15 Best GoPro Max Accessories You Can Buy

GoPro reigns supreme when it comes to action cams. Ever since the company unveiled GoPro Max (along with Hero 8 Black), shutterbugs have been going gaga about the new camera. And rightly so as the cam packs in several improvements over GoPro Fusion that didn’t quite live up to the billing. With a more compact design and the ability to work both as a regular GoPro and a 360-degree camera, it looks really promising for full-on adventure. So, if you have bought this exciting camera ($499) and are hunting for the accessories to safeguard the cam and also get the most out of it, this wide assortment of the best GoPro Max accessories has got you fully covered.

Best Screen Protector and Kit for GoPro Max

1. iTrunk

To kickstart this extensive lineup of accessories for GoPro Max on a good note, I would like to put a high-grade screen guard like iTrunk right at the top. The PET screen protector is completely bubble-free and delivers 99% HD clarity. Apart from offering high clarity, it is also quite sensitive to the touch. Thanks to the silicone adhesives, the screen guard is pretty easy to install. As for scratch protection, iTrunk is fully capable of shielding your 360-degree camera against scuffs. Overall, it’s one of the finest screen guards for your GoPro Max.

Screen-Guard-for-GoPro-Max from iTrunk-

Buy from Amazon: $10.99 (pack of 2)

2. kitway

Looking for a complete case for your GoPro Max? If the answer is yes, “kitway” can be a great option. The case is made of waterproof material and offers an uncompromised safeguard to the camera lens. With the acrylic screen, it provides much-improved color correction. But what stands it out is the pack of three dive filters that allow you to capture vibrant colors underwater. Overall, this durable kit will not only safeguard your camera but also bring plenty of fun to your underwater photography.

kitway waterpoof kit

Buy from Amazon: $16.99 

3. Nomadic Gear 55-in-1 Action Camera Accessories Kit

Nomadic has introduced a top-notch accessories kit for GoPro Max (and other action cams in the market). So, if you can stretch your budget a bit, you will have a fantastic bundle with virtually all the accessories like selfie Stick, mini tripod, car suction cup, bike handlebar mount, metallic thumbscrews and more for your camera. As for the quality of the accessories, they are made of durable material and will last long. Furthermore, the kit has got four and a half stars out of more than 200 ratings which show that it’s been well received.

Nomadic accessories kit for GoPro Max

Buy from Amazon: $74.95

4. Kitway 65-in-1 Action Camera Accessories Kit

For the folks who are hunting for the cheapest action camera accessories kit for GoPro Max, Kitway 65-in-1 appears to be the most lucrative option. The bundle includes a lot of accessories that can ramp up your photography/videography experience. I like the design of the head strap that looks spot-on for cycling and skiing. Besides, I have also found the selfie stick and car suction cup mount holder appreciable. If you are worried about the quality of the products, let me tell you that the company provides 100% moneyback (lifetime guarantee) so you shouldn’t fail to give it a chance.

go pro max accessories kitaway

Buy from Amazon: $20.19

Best GoPro Max Mounts, Tripods, and Selfie Sticks

1. STUNTMAN Action Camera Mounts

What about getting a shoulder mount for your GoPro Max? Apart from letting you shoot videos and snap pics comfortably, it can also add a bit of style quotient. The shoulder mount comes with a 360-degree ball joint which allows you to point a camera in any direction. For more flexibility, it also features four mounting points located on the top, in front, and behind. Better yet, the large curved base plate fits conveniently on the right and the left shoulder. Oh yes, you can also use it to mount your Max on the hip!

GoPro Max shoulder-Strap-

Buy from Amazon: $39.99

2. Official Tripod Mount

Should you wish to buy a pretty lightweight and compact tripod for your GoPro Max, this official mount would be the right way to go. It comes with a secure locking mechanism to keep your camera steady. Plus, it has a quick-release functionality so that uninstalling the action camera would remain an easy affair for you. On top of all, this GoPro mount comes at $14.79 which makes it a highly affordable mount for Max.

Go Pro Official Tripod for Go Pro Max

Buy from Amazon: $14.79

3. Smatree Adjustable  Clamp Mount

If you are hunting for a more flexible clamp mount for your Max, I would recommend you to give serious consideration to Smatree Adjustable Clamp Mount. With the mini tripod head, it offers 360-degree rotation. Thus, you can securely place your action camera in the preferred angle to shoot videos with aplomb. Moreover, the gooseneck is fully adjustable and can be extended up to 13.4-inches. And it opens to 1.8-inches wide for a hassle-free installation. This is a GoPro Max accessory that you should not miss out on.

