25 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out

Ever since it came under the public eye, ChatGPT has exploded in popularity. The chatbot launched by OpenAI only a few months ago is famous to the point that servers are struggling to keep up. While we have already listed the best ChatGPT alternatives, today, we will dive into tools that further extend the functionality of this AI chatbot. We have scoured the internet and found the 25 best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for you to do just that. So without further delay, let’s check them out.

1. WebChatGPT

Even with its wise, confident answers and informational database, ChatGPT still lacks a central thing; access to the latest information on the Internet. Since ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to 2021 data, this makes the answers out of date for anything that happened after that time. However, one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions, WebChatGPT, helps overcome this limitation.

best chatgpt chrome extensions

This extension augments the bot so that it adds relevant web results to whatever you ask it. Upon entering a prompt, the extension lets ChatGPT search the web for relevant links. The bot then displays the search results and compiles information based on these links. You can further choose from different filters like time, region, and the number of results. You can even turn off the extension using the toggle to get native ChatGPT functionality back. While the extension does increase the text response size by a few paras, I believe it’s worth it. Though, it only adds to our concerns about plagiarised content.

Get WebChatGPT

2. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a fully AI-aware search engine altogether. Perplexity uses the GPT-3 LLM with natural Internet access. Whenever a user asks a query, it combines its own dataset with helpful Internet knowledge and renders results. However, what I appreciate about this Chrome extension, even more, it cites its sources which is helpful.

Perplexity AI best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

Perplexity AI can even read selective content like entire websites or a single webpage. So once you’re on a particular piece, you can use the AI to comb through a long article and ask it questions. Because of its versatile use and the ability to cite sources, Perplexity AI is definitely one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

Get Perplexity AI

3. ChatGPT for Google

If you have used this AI chatbot, you know that ChatGPT is restricted to a single browser tab. So if you’re someone who wants it accessible at all times, you have to keep that tab open. This ChatGPT extension solves that problem and brings the bot to search engines. True to its name, the ChatGPT for Google extension displays ChatGPT’s response alongside Google search results. All you need to do to set up is log in to OpenAI using the extension, and you’re set.

ChatGPT for Google  Chrome Extensions

The extension comes alive anytime you’re using Google and doesn’t require any special prompts. To get started, simply search for any topic on Google as you would normally. Replacing the existing knowledge panel on the right, you will see a new ChatGPT panel in its place. This is where ChatGPT renders a response right from your Google search results. Since it treats your search query like a prompt, you don’t need to do anything else. Much like the website, ChatGPT here can provide responses, write code, answer questions, and more.

Get ChatGPT for Google

4. Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI is an interesting ChatGPT chrome extension that acts as your AI meeting assistant. On Google Meet video calls, it can automatically record and transcribe the meeting using AI and summarize it for you immediately. No need to manually take notes. Fireflies Chrome extensions can beautifully generate a transcript with speaker names, notes, actions items after every meeting.

fireflies AI chrome extension

The best part is that it can generate detailed summary of meetings without any hassle. On top of that, it has an AskFred AI assistant that is powered by GPT-4 and it can help you summarize articles, YouTube videos, emails, and documents. So if you needed a one-stop AI extension for meeting summarization, Fireflies AI is for you.

Get Fireflies AI

5. Monica AI Copilot

Monica is a powerful AI co-pilot for your Chrome browser. The distinctive feature of this extension is that it’s powered by the GPT-4 model. For conversations, it uses both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. And to explain, translate, and paraphrase content, it solely uses the GPT-3.5 model. Monica is an all-in-one Chrome extension that does everything on the web.

You can use it to write emails, ask complex questions, summarize YouTube videos, use it side-by-side with Google, and much more. It also has a huge Prompt Library for you to get the best response on any subject. Not to mention, the extension connects ChatGPT to the internet for real-time information. It also has various utilities including Chat with PDF, AI image generation, voice input, copywriting, and more.

