25 Best Apple Arcade Games for Apple TV

Though there are a lot of exciting iPhone games out there, and most of them are compatible with tvOS as well, one of the biggest issues with most of the best free Apple TV games is the fact that they either have ads, or offer a pay-to-win system somewhere down the line. If that’s one of your biggest pet peeves with mobile games these days, Apple Arcade is the solution for you. There are a ton of exciting games on Apple Arcade and most of them can be played on your Apple TV as well. So, if you’re interested in checking out some non-paywalled and ad-free games, here are the 25 best Apple Arcade games for Apple TV.

Best Apple Arcade Games for Apple TV

Everyone doesn’t like the same type of games. You might be a fan of shooter games, racing games, or maybe you want a game like Legend of Zelda. So, we have tried to include games from a variety of genres on this list to make sure that whatever your preferred type of game, you can find something that interests you on this list.

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1. Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II is among the most popular Apple Arcade games for Apple TV. Set in a fantasy realm of cats and dots, this 2D open-world action RPG is about two kings who are desperately trying to reclaim their thrones. Depending on your choice, you can play as both a dog and a cat to explore their kings solo or with your group of friends. Equipped with new weapon types such as master swords, staves, and more, you get a variety of weapons to try. Plus, the varied dungeons filled with different traps and obstacles make the gameplay riveting.

cat quest 2 apple arcade game apple tv

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2. Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road Castle is an endless co-op platform that you would enjoy playing with your friends. So, invite all your friends to compete and see how high you can climb. Though it’s primed for co-operative arcade platforming extravaganza, you can also play solo. Notably, the game allows you to easily connect all players on a single device with game controllers or you can choose to connect together across multiple devices. Since new towers and characters are added regularly, you will always have a variety of towers to climb and new characters to interact with. What’s more, Crossy Road Castle also features an offline mode to let you play even when there is no internet connection.

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3. Butter Royale

In more ways than one, Butter Royale is a unique Apple Arcade game for Apple TV. For starters, in this food fight battle royale game, you can choose to fight in squads against 31 others or go solo. As hilarious as it sounds, the weapons that you will use to decimate your rivals are bread-blasting tools, sauce-shooting, and more. To stay ahead of the curve, you can make the most of power-ups to heal your squad and smartly trap your opponents in a flood thick or milkshake. But beware of the hot butter and always look for the safe zones when in trouble. Apart from giving your best in the long battles, never fail to take part in daily/weekly challenges as they can help you earn a lot of XP, seasonable currency, and exclusive characters.

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4. Disney Melee Mania

If you are fond of action-packed arcade battle arena games, you shouldn’t miss out on Disney Melee Mania. It pits Disney and Pixar champions in the 3V3 multiplayer battles. The game is about choosing from multiple holographic Pixar and Disney champs and trying to score as many points as you can through their unique skills. Even better, it also features 5-minute melees to let you get into quick fights. Notably, Disney Melee Mania features multiple game modes with new challenges and allows you to take part in regular events where you can grab plenty of prizes. And if you have a liking for customization, you can customize your clashes so that they are always in sync with your preference.

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5. Fantasian

Set against a backdrop designed with handmade dioramas, Fantasian is a vintage adventure RPG. Being a great blend of physical environments and 3D characters, the game lets you explore a plethora of hand-crafted dioramas. The entire adventure lasts up to 90 hours. While the first part is story-driven, the second half is quest-centric. Hence, you will get enough time to get into the groove of the story and explore the world to your liking. Probably the biggest highlight of this game is the dimengeon battles that consist of many gimmicks and power-ups that allow you to amp up the intensity of the battles. As for the soundtracks, they complement the gameplay thanks to different layers.

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6. Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 is an epic RPG where you will embark on a magical journey across the vast world. As a young knight, you are faced with the uphill task of saving the world from the power of Warlock Mesmeroth and his massive dark army who has returned to unleash destruction on human beings. But bother not, you are alone in this journey. You can make robust allies to take on the Warlock Mesmeroth. Featuring enthralling boss fights, several side quests, and clever puzzles, Oceanhorn 2 has covered all the bases to take you on an engrossing RPG journey.

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7. SongPop Party

There are very few party or family games that are as interesting as SongPop Party. In this music trivia frenzy game, you can challenge up to 8 friends online or locally. And the one who beats everyone in a scintillating music challenge becomes the champion. Moreover, the game also features a solo mode where you can give your best to discover new playlists and train to be the best. Thanks to an ever-growing roster of games curated by genre, artists, decade, topics, and more, SongPop Party ensures your party game never becomes boring. Better still, it also offers some hilarious avatars to spice up the fun elements.

