Where to Find Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Dandelion Seeds are one of the important ascension materials in Genshin Impact if you recently pulled Jean or Eula from the Wishes banners. There are a few ways to get them — finding them in the wild and buying them from an NPC. If you want to collect them fast, you will need to find them in the wild. Hence, in this guide, let’s look at where to find Dandelion seeds in Genshin Impact in the nation of freedom ruled by Venti. We’ve marked the Dandelion seed locations on the map to make it easy for you.

How to Harvest Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

To harvest Dandelion seeds, you must use the power of Anemo, which you can use using the Anemo traveler after touching one of the statues of the sevens and resonating with Anemo in Mondstadt. You’ll then need to press his elemental skill key (E) to let out an elemental attack and harvest the seeds.

Dandelion seeds Genshin

Once harvested, Dandelion seeds take three days to grow back at the same location. As a result, if you’re on a harvesting spree, it’s really important to ensure you harvest all the Dandelion seeds in Mondstadt to save the wait time and level up your Jean and Eula faster.

How to Get Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Here are the 1o locations where you can find Dandelion seeds in Genshin. Along with the locations, we have also described the route for the locations and how to get there easily.

1. NPCs and Shops

Babak is an NPC in Sumeru’s Port Ormos who runs a shop and sells regional specialties, including Dandelion seeds. You can bag a total of five seeds; the shop refreshes every three days. If you’re farming for Dandelion seeds in Genshin Impact, don’t forget to visit this shop.

Babak Genshin Impact

Besides that, there’s an NPC that you can find in Ritou, Inazuma with the name Karpillia. Although on the expensive side, you can buy five Dandelion seeds from her for 60,000 mora each, which also refresh in three days.

Karpillia Dandelion Seeds

2. Outside Mondstadt’s Entrance

Dandelion seeds can be found right outside the entrance of Mondstadt in Genshin Impact. Players can collect about 9 seeds including seven seeds at either side of the entrance and two seeds from the back exit which leads to a small port. Then, you can teleport to the domain right outside of Mondstadt and collect two more Dandelion seeds making it 11 in total.

Dendelion seeds near Mondstadt's entrance

To farm Dandelion seeds fast, you must use the power of Anemo, which you can use using the Anemo traveler after touching one of the statues of the sevens and resonating with Anemo in Mondstadt.

3. Cliff Between Stone Gate and Dawn Winery

Cliff Dendelion seeds

The cliff is a great location to farm Dandelion seeds in Genshin Impact as you should find around 10 seeds in total here. The easiest way to get to the cliff is by teleporting to the artifacts domain near Dragonspine and running all the way up. It is the shortest way, and we recommend you follow the same as taking any other way will require you to climb up the massive cliff, which, trust me, you don’t want to do.

4. Near Dawn Winery

Dawn Winery Dandelion seed location

Speaking of Dawn Winery, there are two locations, one on the south and one on the north of Dawn Winery where you can find four Dandelion seeds. The shortest route to follow to get there is by teleporting to the statue of the seven near the Winery, going north first to pick up the two seeds, and then teleporting to the Viridiscent artifacts domain and going west.

5. Near Starfell Lake

Starfell Lake dandelion seeds

At a short distance from Starfell Lake, you should be able to collect three Dandelion seeds. All you need to do is teleport to the statue of the seven in Starfell Lake and move southwest (as shown in the image). The route image is available above for clarity.

6. Near Starsnatch Cliff

Dandelion seeds starsnatch cliff

You can collect a total of three Dandelion seeds from near the Starsnatch Cliff. All you need to do is teleport to the Midsummer Courtyard domain and start moving south. You’ll need to climb a small cliff and should reach the location in no time.

7. South of The Thousand Winds Temple

Temple of the Wolf Dandelion seeds

All you need to do to collect three more Dandelion seeds in Genshin Impact is teleport to the domain called Temple of the Wolf and start moving southeast till you reach the edge of the ground. You should then see and be able to pick up three Dandelion seeds in Genshin with ease.

8. Cape Oath and Nearby

There are two Dandelion seeds in Cape Oath and both are near the teleport waypoint. All you need to do is open the map, teleport to the given location, and go north to find the seeds.

Cape Oath Dandelion Seeds

You could then teleport to the Temple of Lion, which is on the west side of the Cape Oath, as shown in the image, and collect a Dandelion seed there. Subsequently, you can then travel a bit to the west and get another bunch of seeds, making them five in total.

West of cape oath

9. Ends of Dadaupa Gauge

At daudaupa gouge

To get this bunch of Dandelion seeds, you’d need to teleport to a waypoint in Dragonspine, near Entomed City, right below the Statue of the Seven, and fly all the way to the shown location. You can use the Red Feather Fan while flying since the said location is quite distant from the waypoint.

10. Near Wolvendom

Dandelion seeds near wolvendom

There are two Dandelion seeds in Genshin around the perimeter of Wolvendom and the best way to get them is to take the waypoint that’s right outside Wolvendom at the north and continue traveling north for 30-40 meters.

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