YouTube Will Skip Entire Videos If You Have Ad Blockers Installed

YouTube Skip Ads Button
In Short
  • YouTube has taken a new step in its fight against ad blockers by skipping the videos right to the end.
  • Reddit users have reported that YouTube videos either jump to the endscreen or buffer endlessly if they have adblockers installed.
  • Some users also mentioned that the videos play without any sound and playing around with the volume slider doesn't help either.

YouTube has been going hard against ad blockers for the last couple of years. From shutting down the Vanced app in 2022 to blocking video playback for users using an ad blocker. In the meantime, they are also shoving more ads in videos, pushing users to buy their “Premium” paid subscription and ensuring that it is the only way that users can watch videos without ads.

In their latest attempt, YouTube seems to be skipping videos directly to the end if you have an ad blocker installed. As reported by 9to5Google, when you disable the ad blocker, the video plays in its entirety as it would. However, turning on the ad blocker will fast-forward the video to the end screen.

Besides this, users on Reddit also mentioned that this issue occurs when you try to replay the video. In case you try to skip to any particular section of the video then the video will buffer endlessly. Other users mentioned that videos play without any sound. Playing around with the volume slider brings back audio for a second then it goes mute again. You can see this in action in this video by Reddit user u/SDHD4K.

At this point, it seems that YouTube is willing to try every trick in the book to have users stop using ad blockers. Ads are one of the biggest revenue sources for the platform aside from the Premium subscription. But adamant users aren’t backing down either. They are finding new and creative ways to circumvent ads, be it new extensions or YouTube clients like NewPipe.

What is your stance on this topic; do you agree with YouTube’s new tactics against ad blockers? Let us know in the comments below.

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