on features or customization options, it’s worth trying out Fantastical. It’s an advanced calendar and tasks app that sports a clean design and packs some impressive features. Talking about the widgets, they help you keep track of the things that matter to you. You also get an extended 10-day weather forecast so you can track the weather and plan your outing more smartly.


You get to choose from some amazing widget designs so you can pick the one that suits your requirements. You can go with the event list+calendar, event list+date widget, or the compact quick action widget to keep everything minimal.

6. News

You would probably know that you can easily add widgets for the apps you’ve downloaded on your iPhone or iPad. I’m a regular user of the Apple News app and I like to keep myself updated with the latest news happening throughout the day. Besides my iPhone, I’ve added the News widget on my MacBook as well to track important news in real-time.

Apple News app

So, if you also wish to keep yourself updated with everything that matters to you, News is a super-useful widget. Boasting a diverse set of credible publishers, the app offers breaking news in several domains including technology, business, sports, politics, entertainment, and more. The best thing is the app is available for free and supports several languages.

7. Weather

Another stock macOS Sonoma widget that I always have on my desktop is the weather widget. It allows me to glance at the current weather information, without having to open the Weather app every now and then. I can keep track of the essential weather information like current temperature, highest & lowest temperatures, or air quality index.

Apple Weather app

With iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma, the Weather app has only gotten better and shows additional information as well. There’s a new Lunar Panel that lets you track the moon right from your iPhone.  For me, the stock weather app does a great job. If you need more customization options, you can also check out popular third-party weather apps.

Comes Pre-installed

8. Drafts

I have been using the “Drafts” note-taking app on my iPhone from quite a long time now, and I love the quick widgets that come with it. Recently, I’ve started using Drafts on my Mac as well, and it offers the same convenience. What I like the most about Drafts is that it allows me to jot down notes quickly. Whether I want to paste some copied text or record a voice note, this Sonoma widget gives me instant access to these features.

Apple Weather app

If you’ve unlocked the premium version, the Drafts app provides you with more types of widgets that can help you get to your notes much easier and faster. In case you don’t use Drafts, you can check if your note-taking app offers a widget or not.

9. Spark Mail

The other iPhone widget I love using on my Mac is Spark Mail. It is one of the best email apps for Macs that brings a top-notch experience for professionals and their teams. One of the best features of Spark is the Smart Inbox which shows up what’s important for you and cleans the rest of the inbox. Therefore, you can focus on exactly what matters to you. It’s a multi-account email client, which gives you the liberty to connect all of your accounts and track emails from one spot. The app supports iCloud Drive, and Dropbox, and has a built-in calendar as well. 

Spark Mail Widget

If you’re using Spark Mail, you must try their widgets which come in several different designs. You can pick the best design and track emails right from your Mac’s desktop.

10. Screen Time

Let’s face it, We spend too much time in front of our screens daily. While we may have some big goals to cut down the daily screen time, it’s never easier. Things are good if we’re sticking to our work, but sometimes, we can switch from work to leisure apps in no time. Sometimes, we are so engrossed in doom-scrolling that we have no idea which app is eating up our precious time. If you’re also sailing in the same boat, the Screen Time widget is gonna help you get control of your app usage.

Screen Time

This pre-installed Sonoma widget helps you keep an eye on how much time you’ve spent on your screen across your Apple devices. The widget comes in three different sizes so you can decide how much information you wish to see. You can identify patterns responsible for your reduced productivity. Once you know them, you can take action to get over your digital distraction.

Comes Pre-installed

Those were the 10 best macOS Sonoma widgets you need to check out right now. We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup and picked your favorite widgets. In case you’re looking for the best iOS widgets, make sure to check out our list of the top 25 iPhone widgets in 2024.

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