We all use our iPhones for a variety of tasks, everyday. One of these tasks is getting directions to places that we’d like to visit, or checking up on traffic on our commute to and from work. Maps, GPS, and navigation apps are what we use in these situations to figure out the best route to reach a destination, and to get an idea of how long it will take us to get there. Say, you’re visiting a new city, and you need to visit the best places that the city has to offer; it’s GPS and navigation apps to the rescue. Same goes for situations where you want to prevent getting lost in a new, unknown city. With that in mind, here are the 10 best GPS, and navigation apps for iPhone, that you should consider having on your device, for just such a situation.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is by far the most widely used, and trusted GPS, and navigation app in the world. Developed by Google, and distributed for free, the app features accurate traffic data, multiple modes of transport for navigation and directions, as well as automatic re-routing in navigation due to traffic conditions, or missed turns, and exits.


The app also features street view, and indoor imagery, to allow users to virtually visit a place, before deciding on physically visiting it. Best of all, though, is the feature that allows users to save maps for offline use, so that they can get directions, and search the offline maps, even when they don’t have any data connectivity. This can prove extremely handy while visiting new cities, or going abroad.

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2. Maps.ME

Maps.ME is a free app that boasts of maps for a massive 345 countries and islands, so no matter where you’re going, chances are, Maps.ME will have the maps for that place. The app is aimed at tourists, and people who’re travelling, and includes detailed maps, including restaurants, tourist destinations, gas stations, etc.


For hill-stations, the app also includes ski-slopes and stations. Maps.ME also allows users to download maps for offline use, and search them without any data connectivity. If you’re visiting a new city, and want to visit a lot of great places while you’re there, this app might just suit your needs.

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3. Waze

Waze is an app from Waze Inc, that got acquired by Google, back in 2013. The app is a crowdsourced, community based traffic and navigation app, and depends on the users to source its traffic data. It allows users to report accidents, hazards, road closures etc, in order to help other drivers using the app.


The app features turn-by-turn voice navigation, and incorporates an ETA sharing feature, that allows users to share their ETA with the people they’re meeting. You may use some of these tricks to use Waze in a better way.

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4. CityMaps2Go

CityMaps2Go is an app that features detailed maps that can be saved offline by the users, in order to be accessed even when there is no data connectivity. The maps can be saved for cities, states, or even entire countries in one go. On the map, users can save places, and add them to lists, so they can easily organise the saved places into the categories that they want. For example, you could save some sightseeing places in a list of “Things to See”, while some restaurants might be saved in a list of “Places to Eat”, etc. The app basically aims to make it easier for users to plan their visits to other cities.


Users can get directions to places saved in the app by using apps such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc., and can also order an Uber directly from the app itself.

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5. Scout GPS Navigation

The Scout GPS Navigation app features real time traffic, and speed updates, to ensure that users always know when they’ll reach their destination. Before starting navigation, users can click on all the available routes to get turn-by-turn directions for the selected route.


The app also allows users to share their ETA with one or more of their contacts, and features a list of frequently contacted people, to make it easier for the user to share their ETA on the go. Scout GPS Navigation also allows users to download the maps for offline use, so that users can access the maps, and get directions even when they are offline.

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6. Sygic GPS

Sygic GPS is another great GPS app for the iPhone, that features voice guided navigation, along with live traffic updates so users always know the exact traffic conditions at all times. The app features speed camera warnings, along with dynamic lane guidance for safe lane changing.


Sygic GPS features voice guided navigation, so the user can focus on driving their car, without having to look at the navigation screen every few seconds, and when they arrive at their destination, the app offers parking suggestions, along with availability, and pricing.

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7. Here WeGo

Here WeGo is the name of the map app previously known as Here Maps, by Nokia. The app features multiple modes of transport for navigation, and allows users to save maps offline so that they can be accessed even when there is no data connection available. The offline functionality of the app includes street information, as well, so that the user can get turn-by-turn navigation, even when they are offline.


If the user is planning on using public transport, or taxis for their journey, the app allows them to check the prices of tickets, or the taxi fare for the location that they want to go to. What’s more, the app also features integrations with popular services such as TripAdvisor, BlaBla Car, Expedia, and a lot more.

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8. Apple Maps

The Apple Maps app is the default map application that comes installed on the iPhone. While Apple Maps had a bumpy start, the newer version of the app is vastly improved. The app features a simple interface, and focuses on letting the user choose the destination, and then providing them with the directions, and navigation. The best part about using Apple Maps, is its seamless integration with Siri, and the fact that it gets displayed on the lock screen, as well, which means that users can take a quick glance at the navigation, even if their phone got locked while driving.


If you’re using a car equipped with an Apple CarPlay system, then using Apple Maps gets even better. As soon as you park your car, and get out of it, your phone automatically marks the location on the map, so you don’t forget where you parked your car. This can prove extremely useful in new places, and cities.

9. MapQuest

The MapQuest app features voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, along with real time traffic updates, and automatic re-routing based on traffic conditions on the road ahead, so the user can avoid most gridlocks, and have as smooth a journey, as possible.


The app allows users to share their ETA with friends and family, so that they have a fair idea of when to expect them. Along with that, the app allows users to search for nearby points of interest, and the ability to compare costs for a variety of transport services, such as Uber, Car2Go, etc.

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10. Triposo

The Triposo is app is not so much a fully-fledged GPS and navigation app, as it is an app aimed at tourists. The app doesn’t feature a complete world map. Instead, it features maps of a lot of the major tourist destinations world-wide. The maps for these cities can be downloaded by the user for offline use, or they can be used as is, using a cellular connection. These maps feature a plethora of points of interests in the selected city, and allows users to get directions to the points of interest that they want to get to.

Best GPS and Navigation Apps for iPhone triposo

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the app, especially for tourists, is the ability to create city-walks. City-walks are short walks that a user can follow to visit some of the most important points of interest in the city. Users can choose to make the city walks short, or long. Being an app aimed at travel, the Triposo app also allows users to book hotels, tours, and activities, all from inside the app itself.

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Use These GPS and Navigation Apps to Travel Like a Pro

Using these GPS and navigation apps will ensure that you never get lost in a new city, or get late for work, due to traffic. GPS and navigation apps are something of a necessity these days, in order to ensure that you take the best route to your destination, avoiding as much traffic as you can, and reaching well within time. Also, these apps definitely make it easier to get around the city, without needing to ask people for directions.

As always, we would like to know about your favourite GPS and navigation apps for your iPhone. Also, if you think that we missed out on a great GPS app that should have been a part of this list, make sure you let us know about it in the comments section below.

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