8 Best ExpressVPN Alternatives You Can Use

ExpressVPN has long been hailed as a virtual private network (VPN) service every user should purchase. The company offers exceptional service and ample security. However, recent reports have come to light that has made us doubt ExpressVPN’s sincerity. Most notably, a top ex-employee of ExpressVPN has been slapped with a $1.6 million fine in a hacking-related charge. With the top management being charged for the very thing they vow to protect against, it’s natural that many users’ faith has been shaken from ExpressVPN. If you are part of the VPN crowd looking to switch away from the service, we have you covered. Given below are the best ExpressVPN alternatives you can use in 2021.

Best ExpressVPN Alternatives (September 2021)

The list below contains some of the best ExpressVPN alternatives you should check out. However, we understand that sorting your way through everything can get a bit overwhelming. For easier navigation, use the table below and check out specific VPN services to weigh their pros and cons.

Reasons You Should Consider ExpressVPN Alternatives

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN has now given online users some valid reasons to switch away from its service. If you are unsure whether to take the leap or not, consider the reasons below to get an ExpressVPN alternative.

1. Lack of Trust

While we, as Internet users, take a VPN company’s claims at face value, this trust can be easily broken. That is exactly what has happened in this scenario. A VPN company that promises anonymity and protection to millions of users has had employees with a history of helping countries hack everyday people. If that is not a big red flag, we don’t know what is.

2. Competitors Have Better Pricing

While ExpressVPN claims to be good at its job, it’s no secret that the VPN service is borderline expensive. If you are looking for a more affordable ExpressVPN alternative, you will be glad to know there are some good selections available below.

3. VPN Service Location

While ExpressVPN is based out of the British Virgin Islands, which has no data retention laws, its equally good alternatives are placed in similar Internet-friendly locations. So, new or old users thinking they are missing out on something can breathe a sigh of relief and go for any of the alternatives below.

Advantages of Using a VPN Service

If you are a new customer and reading this article to get the best VPN recommendations, we have you covered as well. A VPN service will offer you a plethora of advantages and features over your existing unprotected internet connection. If you are still unsure, have a look at some of the key advantages of using a VPN:

1. Stream Anything from Anywhere Anytime

Through the use of a VPN, you can unblock the best Netflix movies and TV series from any country. You can also watch live sports channels not available locally. Besides Netflix, a VPN works across multiple online streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and more. You can even switch regions and access geo-restricted TV shows using a virtual private network.

2. Access Blocked Websites


A VPN allows you to visit websites that have are not available in your region. This advantage applies to almost every website out there too. All you need to do is switch on your VPN service and enter the blocked website address.

3. Safer Gaming

Want to add an extra layer of security while you game? Well, the VPN is there for you. The use of virtual private networks will add an extra shield to your experience and provide protection against DDoS attacks, among much more.

4. Public Wi-Fi Safety

Most public Wi-Fi networks are open and are grossly unsafe for making sensitive transactions. A VPN will hide your activity and make sure no malicious hacker can steal your data. Not only can you open your run-of-the-mill websites, but even make transactions on an airport Wi-Fi network while using your VPN.

5. P2P/ Torrenting

Many of us like to Torrent or share files with our peers but don’t want anyone getting wind of it. A VPN gives you anonymity while your P2P client hums safely in the background. Note that we don’t support the downloading of unsanctioned copyright material via a Torrent app like uTorrent, it is illegal and could get you in trouble.

6. Make Online Calls Safely

We understand that confidential business requires confidentiality. Put a virtual shield on your connection and make your calls even more secure through a VPN. It applies to both voice and video calls and even messaging.

You can use a VPN on any of your devices, be it your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and even a console. And with VPN services becoming so affordable, you will find yourself considering buying one very soon.

