Wordle Today: Answer and Hints for #836 (October 3)

If you have been playing Wordle long enough, then you already know how frustrating it can get when you can’t figure out the answer. While most folks seem to get the Worlde answer sooner or later, it’s understandable if you run into problems. In the same vein, for those who are struggling to figure out the Wordle #836 answer for today, we are here to help. Check out the Wordle answer of the day in our dedicated guide, or go through the hints below first to find it yourself.

Best Wordle Starting Words

If you are not ready to give up, start afresh in a private tab and try beginning with the best Wordle starting words. Remember that a good Wordle starting word combines various factors that can increase your chances of winning. These can include making sure it is vowel-rich, unique in some way, and doesn’t repeat letters.

There are a plethora of the best starter words in Wordle. However, to help you out, we have listed down some of our favorites here. Have a look through them below:


To find even more words, check out our list of the best Wordle starting words here. However, if you need more help, perhaps it is time for some hints.

Wordle #836: Hints for Wordle of the Day

If the above words didn’t do it for you and you are still struggling, let us help you more. Below are some hints to slowly guide you toward today’s Wordle answer. However, if you want the answer, then skip this section altogether.

  1. There are two vowels in today’s answer.
  2. No letter repeats itself today.
  3. It might take some time for you to get the answer.

We hope the above hints helped you find the answer for the Wordle of the day. However, if you still haven’t found the answer, then wait a while and rack your brain a bit longer. If you still can’t figure it out, then let me help you out with one of the letters below.

What Does Today’s Wordle Start With?

For those still stuck with the answer, here’s the starting letter for today’s wordle answer. The answer for the Wordle puzzle on October 3, 2023, starts with the letter “W.” If you still haven’t figured it out, it’s finally time to take a peek below and find out the answer.

Wordle #836: What is Today’s Wordle Answer?

If after all the above hints and even the starting letter didn’t do it for you, then perhaps it’s best to cut to the chase. However, before you do, we advise spending just one minute more to figure it out yourself.

The answer for Wordle #836 today is “WHILE”

While Wordle Todady

Definition While means a period or at the same time. An example sentence would be, “It takes a while for the cookies to cool down.” Oh, don’t stress if you couldn’t guess the answer this time! As always, Wordle will be back tomorrow with a fresh word, and so will we with the answer.

Once I get the Wordle answer, I always run it against NYT’s Wordlebot. I always start my guesses with “ARISE” since it’s one of the best starting words. And today was a lucky day as I got two letters in the right place off the bat! My next guess of “Pride” didn’t really help. However, my next guess of “Guile” narrowed it down to just three guesses.

Finally, I remembered how stupidly simple Wordle answers are, so I entered “While” and got my answer. Today was, overall, quite a good one as I took four steps to get today’s answer like the bot!

Yesterday’s Wordle Answer

Are you still in the previous time zone and looking for the older Wordle answer? Fear not, since we have included that too here.

The Wordle answer for #835 on October 2, 2023, is “MERRY.”

Definition Merry means to be cheerful and lively. An example sentence would be, “The people inside the party are a merry lot.

Previous Wordle Answers

If you’re looking for Wordle answers that go even further back in time, we have you covered. Go through the words that appeared in the last 10 Wordles below to brush up on how the game works, and you just might be able to predict tomorrow’s answer!

  • 835 – MERRY
  • 834 – BERET
  • 833 – DADDY
  • 832 – AZURE
  • 831 – COACH
  • 830 – SMILE
  • 829 – LOYAL
  • 828 – ROCKY
  • 827 – RIGHT
  • 826 – CAROL

Simple Wordle Tips and Tricks

While it may seem winning at Wordle is easy, it is actually quite difficult to get that pesky five-letter word. However, there are certain tips and tricks you can follow to ensure you get the answer almost every time. Some of our most recommended hints are:

  • Choose a strong starting word – One of the mistakes many people make in Wordle is thinking that choosing any odd word will do. However, we suggest you always pick a strong starting word that ensures you get the most common letters right. As mentioned above, a good starting word has a lot of things going for it. Check out some recommendations above and also read our guide for more information.
  • Repeating letters is good – Many users think all Wordle answers have different letters. However, that is not the case, as we have historically gotten a lot of words with repeating letters. Therefore, I would advise you not to be afraid of repeating letters as there are chances the Wordle answer will have one or two letters that repeat themselves.
  • Use the Wordlebot – As described above, NYT’s Wordlebot is an intuitive bot that analyzes your responses and compares them against itself. Instilling some healthy competition can help you improve your own Wordle guessing and see what you could have done better. So the next time you don’t know what you did wrong, check out the Wordlebot.

You can check out the long list of past Wordle answers via the linked guide. We hope you found the answer for Wordle #836 through hints and not through our direct help. However, if you do and want to do it by yourself next time, then learn how to play properly through these best Wordle tips and tricks. Tired of the game altogether? Maybe it’s time to switch and check out other Wordle alternatives, then.

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