This Website Lets You Pretend To Be a Real Hacker

Terminhack lets you pretend to be real hacker

Have you ever wondered how your friends would react if they found out they have been hacked? Well, you can now choose to prank them using a website that lets you pretend to be a real hacker. It will display a terminal window with commands and lines of code on the screen, which should be enough to freak out your friends.


Dubbed Terminhack, it is a simple yet fun website, much like or the Bernie-sits website, that lets you run a series of hacking commands on a computer using a web browser. It was developed by self-claimed maker and learner Sandoche (@sandochee) and was shared on Product Hunt where we discovered it.

The creator of Terminhack is a keen learner who was recently researching and learning about ethical hacking. The subject intrigued him a lot. As a result, Sandoche created this website to better memorize the process of penetration testing.

Now, ethical hacking, if you did not know, is a hacking process that is used to find critical bugs and vulnerabilities in a system. Organizations conduct ethical hacking events and competitions, allowing ethical hackers to try to hack into a system (with the owner or developer’s permission) using any existing vulnerabilities. This way, the vulnerabilities get exposed and the developers can patch them up accordingly.

Terminhack is essentially a web service that lets you run a series of commands that are based on real tools used by hackers on a web browser.

Terminhack lets you pretend to be real hacker
Screenshot of the Terminhack running on Google Chrome

So, you can run the program on a web browser of your sibling or partner’s PC and tell them that you are hacking their personal accounts. It would be pretty fun to see my partner’s reaction when I run it on her MacBook!

If you too want to prank your partner, colleagues, or friends, visit the Terminhack website to start using it. You can also find the resources of the website on Github to design your own hacking setup.

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