Camera quality has become a defining feature of a good smartphone, as after a price point, the performance of a smartphone doesn’t really matter as all the smartphones are equally powerful. The quality of smartphone cameras is also very important for users as they have become the primary tool people use to capture and share the fleeting moments of their lives. That’s why one of the first things that people consider before buying a new smartphone is its camera quality. If you do too, and you are looking for the best camera phone that your money can buy, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to list the 10 best camera phones under 50000 INR you can buy:

Best Camera Phones Under 50000 INR (August 2018)

1. Google Pixel 2

If you are looking for the best overall camera performance out of a smartphone, Google Pixel 2 is your clear choice. What makes Google Pixel 2 camera the best in the business is the fact that it is just so easy to use and obviously, its ability to take some amazing shots in any lighting condition. You don’t have to configure anything or go into manual mode to take great pictures. All you need to do is point the camera and shoot, and in 9 out 10 cases, the phone will capture amazing images. I have been using the Pixel 2 since the day it launched, and I am still constantly amazed by its camera quality. I am especially in love with its Portrait Mode. In an era when smartphones are packing triple-camera modules, Google makes the portrait mode shots possible using just a single sensor, and that is amazing.

1. Google Pixel 2

That said, a smartphone is not all about the camera and if you are buying a smartphone, you should know what else you are getting with it. Well, apart from its outdated design choices, everything that you are getting with the Pixel 2 is phenomenal. The best part about using the Google Pixel 2 apart from the cameras is its software. You are getting vanilla Android experience just the way Google intended it to be. You are also the first to receive new Android and security updates. The only con that I can think about this phone is its design, as it features huge top and bottom bezels which might irk some users. However, if you can get past the design, you are getting a great smartphone with even greater cameras.

Other Specifications: Snapdragon 835 chipset, Adreno 540 GPU, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage.

Buy From Amazon: ₹47,800

2. OnePlus 6

The flagship killer OnePlus 6 has been launched and apart from packing speedy performance, the smartphone is also bringing great cameras for the price. The OnePlus 6 comes with a 16MP f/1.7 + 20MP f/1.7 dual camera setup which captures some great pictures. We have already published a detailed review of the OnePlus 6’s camera for anyone who is interested to take a deep dive into its camera performance, but the bottom line is that this smartphone brings a great camera for quite an affordable price. The camera captures a ton of details with almost no noise and great color reproduction. The dynamic range is also pretty decent. It’s not as good as the one the Pixel 2 but it is not bad either.

3. OnePlus 6

Even in low light situations, the camera can capture a ton of details with a lot of light thanks to the optical image stabilization present on the primary sensor which is also larger than the one on the OnePlus 5T. That said, the portrait mode on this is a mixed bag as the camera was not able to detect boundaries clearly. When it comes to the front camera, the OnePlus 6 packs a 16MP shooter with f/2.0 aperture. The selfies have great detail and exposure and it has great dynamic range, which isn’t something we see a lot of selfie cameras. Overall, the OnePlus 6 delivered a very good camera performance at a very respectable price which made it land on this list.

Other Specifications: Snapdragon 845 chipset, Adreno 630 GPU, 8GB RAM, and 128GB internal storage.

Buy From Amazon: starts at ₹34,999

3. Huawei Nova 3

Huawei is known for making smartphones with great capabilities and their latest offering the Huawei Nova 3 is no exception. In fact, it’s the only phone on this list which not only packs a dual camera at the back but also at the front. Talking about the camera specs, the primary camera packs 16 MP (f/1.8) regular sensor along with a 24 MP (f/1.8) monochrome sensor. I have always loved the monochrome sensors on the Huawei phones as not only they improve normal photography, they also allow you to take some amazingly beautiful black and white pictures. Moving to the front, the Nova 3 brings a 24 MP + 2 MP dual camera which should be amazing for selfies.

Huawei Nova 3

In our testing, we found that the cameras can take some amazing photos. I mean the color reproduction was on point and there was almost no noise even when zooming into the photos. The cameras also seem to bring good dynamic range as even the objects in the dark retained quite a lot of detail. As I mentioned above, the black and white photography on this smartphone is unmatched and if you are someone who enjoys this feature, the Nova 3 is a clear choice for you. The selfies also came out to be really great, so I can certainly say that the Huawei Nova 3 is one of the best camera phones in this price point.

Other Specifications: Huawei Kirin 970, Mali-G72 MP12 GPU, 6GB RAM, 128GB internal storage and ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor.

