WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Send HD Quality Images But With A Catch

Share HD quality images via WhatsApp

It seems like WhatsApp is finally ready to listen to its users when it gets to sharing images. Your snaps, no matter how crisp, sharp, and detailed they are, lose their quality when you share them with others as WhatsApp enforces aggressive compression protocols for speedy transfers. However, this is set to change soon. Find out more below.

Send High-Quality Images Via WhatsApp Soon!

As per a recent WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp is allowing some beta testers to share HD-quality images on both Android and iOS. The newest addition is part of WhatsApp beta for iOS version and WhatsApp beta for Android version.

HD option while sending photos on WhatsApp
Image: WABetaInfo

As you can notice in the screenshot above, the option to send HD-quality images appears on top, right beside the crop icon. When you select that option, an “HD” watermark will appear on the lower left corner of the image.

However, there is a catch. This option will not be available to you until and unless your share large images. Even then, you will not be able to send images in its full resolution. The images will still be slightly compressed. WhatsApp will only maintain the aspect ratio of the image in its full resolution. Also, do note that by default, the Standard option will be enabled. Hence, every time you share an image, the HD option needs to be manually enabled.

This comes in addition to the already-announced ability to send larger files of up to 2GB in size. Do note that this feature is only limited to images. This means that WhatsApp will still aggressively compress your shared videos. In order to avoid that, it is best to share videos in the form of shared documents. At least for the time being.

So, as you might have already guessed, this is not the smoothest of implementations and is painstakingly clunky. This feature is only limited to a handful of iOS and Android beta testers for now. However, we expect a wider beta rollout for both platforms soon. By the time the feature is available to everyone we hope WhatsApp will smoothen some of the rough edges.

Hence, stick with us as we bring the latest developments your way. In the meanwhile, comment down your thoughts on this new feature below.

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