Who Plays Titus in the Fallout TV Series and Why Is It a Cause for Controversy?

In Short
  • Michael Rapaport's cameo as Knight Titus in the Fallout TV series has angered the fans because of his previous statements online.
  • This is because of the remarks made by the American actor supporting Israel and disputing the reality of genocide in Gaza.
  • As a result, viewers on X expressed their disappointment and frustration over this casting decision, saying it had ruined the show for them.

While the new Fallout TV series on Prime Video is being hailed as one of the best video game adaptations, a controversial actor’s cameo is causing quite a stir on the Internet. It is none other than the actor who portrayed the character of Knight Titus for a brief time on-screen in the series. Find out who played the role of Knight Titus in the Fallout TV show and why it turned out to be a controversial decision.

Spoilers Warning: This article contains major spoilers about Knight Titus from Fallout series. Thus, make sure to watch the episodes beforehand in order to avoid ruining your intended experience.

The Controversial Role of Knight Titus in Fallout TV Show

In episode 2 of Fallout, Maximus (played by Aaron Moten) was ordered to become a squire to Knight Titus. Both of them were entrusted with the mission to find Wilzig by the Brotherhood of Steel. The man behind Knight Titus wasn’t revealed until the end of his role, as he was mostly wearing the T-60 suit as the knight.

But after being ravaged by the irradiated bear in the show, the face behind Titus was revealed. It was none other than Michael Rapaport, who gained notoriety for his divisive remarks on social media platforms.

 Michael Rapaport as Knight Titus in Fallout TV Show
Image Courtesy: IMDb

However, his character is left to die and only appears on screen for a very short duration. Still, it is more than enough to set the internet ablaze. Fans who have been enjoying the show were deeply exasperated by his appearance in an otherwise excellent show. The reactions arose primarily after Michael Rapaport’s controversial political views, which he shared online previously.

Michael is a well-known actor for his roles in renowned works such as Atypical, True Romance, Only Murders in the Building, and more. The actor, however, infuriated his followers by making remarks that they perceived as backing Israel and downplaying the genocide in Gaza.

In addition to this, he explicitly stated that Anti-Semitism needs to be eradicated sooner rather than later, and speculation has been made based on his remarks that he would vote for Donald Trump in 2024.

All these contentious statements from the man resulted in an outrage among the fans. This is the reason behind people not wanting to see him in a role in any movie or TV show. As the Fallout TV series debuted yesterday, fans immediately started to express their fury over this casting choice on X (formerly Twiter).

Many fans remarked that the decision to include Rapaport ruined their Fallout experience and day. Thus, this is the ongoing controversy regarding Knight Titus in Fallout. That said, what’s your take on this casting decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jake says:

    I thought him denying the mistreatment of Palestinians was method-acting for his character.

  • John says:

    There’s nothing controversial about his views. The world has gone mad.

  • B says:

    Boo hoo hoo

  • Shane says:

    If people don’t like him then they should be happy he died in the show. His character was a d*** anyways. I don’t care about his political views. His job is to act, not rant on social media. Like I know Kanye is a f****** idiot but some of his music isn’t bad. Separate the art from the artist and move tf on.

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