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Xbox One X Might Not Turn On If You’re Using A Surge Protector

Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is the world’s most powerful gaming console to date, and the initial sales numbers have been quite impressive to say the least. If you just purchased the console to quench your thirst for couch gaming, you might have to take down some notes from the Xbox support page before you proceed to boot it up. For starters, surge protectors won’t work well with your new console. In fact, it might prevent your Xbox One X from turning on, according to Microsoft, which is mind boggling to say the least. I’m pretty sure most of us make use of surge protectors with our electronic devices like computers, consoles, TVs, refrigerators and more to protect them from electrical surges and voltage spikes, especially the ones caused by lightning.

Xbox One X Built in Surge Protection

If surge protectors are designed to protect your Xbox One X from such voltage spikes, why is it preventing your console from turning on? Well, the reason is due to the fact that the new Xbox One X and even the older Xbox One S are designed to be plugged directly into a wall outlet. Both the consoles have built-in surge protectors to make sure it remains unaffected by electrical surges, and therefore, you don’t have to use an additional external surge protector. However, if you actually try to use a surge protector, the console will not be able to meet the full power that is needed for optimal performance of the system, and as a result of this, your Xbox One X might even fail to boot up sometimes.

As per what’s stated in the Xbox support page, this might be one of the major reasons why your Xbox One X isn’t booting up as expected. So, if you’re facing issues in booting up your new Xbox console, make sure you follow Microsoft’s guidelinew and plug your new Xbox One X directly into the wall outlet, and see if that works for you. If this is not your problem, check out the rest of the troubleshooting guide in the Xbox support page.

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