This AI Platform Lets You Create New Episodes for Your Favorite TV Shows

In Short
  • Fable's Showrunner is the Netflix for AI.
  • The streaming platform allows you to make your own episodes.
  • You can get into the waitlist for the free testing phase of the platform.

Do you feel sad when your favorite TV show bids you goodbye with its final episode? Well, the amazing startup Fable has developed a solution that will help you be with your favorite series for as long as you wish. The company has created an AI-powered streaming platform called “Showrunner” that gives you control over its content. For instance, if you don’t want a series to end, you can create additional episodes using the platform’s remarkable AI technology.

In an Interview, Showrunner’s creator revealed that the platform can be “Netflix for AI.” Initially, fans can watch the AI-generated TV shows on the platform while also being able to create their own content. As per the reports, fans will get complete freedom when creating an episode. It means that they can decide on the dialogues, stories, and characters. In fact, viewers can upload images of themselves or their acquaintances to create new animated episodes.

The platform’s technology is limited to animation only, and for now, it doesn’t have the capability to create live-action shots. That being said, it’s still a leap forward in the AI space. Fable already demonstrated the capability of AI by creating an AI-generated episode of South Park last year. Now, the company is ready to advance further through Showrunner.

The platform’s announcement is accompanied by 10 AI-generated shows, including Sim Francisco, Exit Valley, and many more. You can join the waitlist for the Free testing of the platform and create further episodes of these series if you’d like and if you get in. The best episodes will be included in Showrunner’s catalog when the platform launches globally.

In fact, the winners, or the best creators, will get a “lump-sum” amount. That’s not all, though, as Fable confirmed that creators will get revenue sharing if a show they’ve worked on gets picked up by any streaming platform.

It’s definitely a great leap in the AI space, but it does spark fear among the creators, who worry that the AI-generated content will eventually make their jobs redundant. Honestly, it’s hard to say what impact it’ll have on the jobs, but a platform like Showrunner does open a lot of doors for people who have good stories to tell but don’t know anything about animation or have enough resources to produce a show of their own.

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