One Piece Egghead Arc: Best Fights You Should Look Forward to

The adaptation of the Egghead arc is now underway in the One Piece anime, and our beloved Straw Hat Pirates are now visiting a futuristic island. The first Egghead Island arc episode was one of the best episodes ever, but there’s a lot more in store. And the animators have started teasing fans with a sneak peek of some of the best fights in the Egghead Island arc in the 26th opening of the show by Hiroshi Kitadani. Since we have already read the manga, we are here to hype you up, talking about some of the best battles in the Egghead arc. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Spoiler Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers about events that will transpire in Egghead arc in the anime. Thus, proceed with caution if you want to learn about the upcoming battles to look out for or we highly recommend you to read the manga (up to the Chapter 1100+) to avoid ruining your intended experience. No spoilers for who wins or loses the fight have been included in the descriptions.

This first arc of the final saga of One Piece will have you at the edge of your seats with insane battles, peak storytelling, and stunning visuals. There are plenty of exhilarating battles that will take place in Egghead Island. It’s nearly impossible to rank them all as every fight is different in its own way. That said, these are the fights that you should be looking out for:

10. Sentomaru vs Kizaru

Sentomaru and Pacifistas in One Piece opening
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube/ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel)

Sentomaru is the personal bodyguard of the chief scientist of the Marines, Dr. Vegapunk. Thus, when Kizaru, CP0, and others were ordered to eliminate Dr. Vegapunk, he sided with the scientist.

Before all this, Dr. Vegapunk, Kizaru, and Sentomaru shared the same roof and had a sweet history together. Due to orders from higher-ups, Kizaru was forced to knock out his old nakama and pupil Sentomaru. This battle will be an emotional one to watch as their backstory will hit home hard. So, look out for Sentomaru’s battle against his uncle, Borsalino Kizaru!

9. Straw Hats, Satellites & CP0 vs Seraphims

Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube/ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel)

When Vegapunk’s satellite York flips the control switch of the Seraphims in One Piece to let them go rogue, an unexpected temporary alliance is formed between the Straw Hat Pirates and CP0 to defeat them. We know how powerful the Seraphims are, and it would take such an equally stronger group to take them down.

Since both teams alone will be in an equally disadvantageous situation against the Seraphims, they banded with Dr. Vegapunk and his satellites for a fierce battle. This fight will be an exciting and fun one as the arch-enemies team up for the same cause. And yes! You will witness Zoro battling against Mihawk’s clone, S-Hawk, for sure!

8. Zoro vs Kaku and Lucci

After his battles in the Wano Country arc, Zoro has climbed up proficiently as one of the strongest swordsmen alive right now. The right-hand man of the future pirate king will have a rematch with his old opponent, Kaku, who is now an awakened devil fruit user. This confrontation will surely be nostalgic yet fresh as both of these characters have powered up.

Moreover, Zoro will be fighting against yet another CPO agent. That is none other than Rob Lucci, who is also an awakened zoan user. Since Luffy will be fighting Kizaru (more on this below), Zoro will step in to take care of Lucci. Zoro will get to advance further in power levels with impeccable battles awaiting him at Egghead Island.

7. Law vs Blackbeard

Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube/ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel)

As the Heart Pirates depart from the Wano Country to their next destination, they are interrupted by one of the Emperors’ crew i.e. Blackbeard Pirates. Blackbeard along with his crew wants to get his hand on the Road Poneglyph, which is in the possession of the Heart Pirates.

As expected, Trafalgar Law who defeated Big Mom, an ex-Yonko in One Piece will be fighting head-to-head against another Yonko – Blackbeard. This is one of my favorite battles in Egghead arc, and without a doubt, it is one of the best upcoming fights to look out for!

6. Sabo vs Five Elders and Imu

Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube/ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel)

Sabo was tainted by the Cobra’s assassination, but he confirmed that he didn’t do it. So, how exactly did things unravel at the recent Reverie meeting? Watch out for Sabo as he learns the truth behind the assassination and the secret ruler Imu.

As Sabo enters a place that he shouldn’t have in the first place, he will have to face the wrath of the mightiest powers in the pirate world, the Gorosei and Imu together at once. I can bet that this fight is going to be like something you’ve never seen before in One Piece!

5. Luffy vs Rob Lucci

Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube/ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel)

The battles in this arc are mostly going to be rematches as Luffy vs Lucci’s battle is going to happen once again. Previously, they both met at Ennies Lobby, and now that they have managed to awaken the powers of their devil fruit, they meet again on Egghead Island.

The awakened powers of these characters are beyond incredible, so gear up for another showdown between Luffy’s Gear 5 and Lucci’s Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard powers.

4. St. Saturn vs Kuma, Bonney & Straw Hats

St. Saturn, one of the Five Elders in One Piece, will be arriving at Egghead Island out of the blue to take the matter of eliminating Vegapunk into his own hands. This is where we will be introduced to the demonic Ushi-Oni form of Saturn and his menacing devil fruit powers.

As of the time of writing this article, this battle is still ongoing in the manga. Numerous characters such as Bartholomew Kuma, Bonney, Sanji, Franky, Vegapunk, and others are involved.

Kuma’s arrival was quite unexpected, and this all points toward a grand battle in the climax of the Egghead arc. Will Kuma finally get his revenge against St. Saturn or will it turn out to be a sacrifice for the Straw Hat Pirates to escape? We will learn about this shortly.

3. Shanks vs Eustass Kid

Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube/ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel)

The last time Eustass Kid faced Red Hair Pirates, he lost an arm. After the war, the Red Hai crew set sail from Wano, and at their next stop, Kid decides to arrive on Elbaf Island where Shanks currently resides. As you can expect from a hot-head like Kid, he goes into a battle against one of the strongest characters in the One Piece world, Akagami Shanks.

All I can say here is that this is going to be a short fight, but it is still going to end up breaking the internet once it gets animated. Fans who have been complaining we didn’t get enough of Shanks’ powers, get ready!

2. Monkey D Luffy vs Kizaru

Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube/ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel)

As Kizaru made his way to Egghead Island with the orders to eliminate Dr. Vegapunk, Luffy had to step in to save the old man. Thus, one of the most anticipated rematchs takes place between Kizaru and Luffy.

Luffy makes a bold statement that they are 100 times stronger than the time they met two years ago at Saboady Archipelago. This showdown between Luffy and Kizaru is where the Egghead arc peaked for me. That said, keep your eyes peeled for a phenomenal fight of Gear 5 powers against Pika Pika no Mi’s powers (one of the strongest Logia devil fruits) in One Piece anime.

1. Garp vs Blackbeard Pirates

Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube/ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel)

Out of all the fights that are about to happen, my pick for the most entertaining and emotional one is going to be the legendary battle between veteran Monkey D. Garp and Blackbeard Pirates.

As revealed in the anime already, Koby has been captured by the Blackbeard Pirates and is held hostage at Hachinosu Island. Thus, as Koby’s mentor, Garp can’t let this slide and decides to storm into the island to rescue Koby along with members of SWORD.

In this rescue mission, Garp will face his old student, Kuzan aka Aokiji, and also other members of the Blackbeard Pirates. Will this mission turn out to be successful? Will Garp make it out alive from that island? Find out the answers by yourself as this epic battle will begin shortly in the anime.

The roaring success of the One Piece anime is about to soar higher in the Egghead arc in the anime as it is undoubtedly one of the best arcs in One Piece. If Toei Animation manages to hit a home run with all these amazing battles, these can instantly become the best-ever battles we have seen in One Piece. That said, which fight are you most excited to see in the One Piece anime? Let us know in the comments below.

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