This Modular Robot Can Turn Into 50 Different Robots

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As we are moving towards a digital age, robots are getting more common in our lives. ClicBot is a robot that can do a whole lot of things and be a part of your family.

ClicBot is a cute, interactive, fun and a great companion robot for your children. Designed and created by Keyi Tech Ltd., ClicBot was first featured at CES 2020 in January. Now, ClicBot is not just one robot. One of the most unique features of the robot is that it can become any kind of robot. This means that it is modular. Right out the box, ClicBot can be turned into 50 different kinds of robots using the provided building blocks. From a car to a caterpillar, it can become just about anything with the help of these building blocks.

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The main “head” of the robot includes a circular display that shows the reaction of the robot as you interact with it. The personality and the characteristics of the robot are designed by the award-winning animator and designer, Carlos Baena.

There is an app that connects with the robot and helps you interact with it. This app includes the tools that you can use to build and program your ClicBot. You can make it dance, crawl, follow you, serve you snacks and a whole lot more.

Apart from dancing, crawling, being a car and playing games, ClicBot can be a really fun and interactive teacher for your child. The ‘Bot features a “No-Coding Robotics” that can teach the basics of robotics without coding. Let your kid build the robot by connecting the building blocks and then by using the app, various movements can be assigned to the robot by simply recording a sequence. Now just hit the play button to make your ClicBot dance, crawl or drive.

You can also move to a higher level of coding as the robot is programmable with drag-and-drop coding based on Google’s Blockly. As the robot has an array of sensors, you can make it do anything. Just imagine and code.

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Kids can also access the ClicBot community, where ClicBot users around the world make educational videos about various unique use-cases for the robot. Apart from these features, the ClicBot can do much more and can be a genuinely useful companion for children and teenagers.

The ClicBot is currently a Kickstarter campaign with more than 660 backers. You can check it out here. It has already collected over $340,000 out of the pledged $25,000 goal. You can contribute $299 to get the Starter Kit. It will ship anywhere in the world with a shipping fee. According to the company, the robots will start shipping in June this year. The campaign will end soon, so hurry up and get yours fast.

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