Get Monica AI Copilot

6. ChatGPT File Uploader Extended

If you are using the free version of ChatGPT, you will find that there are limited features and you can’t upload files, unlike the paid ChatGPT Plus plan. So if you want to upload files to ChatGPT directly without the paid plan, you can do so easily with this extension. You can upload PDF, ZIP, Excel, Word, TXT, CSV, and various other file formats.

chatgpt file upload chrome extension

I have personally used the extension before and I can say that it’s one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions. Earlier, it also supported image upload with OCR functionality, but the feature has been removed due to Chrome Webstore policy issues. Nevertheless, for file uploads to ChatGPT, this is a great extension you can’t afford to miss.

Get ChatGPT File Uploader Extended

7. ChatGPT Writer – Write Mail and Messages with AI

ChatGPT Writer brings its wording prowess to your browser. Writer is focused on writing e-mails and messages on all websites. The extension works standalone and just requires logging into OpenAI. Then, you need to open the extension by clicking on it. It then asks for input with context, which is what you want the e-mail/ message to be about. You can provide context if you’re responding to a previous conversation.

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Upon receiving the prompt, the extension dishes out a response almost immediately. While the extension is made for emails and texts, you can use it actually to talk to ChatGPT as well. The responses take longer than usual, but you can do that if you want. Nonetheless, I suggest sticking to its original intention as it is one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for the task.

Get ChatGPT Writer

8. Wiseone

One of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for readers, Wiseone calls itself an AI-powered reading copilot. The extension is built around the concept of simplifying reading a variety of content without any significant changes to their flow. Wiseone integrates right into the browser window and recognizes all types of text. It then automatically reads the complex part and offers to help readers by breaking it down for them.

  • 25 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out
  • 25 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out

All one must do is hover over a concept one doesn’t understand. Within seconds, Wiseone opens up a box with the proper explanations and context. It can even provide competitor articles if the reader wants to expand their perspective. For those too lazy to read, the extension also has a handy summarize button that explains the entire text in a few paragraphs. You can even turn it into a subject expert by asking it various questions. So if you struggle with complex concepts, ask the Wiseone.

Get Wiseone

9. Superpower ChatGPT

This Chrome extension adds many different features, but we will focus on the one we found really nice. Essentially, superpower ChatGPT adds the ability to create dedicated folders to store your AI chats. You can create a variety of different folders depending on your chats. Once done, simply drag and drop the relevant chat inside the folder and close it up. The Chrome extension stores these chats, and users can easily retrieve them later on.

Superpower ChatGPT

Other features of Superpower ChatGPT include being able to store multiple custom prompts, browsing for them online and even changing the tone of voice, writing style, and language. You can also download the ChatGPT chats as they are synced with your device itself. Even with all these features, Superpower is free to download. Check it out.

Get Superpower ChatGPT

10. Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT Powered Assistant

If you liked the ChatGPT for Google extension but want it browser-wide instead of just the search engine, well, here’s an alternative for you. Merlin is Open AI’s ChatGPT-powered extension that works across the entire browser. Since the extension relies on Open AI’s GPT AI model, it gives the same responses across a wide variety of prompts.

Merlin chatgpt extension

Merlin is an extension that one can enable by pressing the CTRL (CMD on Mac) + M keyboard shortcut in the browser. The extension UI is modern, with rounded corners. As for how it works, you enter a query like you would on ChatGPT, and Merlin will give a reply within seconds. As mentioned above, Merlin works across the entire browser on any webpage. So the next time you need a quick reply to a work email or a quick HTML code, call this extension for help.

Get Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant

11. MaxAI.me: Use ChatGPT AI Anywhere Online

Tired of switching tabs to access ChatGPT and work simultaneously? Meet MaxAI.me – Chrome extension that puts ChatGPT on any tab. When this ChatGPT Chrome extension is enabled, a sidebar appears in the browser tab you are working on where you can access the AI bot. Not only MaxAI.me brings ChatGPT anywhere online, but it also packs other popular AI chatbots including Bard, Bing AI, and Claude. This is really the fastest way to access ChatGPT on the internet. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/ALT +J to access the chatbots.


You can even use MaxAI.me on local PDF files for inserting new AI-generated text, refining a piece of content, or translating the text. The biggest benefit of MaxAI.me is that you don’t require an OpenAI account to access the AI bot using the extension.

