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As gamers worldwide sat down and booted up Tom Clancy’s XDefiant to enjoy some chaos, they were unfortunately met with empty lobbies and broken hopes. After searching for what seemed like an eternity, many took to X to voice their concerns about the game. If you are loading XDefiant and are running into the “Unable to find match” error. keep reading to find out if XDefiant Servers are down right here.

XDefiant Server Status Updates

unable to find match in xdefiant

While gamers everywhere are stranded and waiting to get into a match, the official X account of XDefiant posted an update on the situation. Addressing the sheer lack of matches, the company acknowledged the issue and asked people to bear with them as they looked into servers and matchmaking.

While we don’t know how long will Ubisoft take to fix the server and matchmaking issue, we can confirm that XDefiant servers are down right now. In the meantime, you can learn some of the game’s basics right here:

[UPDATE | 11:30 AM PT] — XDefiant servers went live over an hour ago when the game launched globally. It has been exactly one hour since Ubisoft shared its last update about the server status. It seems like we will be here waiting a while to experience this COD-like shooter game.

[UPDATE | 11:57 AM PT] — Ubisoft has shared another update on X communicating that there has been some improvement with server and matchmaking issues, so some of you might be able to get into a game.

[UPDATE | 12:52 PM PT] — As per the latest X post from XDefiant’s account, the dev team continues to investigate the matchmaking issues. It still hasn’t been resolved fully. The game has been live for around three hours now, and a lot of players are still unable to find a match in XDefiant.

Moreover, we will keep updating the article to bring you the latest server updates. You could also head to XDefiant’s X account or the r/XDefiant Reddit community for more information.

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