The YouTube Vanced App That Offered Premium Features for Free Shuts Down

YouTube Vanced shuts down

If you are an Android user, I’m sure you have used or at least heard about the YouTube Vanced app. It is a modified version of the official YouTube app for Android, offering many of YouTube’s premium features like ad-free videos, background playback, and others without any additional charge. Unfortunately for those who were regular users, there’s some bad news, as Vanced is now shutting down its operations. Here’s what happened.

YouTube Vanced Shuts Down

The developers of Vanced, formerly known as YouTube Vanced, recently took to their official Telegram channel and Twitter to announce that the app is being discontinued “due to legal reasons”. Although the developers didn’t give a specific reason, it is presumed that it could be because of Google.

The Vanced developers have only said that “it’s something that we need to do.” However, as told to The Verge, Vanced owners received a cease and desist letter from Google. Now, this could be because the app has YouTube’s premium feature offerings like ad-free videos, background playback, and the dislike counter that was removed for all videos on YouTube last year. These features were offered by Vanced free of cost, unlike YouTube’s official platform that charges a Premium subscription fee to access such features.

The statement reads, “We were asked to remove all references to ‘YouTube’, change the logo, and remove all links related to YouTube products.

To recall, the company recently changed its name to just Vanced” and removed the YouTube moniker from its brand name and from most places on its website and social platforms. It was possibly done to avert Google from taking it down, much like what it did with the popular Discord-based music bot Groovy last year. But, eventually, it succumbed to Google’s legal team!

The developers mentioned that the currently installed versions of Vanced will continue to work as usual. However, users will not receive any more updates for the app, going forward. Hence, it will become outdated for existing users in the next two years. So, if you have Vanced already installed on your Android device, enjoy its services while they last. Also, let us know your thoughts on Vanced shutting down for good in the comments below.

VIA Android Police
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  • AbhishekMTC says:

    We want to take revenge on YOUTUBE, let’s get on to VEMIO or other popular sites and engage there. If we do this there are chances that Google can realize their greed for money and fewer features on YOUTUBE. LET’S DO IT!!

  • Shreya Chakraborty says:

    This is really saddening news . I have been using this app from past 5 years 🙁

  • Neel says:

    I just got my s22 ultra and the first thing I did was to disable YouTube and install vanced 🥲 switching from iOS to Android I missed vanced so much and now this news. It’s very depressing of course.

  • Keshav Gupta says:

    Being a regular user of YouTube Vanced, I feel bad for the developer & for myself.
    RIP to another one of the best app.

  • Tical says:

    It was probably flying mostly under the radar (I’m sure they knew but didn’t care as much) until influencers like Linus Tech Tips and others started promoting it after the removal of the dislikes. Unfortunate but that’s the way it goes I guess.

  • NAVEED Ali says:


  • Jack says:

    First OG YouTube now vanced the pain is real 💔

  • Arup says:

    Really shocked to note as we are used to watch Vanced by default

  • Ajit says:

    Newpipe is always there.

  • SNadig says:

    This was the best application for listening music for a long time with zero costs and zero interruption.
    I feel bad for them.

  • Basant Deep Singh says:

    Felling bad cause i am a vanced addict

  • Xs says:

    YouTube sucks vanced rocks . I would have never searched for such app if YouTube didn’t have 2 30second non skipping ads in every video and most videos started to have ads in middle of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope it comes back like the mirror sites

  • onlinedotnettraining says:

    Useful article, thanks for sharing

  • KP says:

    This happened due to Minting NFT Joke

    • Ruk says:


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