Windows 11 Intros a New Way to Move Files; Directly Use the Address Bar!

new windows 11 march 2024 update
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In Short
  • Windows 11 KB5035953 update has released in the beta channel, and it brings some brand-new features.
  • You can now drag and drop files with your mouse in the Address bar of the Windows 11 File Explorer app.
  • The widget bar gets a new location on the taskbar, and you can also share files using a QR code now.

Microsoft is enhancing Windows 11 with a new way to move your files between folders. Recently, the KB5035953 patch was pushed to the beta version of Windows 11 (learn how to install Windows 11 Beta here), which introduces several new features.

Suppose you have a folder open with several files, and you want to move a specific file to a different folder. I mean, you must be thinking it’s pretty easy to do with Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts. But, with Windows 11’s new feature in the beta update, you can simply drag and drop the file into the destination folder of your choice using the address bar. See how it works below!

The official blog post describes this feature – “drag-and-drop files with your mouse functionality between breadcrumbs is now available in the File Explorer Address Bar.”

For now, a Vivetool command as mentioned in the X post above needs to be run for this feature to be enabled. As per X user @PhantomOfEarth, this feature will gradually roll out to all Windows 11 users.

As long as the destination folder is part of the address bar in File Explorer, this feature will help in seamless management of your files. Managing a large number of files can get quite hectic, but with this new addition, it has become slightly easier.

There are more new changes, as reported in the official blog post. The widget board now gets a new position on the taskbar. Also, the Windows Share feature is evolving as users now can share QR codes for files with other users, or themselves. With this innovative feature, accessing files between different devices will become way easier.

What are your thoughts on the Windows 11 KB5035953 beta update? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Nice of them to bring back the feature they took away and claim it’s a new feature

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