YouTuber Builds PlayStation 5 Slim Edition Before Sony; Check It Out!

YouTuber Builds PlayStationYouTuber Builds PlayStation 5 Slim Edition Before Sony 5 Slim Edition Before Sony

As console fans would know, Sony typically releases slimmer editions of its flagship consoles a few years after the original console’s launch. Going by history, we could expect the same treatment for Sony’s PlayStation 5 launched back in September 2020. The problem here is that we will probably have to wait for a while to see if it hits the store shelves. While the general public waits for Sony to reveal the PlayStation 5 Slim, a YouTuber has already modified a PS5 to build a slimmer version.

A PlayStation 5 Slim Before Sony!

Matthew Perks, better known for his YouTube channel DIY Perks, has posted a 30-minute video flaunting what’s presumably the world’s first PlayStation 5 Slim. Through this project, Perks has managed to reduce the size of the console from almost four inches to less than an inch.

According to Perks, the process of building PlayStation 5 slim involved placing the core PS5 components in a copper frame and an external cooling solution connected to the main board alongside the power supply. While some would argue that the cooling solution adds up the bulk externally and ruins the purpose of having a slim PS5 in the process, this is indeed a fascinating proof of concept.

The custom-made water cooling system uses copper sheeting and while it was a fail at first, it eventually resulted in temperature improvements compared to the PS5. There were improvements in RAM and VRM temperatures too.

The video walks you through all the steps involved in the PS5 Slim mod, including the pitfalls and initial roadblocks involved in the project. If you want to replicate the steps to build your own PS5 Slim or watch the entire process, you can check out the complete video below.

So, if Sony hypothetically takes a similar route for the PlayStation 5 Slim with an external power supply and cooling solution with slightly better thermal gains, would you be interested in it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Featured Image Courtesy: DIY Perks / YouTube

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