Buy from Amazon: ₹34,999

4. Asus ZenFone 5Z

Taking the second spot on the list is the latest flagship to enter the market, the Asus Zenfone 5Z. The device not only undercuts the OnePlus 6 when it comes to pricing, but also features a significanlty better camera setup. On paper, the Zenfone 5Z has a 12MP f/1.8 primary + 8MP f/ 2.0 wide-angle secondary camera setup on the back with PDAF, OIS and EIS which makes the camera both stable and snappy. The camera not only takes great pictures from the get go, but also has a very comprehensive pro mode to go along which will allow you to adjust even the most minute of details before you take a picture. However, the device does tend to over-sharpen images a bit, which creates a bit of noise in the end result.

While the Zenfone FZ does have portrait mode, it’s barely usable as the edge detection is pretty bad. We hope Asus can fix that in a subsequent software update. Up front, the Zenfone 5Z has an 8MP f/2.0 shooter with EIS which delivers great selfies and is also good for recording videos or making video calls as the video output is pretty stable. The front camera also has a portrait mode, but just like the rear cameras, it’s barely usable. Another downside of the front camera is its low light performance, the camera isn’t able to capture sufficient amount of light and the photos clicked in low light conditions turn out noisy and over exposed.

Other specifications: Snapdragon 845 chipset, Adreno 630 GPU, 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.

Buy from Flipkart: starts at Rs. 29,999

5. Samsung Galaxy S8

There’s no denying the fact that Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones pack incredible cameras and while their latest offering, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, is priced a little above our upper limit (₹59,900), last year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus are not, and hence it has made the list. The Samsung Galaxy S8 brings a 12MP primary shooter with a f/1.7 aperture which cannot only take good shots in good lighting conditions but also brings incredible low-light performance. 8. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Thanks to its functional HDR mode, the dynamic range of the pictures is superb and hence the photos never lose any details even in the shadows. On the front, the Galaxy S8 Plus packs an 8MP autofocus sensor with the same f/1.7 aperture. The autofocus technology combined with its larger aperture size ensures that you get good looking selfies no matter the lighting conditions around you. In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S8 brings good camera performance and it still is one of the best camera phones under Rs. 50,000 in the market.

Other Specifications: Exynos 8895 chipset, Mali-G71 GPU, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage.

Buy From Amazon: ₹43,900

6. iPhone 7

No camera phone list can be complete without an iPhone in it and while we could not include the latest and the greatest iPhone because of our pricing constraints, we got the next best iPhone that Apple has on offer. The iPhone 7 is a great overall smartphone and I love its overall in-hand feel and performance. However, the thing that excites me the most about this smartphone is its camera as it can take amazing pictures. As you might know, the primary camera on the iPhone 7 brings a 12-megapixel sensor with six element lens and f/1.8 aperture. The sensor is accompanied by a quad LED true tone flash which manages its color temperature depending on the ambient lighting conditions.

9. iPhone 7

What all these things mean is that no matter where you are or what’s the quality of lighting around you, you can take pictures which not only look great but also have a lot of detail. One more benefit of using the iPhone 7 is that just like the HTC U11, it is also capable of capturing RAW photos which is a good news for anyone who likes to do post-processing of their photos themselves. That said, the selfie shooter on this thing is not as good as the ones on some of the other phones on this list. So, if you take a lot of selfies, you will be better off with likes the Pixel 2 or Honor 10. However, if selfies are not your thing, iPhone 7 will serve all your camera needs.

Other Specifications: Apple A10 Fusion, PowerVR Series7XT Plus, 2B RAM, and 32GB internal storage.

Buy From Amazon: ₹46,999

7. Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Recommending a Sony smartphone is becoming harder and harder these days as they have been featuring the same bland design language for years. That said, if you are not interested in looks and want a camera phone that gives you almost as much control over its cameras as a DSLR, you should get the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. The single-primary camera shooter on the XZ Premium is a 19MP motion eye camera which not only takes great pictures but can also record super slow motion videos at 960FPS. The sensor uses Sony’s predictive camera technology along with a triple image sensor and hybrid autofocus technologies to give users a quick launch and capture experience which just takes 0.5 seconds.

2. Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony pairs this awesome sensor with a 13MP primary shooter which can take some amazing selfies. I also love the fact that Sony is still keeping its dedicated camera shutter button alive which makes it really easy to launch its camera and shoot pictures with it. When it comes to video, Sony lets you record 4K video with 5-axis stabilization giving you a jitter-free video recording experience. That’s just the auto mode, once you go manual, there is so much more you can do with this camera. Lastly, when you are done taking the pictures and recording the videos you get to enjoy them on Xperia XZ’s 5.5-inch, 4K HDR, 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution screen. I mean, this is certainly not the best phone on this list, but it certainly is the best manual camera phone on this list.

Other Specifications: Snapdragon 835 chipset, Adreno 540 GPU, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage.

Buy From Amazon: ₹47,989

8. Honor 10

The launch of OnePlus 6 also saw the launch of probably its biggest competitor which is the Honor 10. Huawei is known to pack some really good cameras on their smartphone, and with Honor 10 the company is bringing out all its guns. The Honor 10 packs a 24MP (f/1.8) + 16MP (f/1.8) dual-camera setup at the back along with a 24 MP (f/2.0) secondary shooter at the front. I have personally used the Honor 10’s camera and I can without a doubt say that its performance is equal to if not better than the OnePlus 6’s camera performance.

4. Honor 10

The camera captures a lot of details which the pictures don’t lose even if you zoom in on a part of it. The dynamic range of the pictures is better than ones taken by the OnePlus 6, however, if you turn on the AI mode, do note that the pictures will be a little more saturated. But, depending on your preference, you might like that even more. The front-facing camera also performs equally well and take good selfies even in low light situations. Overall, I was pretty happy with Honor 10’s camera performance and it certainly is one of the best camera phones under 50,000k in the market right now.

Other Specifications: Huawei Kirin 970, Mali-G72 MP12 GPU, 6GB RAM, 128GB internal storage and ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor.

Buy From Flipkart: ₹32,999

9. LG V30+

In my opinion, the LG V line of devices are always the most underrated smartphones of any year despite the fact that they pack some of the best cameras in the market. LG V30+ is a prime example of that and I can bet that most of you don’t even consider this phone before making your next camera phone purchase decision. The LG V30+ brings a 16MP (f/1.6) +13MP primary dual camera setup with a 5MP front-facing shooter. But, don’t be fooled just by the sensor’s megapixel counts as more often than not, those numbers are highly deceiving. The best part about the LG V30+ camera is the secondary wide-angle lens which is not found on most of the smartphones. The wide-angle sensor lets you capture some really amazing nature shots which is something that is not possible with other phones on this list.

5. LG V30+

When it comes to the normal photography, the 16MP shooter with f/1.6 aperture shines as it can take really good low-light pictures. In normal lighting conditions, the camera takes nice detailed shots with one of the best color temperatures I have seen. That may have to do with the fact that LG V30+ packs in professional color grading tools to give each video and picture the best color quality that is possible through a smartphone camera. Overall, I can say that the LG V30+ bring a great camera experience with some novel features which are not found on any other smartphone. If you like what you read here, you should definitely check this phone out.

Other Specifications: Snapdragon 835 chipset, Adreno 540 GPU, 4GB RAM, and 128GB internal storage.

Buy From Amazon: ₹44,990

10. Nokia 8 Sirocco

The last camera phone on our list is the Nokia 8 Sirocco which packs a dual 12 MP (f/1.8) + 13 MP (f/2.6) camera sensor at the back and a 5MP sensor at the front with f/2.0 aperture. The primary camera on this phone comes with all the usual features including the portrait mode, dual pixel phase detection autofocus, 2X optical zoom, and more. Specs aside, the camera takes good photos with great detail and very low noise. That said, the low light and the selfie camera performance on this thing is average.

10. Nokia 8 Sirocco

The department where the camera excels is in the manual mode, as it allows you to easily change various settings including ISO, exposure, and more. Using the manual mode on Nokia 8 Sirocco’s camera is easier than on any other camera on this list, hence, it is great for those beginner photographers who are trying to learn manual photography. That said, if you are not into manual photography, you will be better served by other camera phones on this list.

Other Specifications: Snapdragon 835 chipset, Adreno 540 GPU, 6GB RAM, and 128GB internal storage.

Buy From Amazon: ₹48,700

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Buy These Camera Phones to Improve Your Smartphone Photography

That ends our list of the best camera phones that you can buy under INR 50,000. There are some great camera phones for everyone here. Read the entire list carefully to see which phone will meet your needs and then buy the same. Also, do share us which is your favorite camera phone by writing in the comments section below.