Things to Look For When Choosing a VPN Service

While most VPN companies offer the same features with minor differences, there are some important factors you should keep an eye out for before buying a VPN service. Watching out for the things below will ensure your VPN experience is pleasant, and more importantly, a safe one. Look for these while choosing a VPN service:

  • A No-Logs Policy – You don’t want to be hiding your data from your ISP only for it to be cataloged by your VPN provider. A no-logs policy ensures that whatever you do online vanishes without a trace when you are done. While most companies promise to store no data, some identifiers might still be written in the privacy policy. So be sure to read the privacy policy to get the specifics before you buy any VPN. A good way to ensure this is to find out if they have been audited in the past and could prove this claim.
  • Server Location – You buy a VPN service and want to watch Knives Out on Netflix Japan, but suddenly realize that country isn’t on the list. Make sure you check the server locations supported by your VPN service provider, so you have a better idea of what countries you can connect to before you sign-up.
  • Simultaneous Devices – Most VPNs will give you a plentiful number of devices you can run the service on. But always check the number yourself, so you can have the service signed on all the devices and ready for access when you need it.
  • VPN Protocol – While most users prefer to leave specifics under the hood, you should be aware of certain keywords being mentioned by your service provider. Protocols like WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKeV2 are good choices for a secure experience. Some VPNs even allow users to choose a desired protocol from the settings.

So yeah, that’s pretty much everything you need to keep in mind before picking up one of the ExpressVPN alternatives listed below.

Best ExpressVPN Alternatives You Should Get

1. Surfshark

There are multiple reasons why Surfshark takes the #1 spot on our list. Let’s break them down. The first thing that caught our eye was the different UI. In a world full of professional advertising and technical columns, Surfshark stands out in a funny, almost comical way. From the companies logo to its light-hearted advertising, there is a disarming effect that makes you want to try it out. But don’t worry, we weren’t swayed so easily.

Simplicity At Its Core

Another thing that the company gets correct is the applications. Both the desktop and Android apps are easy to use with a simplistic design and controls that flow effortlessly. The more technical users might not like its overly simple app design, but the general masses should get the hang of it with ease.

The server list is also a big plus. From a choice of countries that includes the likes of Albania to Vietnam, there are plenty of options abound. From the easy navigation to various countries we could connect with to more intimate settings like turning on CleanWeb that blocks trackers and malware, the experience was bliss.

Most Affordable VPN Service

However, let’s not gloss over a big factor that makes Surfshark the most worthy ExpressVPN alternative. The company’s aggressive pricing was something that also made us want to try it out. With subscription plans starting at just $60 for two years, it boils down to merely $2.5 per month, making SurfShark a steal. Not sure? Why not get a 30 day trial with a promise you will get your money back.

The security on this VPN is as satisfying as anything. With the Shark using four different protocols, including the newest WireGuard, we could watch Doctor Sleep in Australia while staying secure online. One can go down an even more secure path and choose to turn on the multihop feature that chains two servers together and makes the connection even more secure.

We did encounter a touch of lag or two when trying to switch between servers and downloading some files through P2P services, but that was resolved quickly enough. Surfshark stood our tests and stands proud as the VPN we recommend getting as an alternative to ExpressVPN. A solid combination of effective pricing, easy-to-use apps, plentiful servers, and strong security make this a deal one should not pass on.


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Use on unlimited devices simultaneously
  • Easy to use fluid apps on PC and mobile
  • Ample server choice
  • Strong security with multi-hop


  • P2P stability
  • Never had a full audit
  • Apps might be too linear for some
  • Occasional delay in connecting

Platforms – Windows/ macOS/ iOS/ Android/ Chrome/ Linux
Trial – 7 day trial with 100% money-back guarantee
Price – $59.76 for two years (Only VPN)
Servers – 3200+ in 65 countries
Simultaneous Devices – Unlimited
Check Out Surfshark

2. NordVPN

From one of its data centers being hacked in 2018 to today, NordVPN has slowly but surely been making its way back to the VPN game. And while not everyone will be comfortable trusting a company with a data breach, Nord’s No-Logs Policy ensured there was nothing to leak. And well, the crisis was averted. However, NordVPN has been a popular player for a long time now, and for good reason. With over 14 million customers trusting the Panama-based VPN service provider, the company earns its spot as a worthy ExpressVPN alternative.

NordLynx and Double VPN – Best of Both Worlds

One of the biggest reasons Nord caught our eye was its much-improved security. Nord’s own custom protocol NordLynx combines the benefits of the famous WireGuard while ensuring an even higher level of privacy. The result is a browsing experience protected by military-grade encryption and absolute secrecy. Want even more? Turn on Double VPN and have it encrypt your data a second time in the same session. The company has also won the 2019 ProPrivacy Award.

