This Xbox Series S Toaster Is the Perfect Gaming Breakfast Companion!

microsoft xbox series s toaster
In Short
  • Microsoft has made a new Series S, but it's not a console.
  • The Xbox Series S toaster makes you toast with the Xbox logo imprinted on it.
  • It has several features and is available to buy for $39.99 at Walmart.

There is no end to how far a gamer will go to show their love for their passion. And while the best games and consoles will do it, we never thought we would add a toaster to this list. Here at Beebom, many cool gadgets intrigue us, but this one really stopped us in our tracks. If you’re an Xbox fan, you will find this new kitchen appliance quite amazing. You can now get the Xbox logo on your toasted bread, thanks to a brand-new product released by Microsoft.

It’s not a joke, and while this toaster is not some state-of-the-art appliance, it does toast up your bread quite nicely by browning it in just the right spots to make the Xbox logo within the bread’s structure. The textural contrast and uneven browning may even be preferred by some who appreciate heterogeneity. Moreover, this toaster looks like the Xbox Series S gaming console!

Xbox Series S Toaster: Looks and Toasts like It

Speaking of features, the Xbox Series S toaster supports up to 2 slices of bread. It has a wide slot, a bagel function, and a digital countdown timer. Users can select 6 different levels of how much they want their bread toasted. According to Microsoft, this Xbox Series S toaster “lets you toast your bread, English muffins, frozen waffles, and bagels.”

xbox series s toaster features

It even has a defrost function for frozen food items! For an easy cleanup, the Series S toaster also has a removable crumb tray. Overall, it may not be as innovative or feature powerful gaming performance as the actual Series S, but it shapes up to be quite a decent toaster to add to your kitchen setup!

Before this, Microsoft had unveiled a refrigerator that was literally a Series X gaming console lookalike. That, too, had its appeal as it looked like a massive Xbox Series X console, but of course, a fridge can’t play games.

In terms of things I never knew I needed, this toaster, which looks like an Xbox gaming console and spits out Xbox-branded toast, is definitely on my wishlist. It is already on sale, by the way. However, the stock may vary based on your location. If you are wondering where to buy this cool Xbox Series S toaster, it has launched for $39.99 at Walmart.

This new Xbox-themed toaster is another launch by Microsoft right in line with their theme of weird renditions of Xbox game consoles. It is a great gift for Xbox fans, but make sure they don’t think it is an actual Series S that they will play GTA 6 on!

What are your thoughts on the new Xbox Series S Toaster? Let us know in the comments below!

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