8 Best Wordle Tips and Tricks to Win this Word Game

Worlde is by far one of the simplest yet most frustrating games to have ever existed. Based on guessing the five-letter word of the day, the game attracts millions of users every day. However, almost everyone, at some point, gets stuck with guessing the right word. While Wordle is indeed hard, you can make your next win more possible by following a few tips and tricks. Thankfully, we have compiled the best Wordle tips and tricks to help you in that regard. So make sure to follow all these the next time you play this word game.

1. Choose a Strong Starting Word

One of the key things in Wordle is remembering that a bold start is the best. Provided you pick the right first word, you can greatly increase your chances of guessing the word quickly. The ideal first word should be a good mix of vowels and consonants.

wordle starting word

It should also be something that is common enough to be used and included in the game’s list. While you can little away hours in search of it, we have made the job easier. Check out our dedicated list of the best starting words in Wordle, and make sure your entry is a bold one.

2. Remember Wordle Is In US English

Let’s get one of the most technical things out of the way. Wordle is a game originally created in the United States and is now owned by the New York Times. So, it uses American English. Since this fact was not explicitly stated, a lot of British players originally had problems with the game.

A screenshot of wordle showing US spelling

However, to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, do keep the above fact in mind. While there isn’t a world full of differences between American and British English, there are some nuances in spelling. For instance – FAVOR vs FAVOUR. So the next time you feel like you have the answer, make sure to double-check the spelling before pressing Enter.

3. Use Vowel Heavy Words

This is the one piece of advice you will find generously sprinkled everywhere. And while some say, it doesn’t necessarily work, it has helped me solve a fair bit of Wordle puzzles and increase my score. The key to ensuring you get your word as fast as possible is to get the vowels out of the way first. To make that happen, always make sure you use vowel-dense words at least once in the game.

However, you don’t have to repeat this strategy every try. Once you’re confident you have nailed your vowels down, supplement your game with a few garden-variety words that you think might be the answer. You can check out our linked guide above or follow your own method. This is by far one of the best Wordle tips and tricks you can follow.

4. Use the Same Starting Word Every Game

This can turn out to be one of the best Wordle tips and tricks, depending on how you play this game. Many Wordle users tend to have one word they always start out with. This can either be a logical choice because of its possibility or simply their favorite word. For example — a starting word that one of my co-workers uses all the time is BAKER.

If you’re someone who uses the same starting word because it gets all the correct letters identified, I suggest keeping that approach going. However, Wordle users who take turns at random should fix a word that works for them and religiously use it in every game to get the fastest possible answer.

5. Don’t Worry, Repeating Letters is Good

While using the same word in every game is good, you also need to variate when it comes to letters. There are times when Wordle’s answer of the day is a word with many of the same letters. However, a lot of people miss it because they feel repeating letters is a waste of a try. But one of the best Wordle tips and tricks I can give you is to think the opposite way. Many times, repeating letters is exactly what you need to do to get the correct answer.

An in-game screenshot of repeated letters in Worlde

For instance – If we look back at some of the previous Wordle answers, we see some words with repeated letters like ‘Bleed,’ ‘Bluff,’ ‘Beefy,’ ‘Folly,’ and many more. Therefore, it’s pretty clear that this can happen again. To avoid passing on a simple answer, make sure you repeat letters if you feel confident enough in the word. If you’re too anxious to give it a chance, then try it out in a single try to see how correct you are.

6. Don’t Rush Your Responses

We know this sounds obvious, but most people simply rush through their six tries and then have to wait for the next day. This is especially painful if you have an official NYT account and then have to wait for 24 hours. In the interest of helping you avoid such a fate, we suggest taking your time and thinking before entering each input.

An in-game screenshot of a user rushing in Wordle

This will not only help you play Wordle at a comfortable pace but also increase the possibility of getting the answer right. A simple tip, this is also one of the best Wordle tricks you can try.

7. Check Your Statistics

While this won’t help you solve your current Wordle puzzle, it will help you improve for future attempts. New York Times has a nice little assistant that it calls Wordlebot. Put simply, it is in place to analyze Wordles and Wordles alone. It can either analyze the Wordles you have solved through your account or even accepts uploaded results.

A captured screenshot of the wordlebot

The Wordlebot goes into some decent detail about reading your results and providing its insights. It factors in your skill level, words remaining, and even your luck. The Wordlebot even guesses your future turn and then compares it to your actual guess. It even calls you out if you didn’t get the solution. All in all, the Wordlebot is a handy assistant and one that can help you learn from your mistakes.

8. Give the Game Multiple Tries

Unless you solved the puzzle and got the word on the first try, chances are you struck out and now have to wait for a full day. Unfortunately, if you’re playing through a connected account, you have no choice. However, for the ones that aren’t, there’s a way to give the same puzzle multiple tries.

Simply open up the Wordle website in an incognito tab in your web browser. This will open up a fresh session of Wordle regardless if you’ve done it before. However, do make sure you don’t sign in to your NYT account. If you do, this will carry over your latest progress and bar you from playing all over again. This is one of the best Wordle tricks for folks who want to keep practicing with the same puzzle.

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