Anker PowerWave Base Pad 10W Wireless Charger Launched in India at Rs.1,999

Anker PowerWave Base Pad 10W Wireless Charger Launched in India at Rs.1,999
Image: Anker

Anker has launched its PowerWave Base Pad 10W wireless charger in India. The Qi-supported wireless charger maxes out at 7.5W if you’re planning to charge iPhones. You will need a Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 adapter to utilize 10W fast charging capabilities. If you’re using a 5V/2A adapter, all you’re getting is 5W standard charging from the wireless charger.

In terms of design, Anker’s new wireless charger comes with non-slip pads for a better grip. You also get a non-slip ring around the charging coil so that your device stays in place and doesn’t move away in case you get notification vibrations.

According to the company, you will have no trouble charging your phone even if you have a protective case on it. The company promises that the charging doesn’t get interrupted as long as the phone’s case is up to 5mm thick.

Anker’s 10W wireless charger comes with various protection measures including overcurrent protection, battery protection, foreign object detection, and voltage regulation. Moreover, Anker has equipped vents for efficient heat dissipation.

The LED indicator on the charger represents the current state of the charger. If you see the indicator flashing in blue color, it means that the charger has detected metal obstruction. Similarly, the indicator flashes in green color if you connect the charger with an incompatible AC adapter or cable. In normal circumstances, you will see blue color for 3 seconds when you connect to the power source and a constant blue light when you’re charging a device.

Anker has priced its 10W wireless charger at Rs.1,999. It is available to buy in a Black color variant from Amazon India.

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