Valorant Players Complain About “Painfully Low” XP Gains from New “Deathmatch”

Valorant players complain to Riot feat.

With the introduction of the second season of its battle pass, Riot Games added a ton of new things, along with a new “agent”, in their flagship 5-v-5 FPS, Valorant. One of the most-requested game modes that the developers brought in the game is “Deathmatch”. Now, after trying out the new game mode, players have told Riot to increase the “painfully low” XP gain from it.

Now, coming to the new “Deathmatch” mode, when players enter the new arena, they will play against 10 other players to become the champion with the most kills. They will have 6 minutes to reach a kill threshold of 30 to become the winner. However, with the completion of each deathmatch, players only gained +100 XP for their effort, which was actually very low.

However, after the initial concerns of the players, Riot developer said that it was actually a bug in the game. So now, after a patch for the deathmatch, players gain a flat +500 XP per match.

I knew Deathmatch XP was going to be painfully low… but really? from VALORANT

Nonetheless, 500 XP is also pretty low if you consider that the new game mode won’t even affect the daily or weekly missions of the game. So, after the release of the “Deathmatch” mode in Valorant, players took their concerns to Riot developers on Reddit.

However, the developers of the FPS game defended their new system as they believe that deathmatches take half the time as a “Spike Rush” match, which takes 8-10 minutes to complete.

“Our dev data shows that this mode takes [approximately] half the time a Spike Rush match takes (combination of skipping agent select and shorter match time), so we’re awarding half the XP,” said “tehleach”, a Software Engineer of Riot Games, on Reddit.

They also explained the fact that if the “Deathmatch” had daily and weekly mission support, players will be easily able to earn XP and rush through the battle pass tiers in no time.

“If we allowed mission progress in Deathmatch, players would be able to complete any kill or damage related missions insanely quickly,”, added the engineer.

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