Streaming Netflix through Nord is flawless and works without any speed issues. And with over 5000+ servers, you can have your pick of the location litter. Not sure which server to go for? Try Nord’s server picker tool, where you can pick your desired activity and have the VPN recommend a setting for you.

The VPN client is readily available on the official website and respective platform stores. The design is simple, with the list of countries on the left and a ‘Quick Connect’ button if you want to take the guesswork out of it. Moreover, the website has an informative knowledge base with a public blog for more information.

Although NordVPN uses fewer protocols, it stands proud as a capable ExpressVPN substitute with equally strong security and a speedy system that you can get started with quickly. With an affordable plan and all the above features, NordVPN is one you should check out in a hurry. Make use of the 100% money-back guarantee and feel even more secure.


  • custom NordLynx protocol
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Easy to download applications and browser extensions
  • Informative website and blog


  • Has suffered a breached before
  • Umimpressive desktop app design

Platforms – Windows/ macOS/ iOS/ Android/ Chrome/ Linux
Trial – 30-day free trial with 100% money-back guarantee
Price – $59 yearly
Servers – 5263 Servers in 60 Countries
Simultaneous Devices – 6
Check Out NordVPN

3. Private Internet Access

Over 30 million downloads and still trending, that’s how Private Internet Access has been doing over the past 10+ years. This old dog has been in the VPN game since 2010 and was acquired by Kape Technologies in 2019.

Access to Over 30,000 Servers

However, the first and foremost thing that forces one to pay attention to this VPN service is the huge number of servers it provides users access to. With access to over 30,000+ servers in 78 countries, connection problems are not something you will encounter with PIA. Moreover, the company claims to work with Netflix and all other streaming services, and you can use it on up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Besides servers, you get several other features like P2P support, ads, trackers and malware tracking, and multiple VPN gateways. While PIA only offers OpenVPN as a protocol, it does offer strong AES-256 bit encryption and even gives users the option to opt for WireGuard for that added level of security. And to add a cherry to the cake, PIA has proven in court that it keeps no logs.

Private Internet Access’ Windows and Android clients are up to the mark and easy to navigate. Android users can instantly set it up through a quick payment using Google Play subscriptions. PIA falls in that sweet spot for users looking for a fair balance between price and features. Moreover, there is a 7-day trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their subscription plans. Go ahead and make this service your VPN service your go-to over ExpressVPN.


  • Whopping 30,000+ servers
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Straightforward app setup process
  • Publicly Proven No-Logs Policy
  • Extremely affordable


  • Some users report occasional streaming issues

Platforms – Windows/ macOS/ iOS/ Android/ Chrome/ Linux
Trial – 7 day trial with 100% money-back guarantee
Price – $29.00 yearly
Servers – 30,000+ in 78 countries
Simultaneous Devices – 10
Check Out Private Internet

4. CyberGhost VPN

Working within the same league as PIA, CyberGhost VPN is another contender you can consider using over ExpressVPN. CyberGhost VPN is owned by Kape Technologies, the same company that owns PIA. Launched back in 2011, this VPN service is trusted by many with strong ratings across the board. The company’s Trustpilot page holds a 4.8 ‘Excellent’ rating given by 12,000+ users. While that is only one of the factors, this VPN stands out for many other reasons.

With its 10+ years of experience, the company has compiled a long list of security features that make the browsing experience safe. The VPN uses 256-bit encryption combined with protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 to bolster security. Combined with its No-Logs Policy, it makes for a secure experience.

P2P Haven

CyberGhost also has a selection of over 7100+ servers set in 113 locations and 91 countries. That kind of geographical variety ensures that switching servers is quick, and users encounter no interruptions. Moreover, the VPN offers a selection of ‘NoSpy’ servers that guarantee safety from any surveillance and meddling. They also come with extended bandwidth, and some are even dedicated to Torrenting.

Like other providers on this list, CyberGhost’s applications are easy to use. You also have dedicated apps for even your streaming devices like FireTV, Apple TV, and even consoles. All it takes is a push of a button, and you’re in Singapore (virtually, of course).

The price for the two-year bundle is modest and will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you’re still unsure, here is some additional good news for you. CyberGhost offers a free trial without the use of a credit card. Furthermore, if you end up buying, you will be protected by a 45-day money-back guarantee.


