All Conduit Abilities in Apex Legends Season 19 (Explained)

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As many fans already know, joining the vast roster of characters in Apex Legends Season 19 is Conduit. Her backstory, as we witnessed in the latest Stories from the Outlands, ties in with the Titanfall universe. She wears a bright yellow and blue-color exoskeleton and carries a titan battery on her back. This titan battery powers most of her kit, along with the exoskeleton, so let’s understand all of Conduit’s abilities in Apex Legends.

Conduit Abilities in Apex Legends

For those unaware, Conduit has Filipino origins and can be seen speaking Tagalog from time to time. She is a fan of the Apex Games and can be seen mimicking other legends at times. Conduit is 27 years old, has a bubbly and cheerful personality, and has joined the games to fulfill her responsibilities towards her family. That said, let’s dive in and check out the new support legend’s kit:

Passive: Savior’s Speed

Brief: Conduit gets a speed boost when running towards allies out of range of her tactical

A good medic is one that can reach you on time to help space your life in sticky situations. Conduit’s passive is based on this principle and gets activated when you look at one of your teammates who is farther away from you. You will see a small icon when looking at teammates, which will fill up and give you a speed boost to catch up with overzealous teammates who are hunting for their next prey.

The speed boost, as revealed to us, is enabled by the enhanced legs that are part of her cool blue and yellow exoskeleton. So yes, Conduit is not just a medic but kind of a movement legend too. We can’t wait to see what some movement pros can accomplish with her passive.

Tactical: Radiant Transfer

conduit tactical - season 19

Brief: Blast your ally with energy, regenerating temporary shields for them when in danger

Now that you have caught up with the blood-thirsty Octane or Revenant on your team, it’s time to back them up in combat. This is where Conduit’s tactical comes into play. Unlike Lifeline, who heals health, Conduit is the shield healer in Apex Legends.

Powered by the Titan battery on her back, she can send a surge of energy to her teammates, replenishing any missing bars of shield. She also gets the same boost if any of her shield bars are not filled up. But there’s a very peculiar thing about Conduit’s tactical. It does not generate permanent shields, say like Wattson, but a temporary one.

When activated, you will see your shield bar fill up with temporary shields (marked in green) OVER TIME. Yeah, you don’t get full shields instantly, but they take a few seconds to generate. Then, they remain available for around 12 seconds, post which they’ll start depleting over time. These work like usual shields, but the regeneration is temporarily paused when you take damage.

Conduit’s tactical can come in clutch when you are in the middle of fighting and drop down to a sliver of health. Again, just like her passive, you need to look at your teammate to grant this shield buff.

Ultimate: Energy Barricade

conduit ultimate - season 19

Brief: Deploy an array of shield jammers that damage and slow enemies

Lastly, let’s talk about her ultimate ability. Using her exoskeleton, Conduit shoots out seven shield jammers that look like glowing Titan batteries. The jammers are all deployed in a straight line and cover a lot of area; like a lot when deployed outdoors. These serve as Conduit’s offensive strategy against enemies and take a couple of seconds to deploy.

Since it’s an offensive ability, the jammers damage (10 per second) and slow down enemies when they attempt to cross through the barricade. You can easily use Conduit’s ultimate indoors as well, but there is a dynamic functionality to it. I will update this post to explain the same once the second embargo lifts.

Furthermore, a question that many players might have is – can I destroy the shield jammers like Horizon’s black hole or Rampart’s walls? The answer is yes. Each jammer has 250 health, and you can shoot them to clear out the space. It will be interesting to see how they’re used on the new Storm Point map update, which arrives on October 31st.

While Conduit’s defensive-cum-offensive kit seems impressive, it will be interesting to see how her abilities fit into the current legend meta in Apex Legends. Will she be employed by some teams to cut off rotations in ALGS? Or, maybe fill the final circle with shield jammers that slowly chip away the enemy’s health? We can’t wait to see how players make use of Conduit’s abilities in the game.

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