Get MaxAI.me: Use ChatGPT AI Anywhere Online

12. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

A big part of browsing YouTube is looking for videos that don’t drone on for hours and bore you. Glasp has created the YouTube Summary extension to help with just that and end your impatience. Once installed and logged in, a YouTube summary box appears next to any video you play on the website. Clicking on the box opens up the YouTube transcript. Since the website can do that alone, we are not looking for that.

  • 25 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out
  • 25 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out

Instead, we want to use the “View AI Summary” functionality, which opens a new tab with ChatGPT. Here, the extension pastes the entire video transcript and runs a command to provide a quick summary. Once you get a reply from ChatGPT, you can ask it to continue or be done with it. The level of accuracy depends on the AI chatbot, but this extension works well for most videos, provided they have clear audio. YouTube Summary is possibly one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions because of its ability to save precious time.

Get YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

13. SciSpace Copilot

YouTube summary is one thing, but in-depth research becomes another ballgame once you’re serious. SciSpace Copilot is one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for breaking down complex explanation into digestible. Built specifically for research papers, this Chrome extension acts as a helpful companion.

Scispace copilot best chatgpt chrome extensions

All you need to do is visit any type of complex document and tap the extension icon. Depending on how long your research paper is, SciSpace might take a long time. However, once it’s done, a chatbox will open up where you can ask your questions. You can go ahead and ask anything to the Copilot and answers it all effortlessly. Try this ChatGPT Chrome extension the next time you feel confused.

Get SciSpace Copilot

14. ReaderGPT

Finding difficulty in understanding the contents of a webpage? Enter ReaderGPT, which is a ChatGPT-based web page summariser that is available as a Chrome extension. You can use this ChatGPT Chrome extension to summarise an article in three concise bullet points, or an article in 50 words.

In addition to the default prompts, you can also add custom prompts to summarise content as per your requirement. For example, you can add “simplify the following text for a five years old,” or “write a caption based on the following text”.

ReaderGPT Chrome Extension

The summarized content is generated within seconds and you can directly copy the summary to use. Using ReaderGPT, you can generate caption ideas, summarize lengthy content and save time.

Get ReaderGPT

15. Talkberry – Talk to ChatGPT

Talkberry is another ChatGPT Chrome extension that allows you to interact with OpenAI’s AI chatbot using your voice. This Chrome extension comes packed with features and you can use it to save a ton of time if you use ChatGPT regularly. Talkberry is powered by ChatGPT – 4 and comes with support for multiple languages including Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Talkberry ChatGPT Chrome extension

The company behind the Talkberry Chrome extension markets it as a personalized tutor. Using the mic on your device, you can interact with ChatGPT and get tips from the AI to improve the language you want to learn. The extension is quite easy to use – simply go to ChatGPT’s official website and there you will get an additional set of tools including a microphone option to speak to the bot, language options, and playback speed.

Get Talkberry – Talk to ChatGPT

16. tweetGPT

Users around the globe have been using ChatGPT for a variety of things. Many have even resorted to using the AI chatbot for tweeting all manner of things or replying to others with intellectual answers. However, that requires one to open the ChatGPT website, paste the tweet text, and copy the response; this extension fixes that. The tweetGPT Chrome extension integrates ChatGPT right into Twitter for people to use.

Chrome Extension ChatGPT

Once installed, you will see a robot icon in the “New Tweet” pop-up. Click the robot icon to choose from a variety of moods for your post or replies. tweetGPT supports moods like funny, snarky, optimistic, excited, smart, and even hillbilly. Just click on any of these, and ChatGPT will autogenerate the tweet for you.

You can keep redoing these categories for new tweets, but I personally found most of them quite funny. tweetGPT is one of the funniest and best ChatGPT Chrome extensions you can get your hands on.

Get tweetGPT Chrome Extension

17. Engage AI

When it comes to social media, one of the most challenging tasks is replying to Linkedin posts. However, just as TweetGPT exists for your Tweets, Engage AI is here for Linkedin. This ChatGPT Chrome extension is a comment facilitator for social platforms. Like the above extension, Engage AI lets users pick from various tones, including ones like friendly, funny, disagree, congratulate, and question.

Engage AI Chrome Extension

Once chosen, Engage automatically gleans into the post and drafts out a fitting comment reply to it. If needed, users can run multiple instances until they get their desired reply. You can even craft custom prompts to change the AI’s tone of voice. Engage AI is also free to use, so you can go on asking for as many replies as you want.