  • free trial without credit card
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • 7100+ servers accessible
  • apps for Fire TV, Apple TV


  • Some International servers are slow
  • Been a long time since the last audit

Platforms – Windows/ macOS / iOS/ Android/ Chrome/ Linux
Trial – Yes, no credit card is required
Price – $58.50 for two years
Servers – 7100+ servers in 91 countries
Simultaneous Devices – 7
Check Out CyberGhost

5. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN remains a solid choice one can make over ExpressVPN for a lag-free and high-speed experience. While being one of the most used VPNs, it is also one of the most vocal against big tech companies like Google.

Swiss Shield

The Switzerland-based VPN company gives users the benefit of being based in a country with one of the strongest privacy laws. That means they are outside of the US and EU and jurisdiction and cannot be forced to spy on users or store any data.

Tor Integration

When it comes to security, users get access to many features, including a combination of new-age protocols, DNS leak protection, and a strong no logs policy. Another strong point here is the integration of ProtonVPN with the Tor network, which allows users access to stronger encryption and access to even more deep sites.

The user experience of the apps is simple and polished, so you can select your desired location and get started without any problems. The collection of 1,318 servers in 55 countries proves to be a backbone to the ProtonVPN network, with no hiccups or interruptions while browsing the internet. Moreover, the premium tier of the VPN comes with complete access to P2P networks, geo-locked content, and full streaming support which makes it a solid ExpressVPN alternative.

Get the Plus Tier for the Best Experience

While the Basic tier is for $48 per year, we do not recommend it due to the lack of streaming support and Tor over VPN. But here’s another bonus point, ProtonVPN offers a free tier where you can try the VPN out with no data cap. You can choose servers from three different countries with medium speed. However, be aware that the free tier does not support streaming. Once you are ready to pay up, pick the plus plan, and if you are ever unsure, you can always avail of the 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Backed by Swiss privacy laws
  • Tor network integration
  • Offers a completely free tier
  • DNS leak protection


  • Limited servers compared to competitors
  • Slightly expensive

Platforms – Windows/ macOS/ iOS/ Android/ Chrome/ Linux
Trial – Free version with limited features
Price – $96 yearly subscription (Plus Tier)
Servers – 1318 servers in 55 countries
Simultaneous Devices 10
Check Out ProtonVPN

6. Mullvad VPN

This Swedish VPN has won over the hearts of many Reddit users and remains a solid and trustworthy ExpressVPN alternative. Mullvad VPN takes privacy to a whole new level with its stringent measures, and it shows. While almost every VPN requires users to feed their email ids or mobile numbers, Mullvad VPN needs nothing like that. This VPN service generates a unique account number, and that’s the only thing you will need to connect. This way, no personal information is collected.

Safe Jursidction and External Audits

Besides collecting no personal information, Mullvad VPN is based out of Sweden. While the app shares online data with other countries, Mullvad VPN has a strict no-logs policy to ensure your data is erased after you end a browsing session.

The company claims that its long-term goal is to eliminate payment details. Speaking of that, we were surprised to know this ExpressVPN alternative even takes cash as payment. Mullvad has a history of being independently audited, which means its claims are backed up by proof.

Same Subscription Prices Since 2009

Mullvad VPN believes in making privacy affordable to everyone. Hence, it has kept its prices at the same rate as its launch. With a monthly plan starting at just €5/ month, users can either go from month to month or top up a year plan. Your monthly prices won’t increase even if you use this VPN for a decade. While the company offers no trial, it claims that’s because it doesn’t want to operate in a way where you are compromised.

While Mullvad VPN has way fewer servers compared to competitors, this ExpressVPN alternative makes up for that with an impressive commitment to privacy. It also has a no-logs policy and a tried and tested approach loved by netizens. So yeah, this is a well-rounded option for VPN users who value their privacy.


