WhatsApp Now Lets You Add People Using QR Codes; Currently Limited to iOS Beta

whatsapp qr code

WhatsApp wants to make it easier for users to be able to share their contact details and add new users to the service. Thus, it has debuted a new QR code contact card with the latest iOS beta update. You can share your QR code with others, who can then scan and add you to their contact list. Easy peasy!

First spotted by serial tipster WABetaInfo, this feature has been rolled out through a server-side update in the latest WhatsApp beta v2.20.60.27 update. If you an iPhone user, you can head into the app’s settings to see a new ‘QR code’ icon next to the username.

You can tap the icon to see a personal QR code contact card, as shown in the header image above. This QR code is directly shareable to other messaging apps, e-mail, or more. You can choose to screenshot the same to send it to your friends.

Your friend will then need to head to the said QR code settings page inside WhatsApp. Under their personal QR code, they will find a ‘Scan’ button. Tapping the scan button will open a camera view that can be used to scan the received QR code. You can either point your phone towards the code or pull the code from your gallery.

The process is easy and some of you have already used it on Instagram or Snapchat. A necessary thing that I should point out right now is that WhatsApp will also share your phone number via the QR code. The app relies on phone numbers to add new users. So, it’s only justified for them to share it with others.

Users can also choose to share their QR codes on social media or share them within a public group – especially those looking to promote a business. Well, if you misplace or accidentally share the QR code with someone you didn’t want to, then WhatsApp will provide you the option to reset the QR code. The reset option is also available below your personal code.

The QR code contact card is only accessible to iOS beta users at the moment. But, the same should reach Android beta users very soon. There’s currently no word on when the feature will roll out to everyone.

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