Wuthering Waves Special Broadcast Event Announced; Release Date Expected

Wuthering Waves livestream
In Short
  • The Wuthering Waves Special Broadcast Program is scheduled for is scheduled for March 29, at 19:00 (UTC+8) on their official YouTube channel.
  • The Special Broadcast Program will discuss the player feedback from the CBT2, and  make an important announcement, likely the official release date.
  • Wuthering Waves is also available for Pre-registration on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Wuthering Waves just concluded its second closed beta and participants were fairly happy with the improvements. While the CBT2 was ongoing, Kuro Games registered Wuthering Waves in the Epic Games Store for a 2024 potential release, with a leaked release date. Now, Kuro Games has announced a Special Broadcast Program, which might announce the official release date of Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves Livestream Date and Time

The Wuthering Waves Special Broadcast Program is scheduled for March 29, at 19:00 (UTC+8) on their official YouTube channel. The description of the scheduled broadcast reveals that the program will be 20 minutes long and will discuss the player feedback from the Closed Beta II, and an important announcement.

Hopefully, the important announcement likely means a confirmed release date for the game in 2024. Although, many CBT2 testers wanted more changes before the official release, and are worried that the game won’t be able to implement them if the leaked release date is correct. I personally think that Kuro Games needs to release Wuthering Waves before Zenless Zone Zero comes out, otherwise they can lose a big chunk of their player base to the upcoming Hoyoverse title.

Here is the Wuthering Waves Livestream time for all the popular time zones:

RegionLivestream Start Time
New Delhi, India4:30 PM IST
Tokyo, Japan8:00 PM JST
California, USA3:00 AM
Beijing, China7:.00 PM CST
Toronto, Canada6:00 AM
Rome, Italy12:00 PM CET
Melbourne, Australia10:00 PM
Auckland, New Zealand12:00 AM, March 30

Wuthering Waves Pre-Registration on iOS and Android

Wuthering Waves Enemies

Recently, Wuthering Waves also announced pre-registration for Android and iOS devices. This further enforces that a release date is close by. You can pre-register on your Android devices on Google Play Store and iOS devices on Apple App Store. The system requirements for mobile are quite hefty, so make sure to check if your device can run the game or not.

So, that’s it. Tell us what you think about Wuthering Waves and whether you are looking forward to playing it. If you participated in the CBT2, then make sure to also add your feedback in the comment section.

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