  • Requires no personal information for sign-up
  • No-logs policy, strong privacy values
  • Accepts cash in payment
  • subscription rates haven’t changed since 2009
  • Tried and tested audit


  • Fewer number of servers
  • No trial period

Platforms – Windows/ macOS/ iOS/ Android/ Linux
Trial – No
Price – €60 yearly subscription
Servers – 761 servers in 38 countries
Simultaneous Devices – 5
Check Out Mullvad VPN

7. IPVanish

Long been regarded as one of the best VPNs and a great ExpressVPN alternative, IP Vanish is another pick we can easily recommend. This VPN service is based out of the United States. While that is not the best place for a VPN service headquarters, IPVanish combats that by having a strict no-logs policy combined with advanced encryption. Therefore, in the worst scenario, the company won’t have any data to share even when requested by the government.

No Device Limit

However, a signature feature that pleased us is that IPVanish has servers in 75+ countries, and there is no device limit. So if you find the yearly pricing a bit too expensive, you can always partner up with multiple people and split the cost down to pennies. You can even go one step further and get IPVanish’s VPN + Backup service, which gives you a 500GB cloud account with unlimited data transfer. This pro plan also gives users the option to remotely wipe their device if it is lost or stolen by someone.

Kill Switch & 24/7 Support

There will be times while using a VPN you may lose internet connectivity. For times like those and more, this ExpressVPN alternative has your back. IPVanish comes equipped with a Kill Switch that will immediately cut your Internet connection in case your VPN tunnel fails. Once proper connectivity has been restored, you will be reconnected to your previous website and can browse on it. While not needed by everyone, having a Kill Switch is important for users dabbling in sensitive work.

No matter which plans you go for, IPVanish offers 24/7 live chat and phone supported coupled with user-friendly apps. All you need to do is get a subscription and download the apps relevant to your platform. Users who are unsure about paying can try out the yearly plan free for the first 30 days with a promise of their money back. Go on and see if IPVanish makes for a worthy ExpressVPN alternative.


  • Unlimited devices support
  • Solid security and no-logs policy
  • 30-day free trial (with a caveat)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Includes a Kill Switch feature


  • Based in the United States
  • Monthly plans are expensive

Platforms – Windows/ macOS/ iOS/ Android/ Linux
Trial – Yes, but on the yearly plan
Price – $89.99 yearly (VPN Only)
Servers – 1900 servers in 75 locations
Simultaneous Devices – Unlimited
Check Out IPVanish

8. TunnelBear

Ending the list with an ExpressVPN alternative that is perfect for beginners, TunnelBear is a simple and easy-to-use VPN service. Much like Surfshark, TunnelBear also has an attractive and disarming design that is easy to familiarize yourself with. The company uses the same design structure across all its apps and even the browser extension.

Independent Audits and No-Logs

While this Canadian VPN company may seem simple, do not be fooled into thinking it isn’t secure. Keeping up with safeguards necessary in 2021, TunnelBear supports AES 256-bit encryption by default, so you are not hacked while using the service. Moreover, to further protect your privacy, the company has a strict no-logs policy. It proves that by performing annual independent security audits, which is a great sign. Combine that with servers from over 41 countries, and you have yourself a good lightweight ExpressVPN substitute.

Perfect for Beginners

If you have read the ExpressVPN alternatives listed above and believe they are too complicated, we suggest downloading TunnelBear. The free plan gives 500MB of free data per month, which should be enough for you to get a taste. Once you feel this can be your VPN of choice, go ahead and get affordable yearly plans starting from $59.88. While TunnelBear’s speed might not match perfectly with its counterparts, it makes up for that with ease of use and affordable plans.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable plans
  • Indepedent audits and no-logs policy
  • AES 256-bit encryption


  • Speed slower than competitors
  • Free plan only offers 500MB data

Platforms – Windows/ macOS/ iOS/ Android
Trial – Free 500MB Plan
Price – $59.88 yearly
Servers – 2600 servers in 41 countries
Simultaneous Devices – 5
Check Out TunnelBear

Find the Perfect ExpressVPN Alternative For You

We hope the above list will help you find the perfect ExpressVPN alternative. With privacy concerns at an all-time high, it’s natural to feel worried about being secure and anonymous. Whether it’s the risk of infamous Pegasus Spyware or Wannacry Ransomware, there’s danger all over. Make your devices even more secure with these best privacy browsers for Android and iOS. Windows users can pair up their VPNs with these best antivirus and stay safe. Have recommendations for more ExpressVPN alternatives? Let us know in the comments below.

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