YouTube Finally Rolling Out Dark Theme To All Android Devices

youtube teardown dark mode incognito

YouTube for Android has been rumored to be getting the dark theme for months. We’ve been jealous of iOS users ever since they got the dark theme, however, the drought ends today.

First spotted by Android Police, the dark theme turns the background dark grey and text white across the app, thus, saving you from the eye-pinching white theme at night. This theme is uniform and falls in line with the dark theme that has been live on the YouTube website since the past year.

The dark theme isn’t enabled by default and requires you to navigate to ‘Settings -> General’ to enable the same by hitting the toggle next to it. This will instantly flip the switch and if you’re like me it comes with a sigh of relief.

The dark theme seems to have been rolled out with the latest update (version 13.35.51) but you may require a ‘Force Stop’ before restarting YouTube to get the dark theme toggle. While it showed up automatically on my Nokia 7 plus, the YouTube app on the Galaxy Note 8 at the Beebom office needed the aforementioned process.

You may also see a pop-up message, asking you to give this new theme a whirl but we didn’t see it in the YouTube app on our devices.

So, the dark theme is ultimately a server-side change and should make its way to your Android device sooner than later. I’m elated to finally have the dark theme on YouTube, but now I’m waiting for Google to add the said mode to each of its new materialtheme apps. Excited to try out the dark theme? Let us know in the comments below.

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