Apple Aims to Launch Vision Pro by February: Report

Apple's Vision Pro
In Short
  • Apple introduced the Vision Pro mixed reality headset at WWDC 2023 and said the device would be available to U.S. users early next year.
  • In a recent report, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said that Apple has now ramped up production to set the stage for a launch by February 2024.
  • Reportedly, Apple has also sent an email to software developers to be ready to test their apps on Vision Pro.

Apple has ramped up the production of its forthcoming Vision Pro mixed-reality headset and is aiming for the launch “by February,” as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

First introduced at WWDC 2023, the Cupertino tech giant said that people in the U.S. will be able to get their hands on its $3,499 mixed-reality headset in “early 2024.” To match this targetted launch time, the production of the Vision Pro headset in the facilities in China has been running at full speed for several weeks now. The plan is to ready the units by January end, followed by the retail launch of the headset in February.

Earlier this month, a report from Bloomberg revealed that Apple will send at least two employees from each of its retail stores in the U.S. to its headquarters for training purposes starting from January. During the training, each employee will be taught how the Vision Pro functions, what features to highlight in discussions with prospective buyers, and how to connect the headband, Light Seal, and prescription lenses.

Vision Pro: A Big Challenge Ahead for Apple

This is a complex procedure because employees will have to understand how to put the device on a person’s head and put the correct Light Seal on the face. An app will be there to scan a client’s face to determine the correct headband as well as the Light Seal, but the size recommended by the app will need to be verified through an employee.

On Wednesday, Apple also sent an email to many software developers urging them to start testing their apps for the Vision Pro with the latest available tools and send their software to Apple for feedback, according to Mark Gurman.

Gurman’s report also mentioned that the Vision Pro mixed reality headset sales will be limited to the United States only, which is already sad news for many. There’s also a high chance that Apple will ask customers to purchase in a retail store or pick up an online order in-store to eliminate any chance of wrong headband size and light seal, which is a must to view content properly.

While Apple is relying heavily on the success of its Vision Pro, its high cost — more than twice the cost of its maxed-out iPhone 15 Pro Max -is likely to be restrictive for many. We will also give a detailed review of the mixed-reality headset once we get our hands on it.

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