Get Engage AI

18. Summarize

The YouTube Summary extension we listed works well for all manner of videos. However, it’s naturally restricted to just videos. The Summarize Chrome extension offers the same functionality but for text. The extension itself is again baked into Chrome and does not need you to visit the ChatGPT website.

Summarize chatGPT chrome extension

To use Summarize, simply open any piece of content, which can be an article, email, or any other website, and click on the extension. It will request ChatGPT and provide a neat summary within seconds. I tested Summarize with various texts, and it worked incredibly well. There were times when it failed to get a response, but that’s because ChatGPT serves are overloaded right now. Nonetheless, it works almost all of the time and makes its way into our list of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

Get Summarize

19. GPT for Sheets & Docs

While the above extension summarizes online articles for you, you might require precious AI intervention in your own creations. This is where GPT for Sheets and Docs comes on. Piggybacking on ChatGPT, this extension is installed as a direct add-on to Google Docs and Sheets. You will also need to add your own OpenAI API key. While the process might seem tedious, the GPT extension brings a lot of power to your workflow.

25 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out

For starters, in Google Docs, users can completely mess around with their text, including things like summarizing it, checking it for grammar, rephrasing it, or even re-writing it altogether. Google Sheets brings its own customization options, including creating formulas, simplifying complex data, and more. Because of its varied functionality, GPT for Sheets and Docs is definitely one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

Try GPT for Sheets & Docs

20. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

There are a lot of cool things you can do with ChatGPT. From simple articles to full-fledged coding, there’s a lot you can do. However, you might run out of prompts to have fun with the chatbot. ChatGPT Prompt Genius fills that void by giving users all the prompts they could wish for and more added features.

To get started, click on the extension in Chrome, and you will be redirected to a page full of prompts. You can then choose from the many prompts available and sort them using the category dropdown.

ChatGPT Prompt genius chrome extension

Once you are happy with the generated input, click on the yellow play prompt button, and a ChatGPT window will open with the prompt pasted. You can use the Prompt Genius extension to try out as many inputs as you like. The devs even have a dedicated subreddit for users to find even more prompts. Try out this ChatGPT extension, and let us know if you find something new.

Try ChatGPT Prompt Genius

21. Botrush Browser Plugin

ChatGPT, while extremely useful, can get bland due to its standard chat design. However, for those who believe variety is the spice of life, Botrush is the Chrome extension to do that. The tool focuses on revamping the ChatGPT experience by allowing users almost completely to change their UI, including colors and even font styles. There are over 15 different colors and 25 different fonts to choose from.

GPT-EZ Chrome Extension

The color selection is actually quite impressive and, when combined with fonts, gives a new and attractive ChatGPT UI. Besides that, however, Botrush Browser Plugin also attaches copy and continue buttons to every chat and even lists out the answer and thread count. You can even download the conversation in different formats to keep for later. Unsurprisingly, this tool comes in one of our best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

Get Botrush Browser Plugin

22. Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

Promptheus is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that might sound simple but adds a neat functionality to the AI chatbot. This handy Chrome extension adds the ability to receive mic input to ChatGPT. Promptheus effectively converts the chatbot into a handy voice assistant like Siri. The Promptheus extension hovers on the right side of the ChatGPT conversation window and doesn’t get in your way.

Promptheus chatgpt chrome

Since this is a simple add-on, all it requires is an install and holding the spacebar to use it. My experience with ChatGPT was made a little better because of the microphone input, and it might be what many people need to interact with this chatbot more easily. Just ensure you have a working microphone on your machine, or else it won’t work.

Get Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

23. Fancy GPT

Fancy GPT makes its way into our list of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions because of its design. Fancy GPT is an extension designed to beautify your ChatGPT conversations by adding different design elements to them. No matter what type of conversation you have, Fancy GPT can export them all. The extension currently supports Neon and Sketch styles and may expand to more in the future. Furthermore, it can also cover SVG path images, highlight segments of ChatGPT’s responses, and more.

