Apple Vision Pro Launch Date Reveal Expected Next Week: Gurman

Apple Vision Pro launch date
In Short
  • According to Mark Gurman, the Apple Vision Pro launch date announcement is "imminent".
  • Apple could announce the launch date next week to take the limelight away from CES.
  • Vision Pro headsets have already started shipping to warehouses across the US.

2024 is set to be a massive year for Apple as the tech giant will unveil its next big product category – mixed reality headset. Apple Vision Pro was announced on June 5, 2023, at the WWDC event, and at that time Apple said that it will be launched early next year. The time has arrived now. According to noted Apple analyst Mark Gurman, the Apple Vision Pro announcement is “imminent”.

In his latest weekly newsletter Power On, Gurman said that Apple could announce the launch date of Vision Pro any time now. Warehouses across the US are gearing up for the launch and the headset has already started shipping to some warehouses, albeit in small quantities. From there, Vision Pro will be shipped to Apple retail outlets.

Apple Vision Pro Launch Date

Apple's Vision Pro

Gurman points out that Apple is following the schedule and it will have enough quantities of Vision Pro at its retail stores by the end of January to make the launch possible by February 1, 2024. Gurman says Apple could make the Vision Pro launch date announcement next week. One reason why Gurman believes Apple is choosing the make the announcement next week is to take some limelight away from CES 2024. CES, the biggest annual tech event, is scheduled from January 9-12 this year.

Vision Pro is one of the most complex product launches that Apple has done in a decade. Initially, Apple will sell the Vision Pro only at its retail outlets where the potential buyers will be prompted to test the product and choose the Light Seal for a snug fit.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, Apple has been sending its retail employees from the US to Cupertino headquarters for training. On January 21, as per Gurman, Apple retail employees will be briefed about the demo and sales process in a three-hour-long meeting. In the following week, the retail stores will receive new inventory racks and backroom equipment for the Vision Pro launch.

While Apple said during the Vision Pro unveiling event that it won’t be made available in other countries until later in 2024, Gurman believes Apple is advancing the launch in other regions. As per him, Apple is considering launching Vision Pro in China, the UK, and Canada after its successful launch in the US.

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