Adobe’s New Project Morpheus Lets You Easily Create Deepfake Videos

Adobe's Project Morpheus Lets You Easily Create Deepfake Videos

At its recent Adobe Max 2021 event, the company introduced various new updates to its utility products such as Photoshop, adding a new auto object selection tool, and Neural Filters. However, other than the updates, the company also introduced a new deepfake tool, dubbed Project Morpheus, that can manipulate images and videos to add virtual elements to the subjects that were not there before.

Adobe Project Morpheus Detailed

Dubbed as Project Morpheus, the tool uses Adobe’s Sensei AI to add significant changes to the expressions of a subject in an image or a video. For instance, if you are not smiling in an image or even a video, you can use Project Morpheus to add a smile to your face. You can even adjust the element to make yourself smile more or less in the image or video. You can check out the tool at work in the video attached below.

Now, if you are a Photoshop user, you might notice that Project Morpheus is actually the video version of the Neural Filters that Adobe introduced in Photoshop last year. The company added a few new ones with this year’s major update that lets users change the entire look of their images right in Photoshop.

Similarly, Project Morpheus can virtually tweak the subjects in a video or even an image by using AI capabilities. With this tool, users can manipulate elements like the hair color, age, and facial expressions of a subject in a video, making a deepfake version of the original video.

Now, although the tool is pretty stable, the edited videos are not perfect. Moreover, in a world where there are various advanced deepfake apps and websites available with the possibility of selling your face for deepfake content, Adobe’s Project Morpheus seems pretty limited as it allows users to tweak only a few elements in a video.

Furthermore, Adobe did not mention the term “deepfake” in any of its presentations to introduce the tool, probably because of the negative impacts of the technology in the real world. And as for the availability of the tool, Adobe did not announce whether it would release Project Morpheus for the public or integrate its features into products in the future or not.

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