Check Out What’s Inside a $52000 “House of the Future”

Nestron C2 feat.

At CES 2020, back in January, Toyota announced that they are planning to build a “prototype city of the future” near Japan’s Mt. Fuji. Now, we are sure that it will be all futuristic with smart electric cars (even flying cars, maybe?) and smart houses with AI, but the plan is still in its discussion stage. So, we do not really know how the houses of this future city will look like. However, we can get an idea of how a “house of the future” might look like with the $52000 Nestron Cube Two.

So, the Nestron C2 is a tiny futuristic house built by a Singapore-based “tiny” house-maker, Nestron. The company specialises in making tiny futuristic houses that come with a “ready-to-live” formula. This essentially means that the houses arrive at your place (cannot say house, can I?) fully furnished and you can start living in the house right from day one, without any hassle.

Nestron C2 1

Now, the Nestron C2 is a 263 sq. ft. house that comes with a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen and even a bar counter. It also has a skylight in the ceiling to make it more bright with natural light during the day. And at night, residents can enjoy the starry night-sky while lying on the bed.

The house also comes with a built-in AI assistant that can control all the smart devices like the smart refrigerator, washing machine, AC and stove. So, you do not need to worry about the futuristic factor of this house as it comes with all of the perks of a “house of the future”.

Nestron C2 2

Well, all of this sounds quite cool and future-y (that’s a word, right?), however, you would probably know the phrase — with great future tech, comes a high price tag (yep, that’s an original). So, if you want the tiny Nestron Cube Two, you can pre-order it right now for (only) $52000 (~Rs 39,44,500) from Nestron’s official website and it also comes with a 15-years warranty.

The company ships the house to any place in the world. However, you may have to pay a few extra bucks to get it delivered right at your place (for instance, shipping in the US costs $8000).

You can check out the C2 on Nestron’s website and you can even a take a 360-degree virtual tour of the house from here.

VIA Business Insider
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