Images for an All-White Digital Xbox Series X Leak Online

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In Short
  • A brand-new image has surfaced online, giving everyone the first look at an all-digital Xbox Series X.
  • This console still sports the boxy form factor of Series X but is coated in white color.
  • If we follow the previous rumors, the rumored console plans to launch sometime in the Summer of 2024.

Last year, Microsoft’s plans to launch an all-digital Xbox Series X surfaced online. As per that leak, the all-digital variant of the Xbox Series X, codenamed Brooklin, would have more storage capacity, better components, and no disc drive. Now, as we head into the better parts of 2024, we seemingly have an actual look at the upcoming console.

As exclusively reported by eXputer, the rumored all-digital console still sports the boxy rectangle form factor of the original Xbox Series X, but in white. However, one of the highlights is that the leaked Series X is missing its disc drive.

What we have left is a box with the essential ports on it. If you compare it with the leaked image during the FTC vs Microsoft Activision trial, it looks very different from that render. The final release seems to keep a similar form factor to keep familiarity with the market.

No other information has leaked online, but it corroborates with the reports of eXputer from last month. In it, they confirmed that Microsoft plans to launch an all-digital system cheaper than the Series X.

It will have 1TB storage and cost $50-$100 less than the current Series X console. The eXputer post also confirmed that the rumored all-digital console will have a better heatsink, which makes sense if you keep a similar form factor. This console will launch sometime in the summer of this year.

I am all in for choices. We should be good if this rumored console doesn’t replace the current disc offering. Media preservation is the utmost important thing, and such consoles hinder that. When players get used to using digital-only purchases, publishers have zero incentive to release a physical copy of their favorite game. Hence, I hope we get this as a cheaper offering alongside the disc variant.

In other news, Phil Spencer wants to bring over other game storefronts to Xbox and topple the closed console ecosystem. What do you think about the rumored console? If it is announced, do you plan to buy one? Let us know in the comments below.

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