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8. Assemble with Care

Assemble with Care is a fascinating puzzle game with a pretty intriguing story. The gameplay is about exploring a variety of objects and finding a perfect way to restore them. Along the way, you will come across different characters and solve their conundrums. However, what I love the most about this game is the original soundtrack inspired by the 80s. If classics appear to your taste as well, you would also appreciate the soundtracks. Not to mention, Assemble with Care also boasts beautiful graphics to feast your eyes.

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9. Card of Darkness

If you enjoy playing the role of a savior, chances are that you would find Card of Darkness spot on for your specific preference. In this epic card adventure game, you are tasked to save the world that is on the brink of destruction from monsters by picking up the right cards. Cast deadly spells, discover ancient secrets, and go your all out to kill the monsters before they could succeed in their nefarious plans. As Card of Darkness is a mix of card and strategy games, be sure to plan your move strategically. Else, you will find it really hard to sort out the mysteries.

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10. Games of Thrones: Tale of Crows

Based on the Game of Thrones universe, Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is a narrative idle game where you are out on a mission to shape the history of the Night’s Watch. Bear in mind that you are faced with numerous powerful enemies who are lying in wait to eliminate your existence. Trapped in a world where dangers are unknown and enemies possess superpowers, you’ve got to be at your very best to accomplish your goal. Thus, be sure to make allies and grab every opportunity to mount expeditions beyond the wall. The gripping story coupled with the rich graphics and soundtracks makes the Game of Thrones universe, Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows a pretty solid bet.

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11. ChuChu Rocket! Universe

ChuChu Rocket! is what you should pick to kill your time by indulging in some intriguing puzzle games. Packed in with over 100 levels, ChuChu Rocket! boasts a huge roster of brain-teasing puzzles. In the course of solving puzzles, you will travel through amazing galaxies full of surprises. As your mouse-napped friends have been arrested by King Kapu and his brutal space kits, you will need to bring your killer instincts into play to not only crack challenges but also rescue the friends. So, are you up for these herculean tasks?

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12. EarthNight

How about taking on dragon apocalypse? EarthNight is a classic 2D side-scrolling game where you are tasked to eliminate dragons to restore peace in the world. In this action-packed game, you will jump and dash your way across the backs of dragons as you fight against more than 40 enemies. If you ever want to tweak the gameplay or make it more intense, your hard-earned power-ups will come into play. And with the five layers of atmosphere, EarthNight also offers the opportunity to explore the unknown. Beyond nerve-wracking battles, what makes EarthNight stand out is the special collection of 10, 000 frames of art and animation.

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13. Manifold Garden

If exploring vast worlds with numerous secrets is on top of your mind, Manifold Garden could be the perfect Apple Arcade game for your Apple TV. In this game, you are up against an Escheresque world where the laws have been twisted to test both your patience and wit. To be more precise, the geometry is set to repeat in every direction. And if you fall down, the game will put you back to where you started.

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14. Exit the Gungeon

There is a lot to like about Exit the Gungeon Apple Arcade game. First and foremost, this bullet hell dungeon climber features very challenging gameplay where you must do everything possible to escape the dangerous elevators. In the fast-paced gameplay, you will battle against the most ferocious of the Gundead. With a wide assortment of weapons, different bosses, and unexpected challenges at every step, you will have to pull all of your tricks to exit the Gungeon.

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15. Grindstone

Do you think that you are a master at solving mind-bending puzzles? If yes, Grindstone is what you should try to challenge your wisdom to the core. In this sword-slashing puzzle game, you are up against nefarious creeps who have hacked Grindstone Mountain. And you have been called upon to take on the dreading creeps. So, loot all the essential resources, grab the essential gears, and then go your all out to battle the bosses. All along, keep an eye on the creeps as they might be secretly trying to trap you.

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16. Roundguard

As someone who has a penchant for a bouncy dungeon crawler, I have found Roundguard an awesome Apple Arcade game for Apple TV. Featuring pinball physics, plenty of loot, and a good deal of randomized castles complete with oddballs, Roundguard has got a lot of tricks up its sleeve. In this all-around bouncy adventure, you will relish taking on hordes of dangerous monsters and extremely challenging roguelike elements. Another thing worth mentioning is the option to play as different characters such as wizard, warrior, druid, and more which ensures you have the needed freedom to experiment. Roundguard offers daily puzzles to test your wit and also allows you to compete on the leaderboards to let you become the most decorated player.

