Apple’s 6K Pro Display XDR One of the “Best Displays of the Year”

Apple Pro Display XDR special cleaning cloth

Apple has always been a company to release high-end, professional products for the market. The company’s Pro Display XDR was one of those expensive products that launched alongside the new Mac Pro and the infamous $999 monitor stand. Now, the Society for Information Display honored the Pro Display XDR with the title of “Display of the Year”.

The Society for Information Display is an organisation of top scientists, engineers, corporate researchers, and business entities from the display industry. It came into being in the year 1962 to monitor display technology and honour the achievements of companies in the display industry.

Every year the organisation announces the “Best Displays of the Year”. This year, the list included Samsung’s foldable display, BOE’s 65″ UHD BD Cell Display, Audi’s Virtual Mirror System with the OLED display, and of course Apple’s 32″ 6K Pro Display XDR.

The chairman of the organisation, Wei Chen, said some kind words about Apple’s monitor and highly praised the HDR capabilities of the display. 

He said, “With OLED’s rapid growth, the incumbent LCD technology continues to fight for footing by gaining new capabilities-as demonstrated by BOE’s ultra-high definition (UHD) BD Cell and Apple’s Pro Display XDR. Both have achieved high-dynamic-range (HDR) display performance in LCD, each with their own unique approach.”

Apple launched the 32″ 6K Pro Display XDR in two finishes — one with the glossy finish and another with the matte nano-texture glass. The glossy one came for a price of $4,999 and the high-end matte-finish one was given a price tag of $5,999. It even came with a special cloth to clean the display properly.

However, despite the expensive price tag, the SID went on to praise the monitor by saying, “With its massive 32-inch LCD panel, 6K Retina resolution, and over 20 million pixels, Apple Pro Display XDR sets a new bar for the capabilities of a professional display. Designed for pro users who rely on color accuracy and true-to-life image reproduction, such as photographers, video editors, 3D animators, and colorists, Pro Display XDR delivers the most comprehensive set of features ever offered on a display in its price range, paving the way for pros in every role across a workflow to unlock their creativity”.

SOURCE 9to5Mac
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