FancyGPT Chrome Extension

To use Fancy GPT, have a full conversation with the bot and then click on the extension. You will be led to another page where you can see your entire conversation in a new UI. Here, you can change the art style, exclude certain messages, and then finally export the conversation into an image or PDF. While not adding anything else to the mix, this extension is an excellent way to bring that aesthetic upgrade to your exchanges with ChatGPT.

Try Fancy GPT

24. ShareGPT: Share your ChatGPT Conversations

While exporting your chats sounds fun, there are times when you can’t be bothered to do so much work. For those lazy bums we have ShareGPT, an AI Chrome extension that lets you immediately share your conversation with the press of a button. Once installed, a small share button starts to appear in every ChatGPT conversation. Now instead of exporting a chat, all you need to do is click this button and give the extension a few seconds.

sharegpt chrome extensions

ShareGPT now opens that conversation in a new tab while keeping the ChatGPT formatting intact. You can now copy this conversation’s link and share it with anyone. For those concerned about privacy, there is also a delete button that removes the conversation after a set period of time. You can even share the conversation link and record the number of viewers. For those who love to spread their ChatGPT experience, ShareGPT is a handy Chrome extension to check out.

Try ShareGPT

25. ChatGPT to Notion

If sharing your conversation but a bit more privately is something you want, Save to Notion is the more apt extension for you. This ChatGPT Chrome extension simply sends any of your conversation messages to Notion. When setting up the extension, you must configure it by choosing a specific database and doc.

ChatGPT to notion best chrome extensions

Once done, just tap the pin icon that now appears on the side of any message, and it will automatically go to your chosen doc. While this is a very specific use of a ChatGPT Chrome extension, we believe it’s one of the best because of how quickly and well it works.

Try ChatGPT to Notion

So, there goes our guide for the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions that you can use. However, there are an infinite bunch of other things you can do with ChatGPT. From playing games with ChatGPT to using the ChatGPT Canva plugin to level up your social media game, you can take a look at our comprehensive guides for the same. Using such tools and tricks, you can easily make money using ChatGPT as well. Let us know in the comments if and how these extensions have come in handy for you.

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  • Jacek Poleszak says:

    How about Harpa AI? This is missing!

  • Matt @ FlowChai says:

    Check out the FlowChai Chrome Extension at flowchai.com – we think it’s one of the most powerful choices, making ChatGPT 10x more useful!

  • selami says:

    it can also get your account banned. I’ve heard that while GPT3.5 should be pretty much safe one should avoid using GPT4 using this very method since it gets you banned real quick.

  • Peter Jerad says:

    For prompt engineers I would suggest “PI Prompts” (adds a panel to the right hand side of ChatGPT to quickly access your prompt library).

  • Luka says:

    Utopia P2P chatGPT assistant is my digital confidant. Its ability to listen, understand, and provide thoughtful responses creates a sense of connection. Whether I need advice, a listening ear, or simply want to chat, this AI assistant is always there to lend a virtual hand.

  • Tom Falkenberg says:

    Hey Brian!
    I totally get why you’re annoyed with that new chat popping up every time you Google something on chat GPT. It’s like, ugh, can we just search in peace? Anyway, the first thing I’d try is clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. That can cause all sorts of weird problems, so it’s worth a shot. If that doesn’t do the trick, you could try turning off the chat GPT extension for a bit to see if that’s what’s causing the issue. And if none of that works, you could always hit up the chat GPT support team and let them know what’s going on. They might have a fix for ya!

    Hope this helps, dude. (Chat GPT’s reply)

    Or you can click the test tube, beaker looking icon and turn off GSE. (Written by me)

  • Brian Matthews says:

    I’m curious to know if anybody else using chat GPT has the issue where every time you do a Google search chat GPT creates a new chat in the left bar with whatever your Google search was? I’ve searched everywhere including Google and chat GPT itself and I cannot find anything regarding how to turn this feature off or make it stop. Any ideas anybody?

    • Jared says:

      That’s caused by the ChatGPT for Google extension. They are taking advantage of a current exploitation that allows them to use the ChatGPT public API without paying for it. One negative side effect is that it creates a chat on for every search. It’s annoying, I agree. Have you tried ChromeGPT? It’s an extension that lets you highlight text on a webpage, right-click and then select one of your saved prompts. It’s really helpful for things like summaries of articles, getting explanations for hard concepts, etc.

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