Smartree clamp mount for GoPro Max

Buy from Amazon: $13.99

4. GoPro Max Grip + Tripod

I always prefer to have a versatile GoPro accessory that can live up to multiple needs. And that’s exactly why I have picked out this GoPro Max Grip + Tripod. Speaking of versatility, it works efficiently as a camera grip, an extension pole and a super handy tripod. It’s extendable from 9 to 22-inch which makes it right on the money for both close-up and wide-angle shots. What’s more, the foldout legs with magnetic closure endows it the needed stability to stay intact on any level surface. It is a bit pricey but for what it brings to the table, the price seems justified.

GoPro Max Grip Buy from Amazon: $59.99

5. GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod

The GoPro 3-Way is one of the most essential accessories you can buy for your GoPro Max. The three-way grip brings multiple functionalities to the table allowing you to manuevour your GoPro in multiple ways. It can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod for ultra versatility and a variety of shots. That is awesome, isn’t it? If you buy this accessory, you will no longer need to buy multiple mounts to satisfy different use cases. You should definitely check it out.

1. GoPro 3-WayBuy from Amazon: $37.89

6. Replacement Folding Adapters

Well, replacement folding adapters might not be on the high priority list for many GoPro Max owners but they are very essential. You can use them to attach your GoPro to mounts and swap mounts quickly. Even better, the tools also make it more convenient to install the spare parts. Thus, you should have replacement adapters as they are quite handy. Courtesy the durable quality and neat design, I prefer the official replacement folding adapters. So, look no further than official offerings if you need them.

Folding adapters for GoPro Max

Buy from GoPro: $21.93

7. Chesty

Chesty is exactly what you should pick to take awesome POV (point of view) shots. Due mainly to the convenience, it remains my favorite GoPro accessory, especially during an adventurous time. It’s made of lightweight and breathable material. Hence, it can fit both slim and fat body. Being fully adjustable, you will love to carry it during cycling, skiing, hiking or adrenaline-fueling adventures.

Chesty for GoPro Max

Buy from GoPro: $43.88

8. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

This is for the folks who wish to have a better front and side helmet mounting solution so that they capture awesome photos during exciting adventures. It comes with an integrated mounting buckle to ensure the Max remains steady. Thanks to the swivel mount assembly, you can capture great shots from any angles. Aside from the durable design, I also like the desired adjustability it offers. In a nutshell, it’s one of the top accessories for GoPro Max.

GroPro official helmet and side mount

Buy from Amazon: $28.95 

Best GoPro Max Power Bank and Memory Card

1. Tranmix

According to GoPro, Max can last up to 115 minutes (Wi-Fi Off/1080p/ 60fps) which may be good enough for many users. However, if you are someone who loves to snap a lot of pics and record tons of videos, the battery won’t live up to your demand. And this is where a powerful external battery pack like Tranmix has a role to play. The portable charger boasts a massive 25000 mAh battery that can recharge your camera multiple times. Moreover, it comes with four foldable solar panels which allow you to charge your GoPro even without an electric outlet, albeit slowly. With rugged construction and waterproof design, it’s primed to be a great asset for your adventures.

Solar Powered Power Bank for GoPro Max

Buy from Amazon: $39.99

2. GoPro Max Official Rechargeable Battery

If you don’t want to carry a massive power bank with you, an efficient rechargeable battery would be a great choice. GoPro offers a high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can work as a spare for your Max. Just toss a couple of them in your bag and you will be able to easily swap them out once the GoPro Max’s battery fully discharges. As for pricing, it’s a tad more expensive than other third-party offerings. But given the efficiency, I think it’s worth checking out.

Official rechargeable battery for GoPro Max

Buy from GoPro: $32.88

3. SanDisk 128GB Memory Card

This one is a no brainer, isn’t it? To securely store tons of videos and photos, you need a top-grade memory card. And when you think of buying one for your action camera, the name that instantly comes to mind is SanDisk. With up to 100MB/s transfer speed, the memory card claims to move up to 1000 photos in a minute, which is an impressive number. Using the SanDisk app, you can easily manage your entire files. What’s more, the company offers the memory card in many capacities like 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. As for pricing, while the 128 GB variant comes at $19.93, the 512 GB variant is priced at $99.99. Overall, it’s the best SD card that you can buy for your brand new GoPro Max.

GoPro Max memory card from SanDisk

Buy from Amazon: $19.93

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Choose the Top Accessories for Your GoPro Max…

So, these are my favorite accessories for the GoPro Max. I hope you have found them right on the money for your needs. Despite huge competition from flagship smartphones like Google Pixel, Galaxy Note, and Apple’s iPhones, GoPro cams have remained the top choice for action photography. Would you like to share your feedback about Max and what makes it such an exciting action camera for those who love to shoot adventurous moments? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments section below.

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