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17. World’s End Club

A fun-filled action-adventure game like World’s End Club deserves to be on this exhaustive list of the top Apple Arcade games for Apple TV. What puts this game in the spotlight is the thrilling story with a 2D side-scrolling action. The game is about twelve 12-year-old kids who are on a 1, 200 km journey. With several twists and turns, it keeps you guessing. Gaming aside, World’s End Club also lets you explore several famous locations in Japan.

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18. Mutazione

Mutazione is a mutant soap opera with a good mix of personal drama and high-flying adventure. Playing the role of a 15-year-old Kai, you will have to deal with a strange community of Mutazione. Besides, you also have the full responsibility to take care of your ailing grandfather, Nonno. Along the way, you will get a chance to make new friends, take part in BBQs, go on boat trips, and also plant musical gardens. As each of your moves will have an impact on your fate, think twice before taking any decisions and also be fully prepared to deal with the repercussions.

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19. Overland 2

Overland 2 is a turn-based survival game about a group of travelers on a post-apocalyptic road trip across the United States. Apart from fighting dreadful fears, you will have to rescue stranded survivors and also scavenge for the essential supplies such as first aid kits, weapons, and fuel. Be warned that each of your actions can have serious consequences. Therefore, make sure to handle hard choices smartly and never fail to look for dramatic escapes to stay alive. Remember, the longer you stay in the game, the better it is.

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20. Creaks

As a puzzle adventure, Creaks has looked like a complete package to me. From the creators of famous indie classics namely Samorost and Machinarium, Creaks is designed to test your problem-solving skill. The deadly furniture monsters will not only scare you but also throw numerous obstacles to halt your mission. Brain-teasing puzzles aside, Creaks features attractive hand-painted visuals, neat animation, and eerie sounds that make a good match with your every move.

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21. Neo Cab

Neo Cab is all about driving with some interesting twists that test both your patience and how you deal with challenges in life. Having lost her dear friend and only lifeline, with no money and nowhere to stay, Lina needs to keep driving to stay alive. She must find ways to connect with passengers and also make sure to maintain the perfect rating to stay on the road. Moreover, Lina has to balance her monetary needs and ensure that her emotional well-being is not harmed. Not just that, she also needs to deal with a ton of secrets of Los Ojos and uncover them. Can she do all these things while maintaining the perfect rating?

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22. Reigns: Beyond

This one looks primed for the folks who dream about becoming a space rock star. If that’s you, Reigns: Beyond will win you over with consummate ease. In this exciting game, you will don the role of an intergalactic indie rockband who needs to travel from one planet to another to enhance fame and boost fortune. All along, you will meet over 60 different characters and have to encounter more than 1400 decision cards.

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23. Stake City

If you have a liking for skating, you would be hard-pressed to find a better game to let you skate to the fullest. What gives it an edge over other games of this genre is a pretty solid collection of trick combinations which ensures you always have plenty of scope for customization. Moreover, it features two different games modes such as the city’s challenge mode and endless stake. While the former allows you to ride like a local, the latter lets you ride at your own pace.

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24. NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition

Whether you are an NBA fan or wish to play NBA matches to your heart’s liking, NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition is for you. For starters, the game lets you play with the most popular NBA stars from Damian Lillard to Zion Williamson to Kevin Durant. Depending on your preference, you can choose a quick match in one of the NBA arenas or on the blacktop. If you want to compete with friends, there is a multiplayer mode to get the most out of you as an NBA legend. However, if you would rather play alone, there is a MyCareer mode where you can give your best to become an NBA star in your own right.

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25. The Pinball Wizard

Last but not least, The Pinball Wizard is a captivating pinball game. It’s about ascending the castle tower, leveling up your skills, and also fulfilling your destiny to become the ultimate wizard. In this arcade adventure game, the main character is triggered into action by a set of flippers. And each level of the game is defined as the contained area inside a tower. And your goal is to survive by hook or crook and get to the top of the tower.

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Top Apple Arcade Games for Apple TV Lined Up for You

There you go! So, that wraps up this extensive lineup of the best Apple Arcade games for Apple TV. I guess your hunt has found some noteworthy games to kill your free time or for that matter rejuvenate your mood. Would you like to spill some beans about your top Arcade games? And if some of your favorites have missed this roundup, do not forget to mention their names as well.

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