First Major visionOS Update is Here and It Improves Personas and EyeSight

Apple Vision Pro
In Short
  • Apple has released the visionOS 1.1.
  • visionOS 1.1 brings improvements to Personas and EyeSight features along with better accuracy to the virtual keyboard.
  • The update also bundles bug fixes for known issues like Universal Control not working, inability to connect to Mac, and more.

When Apple launched Vision Pro, many users were excited about the Personas and EyeSight features of the headset. However, they didn’t turn out so well and Apple was mocked for weird personas. It seems that Apple is good at taking criticism and has now offered a visionOS update – visionOS 1.1- that fixes these gripes.

Apple has released visionOS 1.1, the first major update for its newfangled operating system. The update brings a couple of much-requested updates. First, Personas are better now, at least slightly better than they were before. Apple says, with visionOS 1.1, it has improved hair and makeup appearance along with neck and mouth representation. We updated our Vision Pro unit at Beebom and yes, the Personas are more detailed after the update.

First Major visionOS Update is Here and It Improves Personas and EyeSight

Another addition related to Personas in visionOS 1.1 is that there is now an option to create Personas in a hands-free manner. Apple has added a hands-free mode to visionOS that allows you to enroll your persona by keeping the Vision Pro at a flat surface at your eye level or while someone else is holding it for you.

EyeSight was easily one of the most anticipated features of Vision Pro but the first impressions of the feature were not up to the mark. With visionOS 1.1, Apple says it has improved the rendering of the eyes for EyeSight.

Apart from these minor inconveniences, Apple has also tried to address the elephant in the room with the latest update. Virtual Keyboard on Vision Pro has taken the top spot as the most annoying feature of Vision Pro. Apple mentions in the release notes of visionOS 1.1 that it has improved the cursor positioning for text input and entering text will now be more accurate.

If your Vision Pro has failed to connect to your Mac often, there’s a fix for it as well in the new visionOS update.

Apart from these, Apple has added Mobile Device Management for Vision Pro. Enterprise users can now enable account-driven device and user enrollment using Managed Apple IDs.

You can go through the complete changelog of visionOS 1.1 on Apple’s official website.

visionOS 1.1 is the first major update for Vision Pro and it looks like Apple is keen on improving its latest device. WWDC 2024 will be an event to look forward to this year where Apple will announce visionOS 2.0 and the features it accompanies.

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