Apple Now Releases iOS 17.0.2 for All iPhones

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Apple, a few days back, introduced the iOS 17.0.1 update for all as a way of fixing a few bugs and also released the iOS 17.0.2 update for the iPhone 15 series. Now, the iOS 17.0.2 update is available for all compatible iPhones, which is also meant to fix a bug. Have a look at the details.

iOS 17.0.2 Update Now Out!

The iOS 17.0.2 has the build number 21A351 while the iPhone 15-exclusive one came with the build number 21A350. Nonetheless, both of them serve the purpose of fixing a data transfer issue, which didn’t let users transfer data from another iPhone during the setup process.

Many users complained that the iPhone froze while restoring data from an old iPhone and this majorly happened when the iOS 17.0.2 update was skipped. Users with the iPhone 15 models were required to update their phones with iOS 17.0.2 at the initial setup stage!

Now that it is available for all, it is best advised to download it to avoid any problems. For the uninitiated, the iOS 17.0.2 update is available for the iPhone XS series, the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 series, the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 series, the iPhone 14 series, and the iPhone 15 series. You can get it by heading to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

iOS 17.0.2 update

To recall, the iOS 17.0.1 update also aimed to solve some security and privacy issues, which were reportedly being exploited in the wild. There are no new features as of now as the iOS 17 update was released 10 days back. It comes with features like NameDrop, Contact Posters, new iMessage features, and more. You can check out the best iOS 17 features to know more!

So, have you downloaded the new iOS 17.0.2 update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Bryan of the. Family Merrick says:

    Apple constantly letting out battery 🔋 draining BETAS when they should just drop the non- Beta one,for what reason baffles me. I get it ok but why this version that still has sat like hit 5 & sussed out SANTA & THE TOOTHFAIRY are just the same lies you get fed probably by Apple 🍎 just bring out the well developed version that should’ve came with these iPhones wot-wot.

  • Adrian says:

    Just tried to transfer data etc from an iPhone SE2 to a new iPhone SE3 and the first thing the new one did was download 17.03 then froze while attempting to transfer data over. I switched off the new phone and restarted after which it seems to be transferring data. If it doesn’t work I have a backup on a Mac

  • Ceejay says:

    My battery help dropped. And whenever I’m charging my phone, it’s draining the battery instead of charging. iPhone 11 iOS 17.0.2

  • Shafiw says:

    Is it available on iPhone X

  • Carol says:

    Can not get notifications sounds from my security cameras
    iPhone 11

  • Vishal Kumar says:

    My iPhone iOS 17 update plz

  • Arbaz says:

    iPhone X me update nhi aya

  • David says:

    My Face ID stop working since I upgraded my phone I hate this iOS 17.2 my phone will just went off all of a sudden and my phone is 12pro max

  • Furious says:

    It eats up your storage!! It wont even delete the update file after update process is complete

  • Siva says:

    17 version is not good one, battery usage is more and also there are many changes, especially ringtone.

  • Khanh tran says:

    I having issues with new iOS 17.2.0 after downloading the new iOS . My ỉ13 kept shutting it down while I’m on the Facebook. Either shut the facebook down and return to original page

  • Hopp says:

    Do we get green screen after update?

    • Jangjorim Lee says:

      Yes you can if you want

  • Philip Edwards says:

    I have an iphone 12 pro max and my screen in standby goes dark after about 30 seconds unless you touch it. Intermittent screen defeats the whole purpose of a standby screen and makes it completely useless.

  • Raja Sarkar says:

    When iPhone 12 radiation will be limited in India..

  • Sajal Sarkar says:

    Does Apple fix the problem of green screen issue of iPhone..

  • Ed says:

    Also available for SE2 iPhones.

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