10 Best Anime to Watch in Fall 2023

The fall of 2023 is here, and so are some of the best anime coming to our digital screens this season. Over the past few months, there have been many amazing reveals for the fall 2023 anime lineup and schedule. Some of the amazing anime such as AOT, Spy x Family, and more are making their returns, but there are also several new anime like Ranga Crimson and Netflix’s Pluto releasing in Fall 2023. Much like last year, there is no scarcity of cool anime. That said, we have compiled a list of the best anime to watch in fall 2023 so that you don’t miss out on any of it!

1. Attack On Titan: The Final Chapters Part 2

I agree that MAPPA Studios splitting Attack on Titan’s final seasons into numerous parts has made many fans unhappy. Not just that, it has been a tedious task to keep track of it all. But, at last, the Attack on Titan Season 4 final episode is officially confirmed to be released in Fall 2023. More precisely, the finale is set to release on November 4, 2023. Will the Rumbling come to an end as everyone, including Armin, Mikasa, Reiner, and others, attempt to stop Eren?

What does fate have in store for the AOT universe and our favorite Attack on Titan characters? This is the most anticipated release of the fall 2023 anime lineup. I bet this finale is going to be an unforgettable experience, as the show is coming to an end after almost a decade. Therefore, if you haven’t watched previous Attack on Titan seasons, stream them right now and gear up for the finale with us!

2. Spy x Family Season 2

Spy x Family is an all-time fan favorite show for many after its impressive first season. It’s mainly because of how fun the show is and the likable characters, especially the bundle of joy that is Anya. Now that fall 2023 rolled in, so has the second season of Spy x Family, which started streaming on October 7.

Once more, we will be able to enter an action-packed universe populated by spies and assassins. The plot will get much more heated than before due to the addition of several new antagonists. Thus, get ready to see our adorable Anya and the Forger family outwitting everyone in order to complete their missions.

3. Dr. Stone: New World Cour 2

Like the previous season, the first cour of Dr. Stone: New World was nothing short of amazing and brought fans one step closer to figuring out the origins of the petrifying green light. The stakes were much higher this season as Senku and the science team went out of their place in search of answers to the biggest mystery on Earth. The first cour ended with a cliffhanger in June 2023.

Since then, we have been eagerly waiting for Dr. Stone: New World’s second cour, which will be released on October 12, 2023. This cour will focus on new adversaries who are challenging Senku to the next level. We are all hyped to see more inventions from our green-haired scientist do his magic to figure out some dark secrets.

So, don’t miss out on Dr. Stone if you want to witness a unique Shonen anime that stands out from all other significant ones with its story and characters.

4. Tokyo Revengers Season 3

Tokyo Revengers is back with a bang and will be adapting the much-anticipated “Tenjiku arc” for season 3. The second season ended in April 2023 and brought us the Christmas Showdown Arc. After just a few months, we are ready to feast on the next season and even more terrifying opponents. Tokyo Revenger Season 3 started streaming on October 3, 2023.

Just like Dr. Strange came back infinitely to bargain against Dormammu, Takemichi returns to the present only to find things aren’t as he predicted them to be. So it’s time to mess with the timeline once again, and we will witness a war between our Tokyo Manji and their rival gang Tenjiku.

Tokyo Revengers is nearing its end quickly, so fans are more intrigued to witness how Takemichi’s time travel shenanigans will come to a close. Nevertheless, this new war is going to be talked about a lot as it airs. So if you are a Tokyo Revengers fan, get ready to witness peak action, and if you haven’t started this anime yet, it’s the right time for you to jump in!

5. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is a refreshing fantasy adventure anime to start in the fall of 2023. For the uninitiated, it is one of the most high-rated manga in the community and has been recommended for years. It has finally got a much-deserved anime adaptation and has started airing already.

This anime is about how an elf and her companions must seek out an alternative way of life after she and her team vanquish a demon king. We are five episodes in and fans are loving it as it shaping up to be one of the best anime out this year. Therefore, I highly recommend you check out this anime if you want a fresh breath of air.

6. Pluto

Pluto is expected to be one of the most solid contenders for 2023’s Best Anime of the Year award. If you aren’t believing me, just go ahead and get a look at its trailer yourself. What’s more interesting is that this anime is set in the same world as one of the most influential anime in history “Astro Boy.” It is about Robotic Europol detective Gesicht who is sent to investigate the terrible death of Montblanc and quickly learns that he too is caught up in danger as the robots and their human companions are slain in succession.

This sci-fi thriller is coming out later this month on October 27. Therefore, mark your calendars for this one as we are getting ourselves possibly one of the best anime and that rightly falls on our fall 2023 lineup as well.

7. The Apothecary Diaries

The Apothecary Diaries anime is based on a highly-rated Chinese Light Novel of the same name. The story of this anime is about a young girl Maomao, who is kidnapped and sold to a King’s family. Luckily, her quick wit, sharp mind, and knowledge of medicine helped her to stand out and get recognized by the head eunuch, Jinshi.

What awaits her in this new twisted phase of her life is explored in the anime. This mystery drama is expected to be captivating right from the start. As a result, you might not want to miss out on this one for sure. The Apothecary Diaries will be released on October 21, 2023.

8. Ragna Crimson

Ragna Crimson is about a world dominated by dragons and dragon hunters. If you are interested in checking out an anime related to dragon and hunter themes, you definitely should check this out. The plot gives something like Game of Thrones set in a HxH-like universe, doesn’t it?

The fans of this manga consider it to be an amazing ride with high-octane action scenes, which will look even better in the anime. It started streaming on October 1, 2023. Two episodes have already aired, and it is the talk of the town in the community right now. So, don’t forget to check out Ragna Crimson in Fall 2023.

9. Undead Unluck

When unluckiness meets immortality is the heart of this show. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But let me explain. Fuuko Izumo is the unluckiest girl as whoever she touches (unintentionally) meets with death and her parents are not an exception as well. Tired of this curse, she decides to end her life but meets an immortal fan who is looking to unalive himself.

With this, these two suicidal characters team up, but they are now targeted by an organization for their enigmatic powers. What is going to happen to this team who gave up on their lives already? After reading the plot, you can pretty much guess that this anime will be focusing on the duo’s comedy and action. Therefore, if you want a comedy anime with a side of action scenes, why not give this anime a try? As its source material is heavily lauded, check out the Undead Unluck anime, which was released on October 7, 2023.

10. I’m In Love with the Villainess

I’m in Love with the Villainess is an LGBTQ+ themed romance anime with a bit of Isekai in the mix. It’s currently airing, but we don’t know for sure if it will join our list of best isekai anime. This story is about a girl named Rei Oohashi who gets reincarnated into her favorite otome game. Rei starts falling in love with her favorite character in the game rather than the game’s male characters.

How will this fated romantic relationship turn out in this world? According to manga fans, it’s a fun and new romance anime blended with Isekai to elevate the whole experience. Thus, if you need a new romance anime to watch this fall season (released on October 3), go for I’m in Love with the Villainess.

That’s the 10 best anime series to look out for and start binging in fall 2023. Every year we get to see tons of anime, but only a few remain memorable to this day. We hope this list of anime will live up to our expectations and end up being one of the best in their genre. Tell us which anime you plan on watching in Fall 2023 in the comments below.

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