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Every Game Mode You Can Play in Ubisoft’s XDefiant

Ubisoft’s new 6v6 arena shooter XDefiant managed to raise eyebrows in the gaming world when it was first announced back in 2021. The game has since gone through multiple beta tests, tweaking the overall gameplay and class system. Featuring characters from past Ubisoft titles, divided into factions in XDefiant, players can select one according to their playstyle and dominate the matches with their friends or random teammates. With the close beta currently underway, many of you might be wondering about the various game modes available in XDefiant right now.

Well, in a hands-on session, Ubisoft gave Beebom the chance to test out all the game modes in XDefiant prior to the closed beta test. So, in this article, we detail the various game modes that Ubisoft’s online shooter has to offer. XDefiant comes with five game modes, inspired by existing FPS games such as TFT, COD, and Overwatch, for the player’s enjoyment. Based on the gameplay style, XDefiant divides these modes into two types – Arcade and Linear. So, let’s take a look at what these game modes have to offer:

Arcade Modes


Arcade game type in XDefiant features maps with multiple routes for players to rotate and take cover in. These are large, wide maps with a healthy amount of verticality for the ones that enjoy taking the high spot and sniping enemies. Under this game type, there are three match modes that players can enjoy:


In Domination, a team of six players goes against another team of six. The objective is simple – capture and hold down three control points on the map for as long as possible. At the same time, the players need to repel oncoming attacks from the opponents trying to take over the three control points. The team with the most amount of points (until a team reaches 750 points) wins the match.


The Occupy game mode in XDefiant is like Domination with a small twist. Instead of having three fixed capture points on the map, there is only one capture zone, and well, it keeps moving around. It requires players to move from point to point to capture the new zone. The team that successfully holds it down gets awarded the point. By the end of the round, the team with the higher overall points wins the match.

Hot Shot

hotshot game mode - xdefiant

Finally, Hot Shot takes inspiration from Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed mode. Here, players lock horns against each other and try to eliminate the opponent. After elimination, the player drops an emblem, which the opponent team needs to pick up to receive points in their overall match point pool.

Team members of their dead teammate can pick the emblem up to deny points, preventing the opponent from increasing their points pool. Finally, as usual, the team with the highest point wins the match.

Linear Modes


The linear game type in XDefiant features a long map that has a starting and an endpoint. These maps have a limited amount of rotation points and see players holding down particular points to stop the opponent’s progression through the map. Under Linear type, there are two game modes in XDefiant:

Zone Control

Zone Control is like Domination and Occupy, except it comes with a twist to differentiate it from existing modes and other FPS games. In Zone Control, there are five zones for players to capture or defend. The four zones are initially locked. The attacker’s goal is to capture the zone, unlock zones, and progress through them. The Defender’s goal is to prevent this from happening.


escort game mode - xdefiant

Inspired by the payload push game type in titles such as Overwatch, Escort sees players pushing a payload robot from the starting point to the endpoint with capture points in the middle. The attackers need to get the payload to the end goal to win.

At the same time, the defenders need to make sure that the payload doesn’t reach the finish line. If attackers are not around the bot when it is moving, it starts retreating in the opposite direction. Hence, it works a little like a tug-of-war. Further, the payload can help you replenish ammo when you approach it.

XDefiant Game Modes Hold Something For Everyone!

In this article, we have shared information on all available game modes in Ubisoft’s upcoming online arena shooter XDefiant. The various game modes ensure that you don’t have a single dull moment and keep coming back to this exciting shooter game that reminds us a lot of Apex Legends (cus of abilities) and COD (cus of gunplay). Are you excited about playing XDefiant? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ignore a game mode that I did not enjoy in XDefiant?

Absolutely, you can choose the XDefiant game modes you want to queue for. During matchmaking, players can choose the game type they want to experience and enjoy.

Can I select the map in XDefiant?

During matchmaking in some game modes, XDefiant allows players to choose from one of the two available maps. The ones with the highest vote get picked for the match.

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