What Is Android System Intelligence? Should You Disable It?

In Short
  • Android System Intelligence enables "Smart" features and is one of the core Android apps.
  • Some of these features include Live Captions, Live Translate, Pixel Now Playing, and more.
  • Since it's a system app, you cannot uninstall but disable it.

Google has a lot of apps on Android that keep the operating system tied together. In the past decade, Android has evolved in a way that several apps are now dependent on other apps for many tasks and to enable various features, making it sophisticated. One such app is the Android System Intelligence, which brings a lot of cool and smart features that a lot of people use. In this guide, let’s look at what exactly is Android System Intelligence, the features it enables, and whether you should uninstall Android System Intelligence.

What is Android System Intelligence?

Android System Intelligence is an app that comes pre-installed on Android devices that enables features such as Live Captions, Live Translate, Smart Autorotate, Notification Action Buttons, and more. Although the app is a part of every modern Android device, there are a few features that it only enables on Pixel devices such as Assistant Voice Typing, Now Playing, and App Predictions in the Launcher.

Android System Intelligence app Android

The Android System Intelligence app is not new and is a rebrand of the Device Personalization Services app which was introduced during Android 9 (Pie) days. Google’s description of the app reads, “Android System Intelligence is a system component within Private Compute Core that powers intelligent features across Android while keeping your data private.”

Android System Intelligence Features

Android System Intelligence app features pixel

As stated earlier, Android System Intelligence enables new features on all Android devices with the only exception being Pixel devices where the app is responsible for enabling Pixel-exclusive features. Here are all the features it brings to Android.

  • Live Caption
  • Screen Attention
  • Smart Autorotate (Pixel-exclusive)
  • Improved Copy and Paste (Pixel-exclusive)
  • App predictions in the launcher (Pixel-exclusive)
  • Notification Management
  • Smart Text Selection
  • Linkify Text
  • Live Translate (Pixel-exclusive)
  • App Search (Pixel-exclusive)
  • Assistant Voice Typing (Pixel-exclusive)
  • Now Playing (Pixel-exclusive)
  • Google Pay: Boarding Pass with a Screenshot

As for the permissions, since Android System Intelligence is designed to know you better, give suggestions, and feed data to the above features, it requires access to Call logs, Camera, Contacts, Location, Microphone, Nearby Devices, Phone, and SMS.

Should You Uninstall Android System Intelligence?

One thing a lot of Android users do when they spot a mysterious app is try to uninstall it. This is because they either confuse it with something that might harm their device or because they never remember installing the application. Android System Intelligence is completely safe, and while you can uninstall it, you’d be missing out on smart features if you do so. However, there is no harm in disabling Android System Intelligence, you will be able to use normal features like calling, messaging, social media apps and more.

Android System Intelligence app info screen

It is advisable to keep the app on your Android phone. Not to mention, with each update, Google keeps bringing new features to Android that can only be accessed if you have Android System Intelligence installed. Besides, you can’t just uninstall it like regular apps but you can disable it.

How to Uninstall or Disable Android System Intelligence

To disable Android System Intelligence:

1. Go to Settings and in the search bar type “Android System Intelligence.”

How to Disable

2. Tap the App to open app info and tap Disable.

3. Once disabled, you won’t be able to use the aforementioned features. However, you can enable it back again at any time.

If you want to completely remove it from your Android device, you’ll need to use an ADB command. We have a dedicated guide to help you install ADB drivers on your Android smartphone. Once done, connect your Android device, enable USB Debugging, and execute the following command.

adb uninstall com.google.android.as

Where “com.google.android.as” refers to the package name of Android System Intelligence.

All in all, it is an essential part of the Android experience and you shouldn’t remove it or else you will be missing out on lots of existing and upcoming features. That said, if you absolutely want to uninstall it, there’s no harm in doing so.

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