Vivo V11 Pro In-display Fingerprint Scanner: Faster and More Secure

The all new Vivo V11 Pro (Rs. 25,990), which was launched in India quite recently, packs in some impressive hardware for a mid-range device. It packs in an impressive 6.41-inch Super AMOLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC along with 6GB RAM, a minimal waterdrop-style notch and the fourth-gen in-display fingerprint scanner.

According to Vivo, the in-display fingerprint scanner on the Vivo V11 Pro is the fastest and most secure in-display fingerprint scanner yet. The fourth-gen variant is said to be 50 percent more secure and 10 percent faster than the third-generation scanner which was included on the Vivo Nex. While the number sound impressive at first, do they really translate all that well when it comes to user experience? This is exactly what we’re here to find out.

In-display Fingerprint Scanner Explained

Vivo V11 Pro

Unlike traditional capacitive fingerprint scanners, which make use of electrical current to map out the ridges and valleys of your fingerprint, the in-display fingerprint scanner on the Vivo V11 Pro works like an optical fingerprint scanner, which shines light on your finger and captures the reflected light to map out your fingerprint. You’ll also have to press down on the screen to get a successful reading, which isn’t required with capacitive scanners. The in-display fingerprint scanner in the Vivo V11 Pro is bolted to the rear of the OLED panel, which means that you’ll not be able to spot it unless you hold the phone at a specific angle.

Vivo V11 Pro 4th Gen In-display Scanner: How Well Does It Work?

If you’ve read our Vivo Nex review, you’d already know that in-display fingerprint scanners in general take a longer time to register your fingerprint and unlock the device, when compared to traditional capacitive fingerprint scanner. However, the fourth-gen fingerprint scanner on the Vivo V11 Pro is slightly faster, which slightly improves the experience, but it still isn’t anywhere as good as capacity in-display fingerprint scanners.

Vivo V11 Pro

Since the technology is still in the early stages, even the slightest improvement is a big deal and it suggests that it wouldn’t be long before in-display fingerprint scanners get as fast as traditional scanners. It’s worth noting that the fourth-gen fingerprint scanner is claimed to be 50 percent more secure than the previous generation, which means that it’s secure enough to authenticate payments.

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Vivo V11 Pro In-display Fingerprint Scanner: A Decent Upgrade

In conclusion, I’d like to say that the Vivo V11 Pro’s in-display fingerprint scanner is definitely a decent upgrade over the one found on the Vivo Nex and if you’re one who’s looking to stay at the bleeding edge of technology, you should definitely consider getting the Vivo V11 Pro. However, if you’re looking for a lightning fast fingerprint scanner, then you will probably have to look at other devices with a capacitive fingerprint scanner or wait a long while for the in-display scanner technology to improve in subsequent iterations.

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