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Killed by Google

Google, the tech giant that has a lot of successful apps, hardware, and services, has a habit of discontinuing products they don’t see a future in. In fact, several apps and services are getting purged by Google these days making it harder to keep track of them. Well, to keep an eye on all such products that end up in Google’s Cemetery, there exists a website named Killed by Google.

Killed by Google is an open-source project by a developer named Cody Ogden. The website has contributors from all over the world for maintaining updated and factual information about Google’s discontinued offerings.

For each killed product, the website shows you the timeframe during which the product was live along with a brief description of the product. A Wikipedia link to the respective product is linked as well in case you are interested to know more about it.

At the time of writing this article, the website has the data of 191 discontinued Google products which breaks down to 18 apps, 157 services, and 16 hardware. That’s a lot for a tech company, isn’t it?

If you’re interested to contribute to the website the next time you get early to spot a dead Google product, you may do so by raising a pull request on the website’s GitHub page here. You may also check out The Google Cemetery, a similar website that lists Google’s dead products. Links to both these websites are given below.

So, which favorite Google app or service of yours did the company mercilessly kill lately? Mine has got to be the Inbox by Gmail app. I still miss the app even though all of its features got added to the regular Gmail app.

Visit Killed by Google | Visit The Google Cemetery

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