AMD Reaffirms AM5 Socket Support Beyond 2025; Check Details

david mcafee interview with overclockers UK confirming AMD AM5 motherboard socket support for 2025 and beyond
Image Courtesy: Overclockers UK
In Short
  • Current-gen AMD Ryzen 7000 processors, including Ryzen 7 7800X3D, use the AM5 motherboard socket.
  • The company has reassured users that it will support the AM5 socket for 2025 and beyond.
  • The success of AMD Ryzen processors is because of support for the AM4 platform. AMD will follow in the same footsteps to support AM5 'for as long as possible.'

The Corporate VP of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has confirmed that the AM5 motherboard socket will have continued support for 2025 and ‘beyond.’ AM5 is AMD’s latest CPU socket for AM5 desktop motherboards. To catch you up, here is everything to know about the AM5 socket.

The news comes from a recent interview held by Overclocker’s UK with David McAfee, the Corporate Vice President and general manager of AMD’s Client Computing group. Several questions were answered related to the PC hardware industry, including discussions on how massive the AI industry has become.

Later in the interview, OCUK asked AMD the crucial question: “Is there an update on AM5 socket support? Does the original statement from AMD to continue [AM5] support through 2025 still stand?”

The AMD spokesperson answered, “It absolutely still stands!“. Then, he talked about how successful AMD Ryzen processors are in the PC components market. AMD attributes this success to the overall longevity & support provided to the previous-gen AM4 motherboard platform.

The rep also said that AMD knows “the impact of moving to a new socket.” The AMD team will have a detailed plan for a new motherboard socket beyond AM5, which will be “really well thought-out.”

“We know the impact that moving to a new socket brings and we want to stay on AM5 for as long as we possibly can. We are firmly committed to 2025 and beyond and we will see how long that promise lasts beyond 2025.” – David Mcafee, Corporate VP at AMD

Great News for AMD AM5 Motherboard Users

Image Courtesy: AMD

The latest Ryzen 7000 processors (including the Ryzen 7 7800X3D & other 3D V-Cache CPUs) can be installed on AM5 socket motherboards. Currently, AMD’s lineup that uses AM5 sockets consists of B650, X670, and A620 desktop motherboards. Several of them are present in some of the best motherboards.

With this latest news of AM5 socket support, people who use these existing motherboards can expect new processor launches compatible with AM5 throughout 2024 and 2025 as well. In fact, AMD had previously stated, “AM5 will scale into 2026“.

Basically, any desktop PC user with an AM5 socket motherboard (B650/X670/A620) does not have to worry about purchasing another motherboard.

Based on their board’s VRM capabilities and compatibility with other system components, such as the CPU cooler, AM5 motherboard users will have the option to upgrade their CPU easily to newer generations. Hopefully, we will see AM5 being supported till a new generation of Ryzen processors in 2026 as well.

What are your thoughts on AMD’s reaffirmation of AM5 socket support beyond 2025? Are you currently using an AM5 motherboard? If so, isn’t it amazing to be reassured that you’ll always have CPU upgrades to go with in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Overclockers UK
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