Xtron pro game console cum smartwatch feat.

The Xtron Pro Is a GameBoy-Style Programmable Gaming Console That Is Also a Smartwatch

Xtron pro game console cum smartwatch feat.

Over the past few years, we have seen many companies develop educative tools and robots with an aim to help kids learn to code. However, the “Xtron Pro” is a one-of-a-kind device that can be a multi-purpose tool for kids.

Developed by a Finland-based ed-tech company, OVObot, the Xtron Pro is a unique device that is primarily a portable GameBoy-style console. However, apart from being a handheld gaming console, it can also become a step-counting smartwatch, an IoT device, and a great code-learning tool for kids.

Play Custom-Designed Games

Now, one of the notable features of the device is that it is entirely programmable. This means users can program the device any way they want by using the dedicated web-software, Xmaker. All they have to do is connect the device to their PC/ Mac and start coding on Xmaker.

So, the Xmaker software is essentially designed to be kid-friendly and contains pre-written code blocks and image resources to help any newbie understand coding and its functions. It supports coding languages like Javascript and Python.

Xtron pro game console cum smartwatch 4

Hence, with the help of this software, kids can learn to write their own games, test them on the integrated simulator, and then store them into the Xtron Pro’s 16MB flash storage to enjoy them on-the-go.

Apart from the custom-designed games, the device also supports retro NES games like Tetris or Donkey Kong. Moreover, if you have multiple Xtron Pro devices, you can connect them via data cables to enjoy some multiplayer action, just like the arcade days.

Turn It Into a Smartwatch

Now, wait, the features aren’t over yet. Well, it turns out that the Xtron Pro is also modular as the core device has a 4-pin connector that enables users to connect the device with various extension sensors and electronic modules.

Xtron pro game console cum smartwatch 3

As a result, the company also released a wrist band with a contraption to convert the portable gaming console into a smartwatch for kids. Although it becomes a pretty huge smartwatch, the fact that you can program various interfaces like a step-counter or a DIY timer is pretty awesome.

xtron pro ss 1

The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that has already collected $83,352 (~Rs. 61,81,605) from 852 backers. So, if you want one for yourself, then you can back the project for CA$79 (~Rs. 4,474).

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