12 Best Agar.io Alternatives: Games Like Agar.io

In 2015, a Brazilian developer named Matheus Valadares created Agar.io game which quickly became a sensation among online gamers. As a result, several developers tried their hands with this newfound genre and created games with different perspective and mechanics. Gradually, a whole new gaming genre was born and at present, there are thousands of games like Agar.io. So for this article, we went through a multitude of io games and found the 12 best Agar.io alternatives which have similar eat and grow theme and excellent mechanics. Now having said that, let’s begin the article where we explore games like Agar.io.

Best Agar.io Alternatives in 2020

Here, we have included 12 best games like Agar.io which share a similar theme, but offer additional power-ups features with different perspectives. Also, we have mentioned three popular Agar.io alternatives for mobile devices including Android and iOS. With that said, let’s go through the list without any delay.

List of Games Like Agar.io

1. Slither.io

Slither.io is definitely among the most popular io games and a worthy alternative to Agar.io. Similar to cells, here you play as a snake and try to gain size while defending yourself from other rival snakes. Along your way, you will find small portions of food which will increase your size, but if you consume an enemy snake then your size increases significantly. The mechanics of the game is really good and on par with Agar.io. Simply put, you should not miss this game. It’s damn addictive.

1. Slither.io best agar.io alternatives

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2. Gota.io

Gota.io is very similar to Agar.io in terms of both theme and gameplay. However, mechanics is where the game takes a lead with faster movement and several other features. You can eat cells which are smaller than you and increase your size. There are also many options: press W key for ejecting some of your mass which helps in dispelling other cells. You can also divide your cell into smaller pieces by pressing the space key for better navigation. Do not miss this game if you love agar.io.

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3. Pie.ai

Pie.ai is another game like Agar.io which is about survival and gaining a larger size in the arena. You can eat pies on your way and regenerate energy to fight off opponents. However, there is another opponent called AI drones which drop cherry bombs frequently so try your best to save yourself. Other than that, you can jump, eat, fly and also attack the enemies. This is a bit more complex than the simple Agar.io, so if you are looking for something challenging, definitely check it out. Just a tip before playing the game, always keep the energy level high.

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4. Spinz.io

Spinz.io is another fan favorite Agar.io type game, but it’s based on fidget spinners. You can say that it’s a mix of fidget spinners, Slither, and Agar.io. You will have to collect dots on your way which will help you spin faster. And if you collide with smaller spinners then you can take away their mass. Awesome, right? So go ahead and get addicted to this game.

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5. Zorb.io

Zorb.io is a unique Agar.io alternative which is based in 3D instead of a 2D plane that is found in most Agar.io alternative games. In terms of theme, it’s very similar having eat and grow kind of gameplay. But the interesting part about this game is how it’s played in 3D space. You have to eat the food orbs floating in the space and survive from danger. Besides, the mechanics are really great with a new drain mechanism which reduces the mass of a cell if it comes closer to larger cells. I would say just play the game and enjoy agar.io experience in 3D.

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6. Lordz2.io

Lordz2.io is a massive multiplayer game which is set in the period of lords, wizards and kings. You have to create the largest army to conquer new regions in the map and expand your kingdom. It’s a very thrilling game and I love how this game has taken inspiration from Agar.io. The best part about this game is that unlike other games who have just copied Agar.io’s premise making just a few changes here and there, it has improved upon the game and turned it into something which is far more challenging and interesting. Even the graphics are of high quality. I love the game and I know you are going to enjoy it.

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7. Curvefever.io

Curvefever is another addicting game which seems a mix of Slither and Agar.io. While other games try both survival and expansion theme, Curvefever focuses only on the survival bit. It’s a super competitive game where you have to navigate with precise moves to avoid any crash before the opponent. There are lots of helpful mechanics as well which will help you evade the death loop. If you love playing Slither.io and Agar.io then this game is for you.

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8. Diep.io

Diep.io offers a 2D game which is based on survival strategy and comes with several power-ups features. You have to shoot disguised objects in the map to win coins. With the help of coin, you can kill other players, and move to another level. There are also options of bullet shoot, damage, and maximum destruction, but these are only unlocked once you gain enough coins. I love this game because of its mysterious enemies and you should definitely give it a shot.

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9. Agma.io

Agma.io is an excellent game like Agar.io that offers some extra features. The gameplay is almost the same as Agar.io so you will feel right at home here. One big difference in the game is that the edibles are also moving on the map, so you get bigger faster. Like Agar.io, you also get to choose your name and skin. There’s a “Gold Member” paid option that you can join to get exclusive skins and nicknames. You also get double the starting mass and a crown in the chat. Overall, Agma.io is an excellent Agar.io alternative, and you should play it.

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10. Hole.io

If you are looking for Agar.io alternative for Android or iOS then Hole.io is a great app with a similar theme. In this game, you are a black hole and need to consume everything to gain size and defeat other black holes in the city. You can eat various objects like car, buildings, street lights, and much larger objects. You might feel invincible but only one black hole can become the winner in this game and that is what makes it interesting. If you want to try games like Agar.io on your mobile device, Hole.io is a great start.

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11. Nebulous.io

Nebulous.io is another Agar.io alternative for smartphones including Android and iOS. Similar to cells, here you play as a blob and try to grow by collecting other dots in the map. Throughout the game, you will have to avoid bigger blobs using split and blob burst technique. Once you are big enough, you can subsume another smaller blob, slowly becoming the biggest blob on the map. In essence, the game is very similar to Agar.io and you can definitely enjoy it on your mobile device.

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12. Mitosis

Mitosis is our final game in this list with eat and grow theme. Here, just like Agar.io game, you are a cell and look around to consume smaller cells. Along the way, you absorb other cells and gain size and speed. However, you face bigger cells on your way which can eat you. You can save yourself by deciding to split up, but that also means you are vulnerable to being eaten by other cells which were smaller than you. Using your tactical strategy, you have to decide and move forward. It’s an awesome game and you should not miss at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Did Agar.io shut down?

No, Agar.io is still working and one of the most popular browser games in the world.

Q. What is a virus on Agar.io?

A virus on Agar.io is a green cell that one can use as a defense or offense mechanism. If you consume a virus, your body is split into 15 or fewer smaller cells. This allows you to save yourself as you don’t die until all your cells are consumed. Some times of viruses also produce mass in the form of pellets that you can eat to grow.

Q. Is Agar.io a virus?

No, Agar.io is not a virus.

Q. Can you eat viruses in Agar.io?

No, you cannot eat viruses in Agar.io. You can eat the pellets released by them.

Q. Why is Agar.io so laggy?

Agar.io is an online game that taxes both your network resources. If you don’t have a high-bandwidth connection, you will feel lag.

Q. Is Agar.io safe?

Yes, Agar.io is safe to play.

The Best Games like Agar.io Sorted For You

So that was our list of 12 best Agar.io alternatives which share similar theme and mechanics. We have tried to include some off-beat games as well, in case you are looking for something new and challenging. Also, we have included games like Agar.io for Android and iOS devices so that you can play them while you are on the go. So that is all from us. If you liked our selection, do let us in the comment section below.

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    Senpa.io is probably one of the best alternatives in my opinion

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    agma.io is the best of all


    senpa.io better then every thing

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    As for me top 1 is Blob.io! It’s the best alternative

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    Where is Blob.io? I think that it’s even better than Agar.

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    they forgot agma.io

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    Paper2.io is also similar and good game

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