Valorant’s Newest Agent is German Robotics Genius Killjoy; Here are All Her Abilities

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Riot Games has today announced that Killjoy is the new agent coming to Valorant, its popular 5v5 first-person shooter game. KillJoy is described as a young genius hailing from Germany. She uses technological skills and robotics to gain an upper hand over enemies, as revealed by the game developer.

Killjoy is the twelfth agent to join Valorant’s growing roster and follows after Reyna, the ruthless fragger, who was introduced at the time of the game’s official launch in June last month. She will be added to the game as part of the second act (‘Act II’ or Season 2) that kicks off on 4th August, next week.

Riot Games has shared a video promo detailing Killjoy’s mechanical abilities, so let’s take a close look at what they are:

Valorant: Killjoy Abilities

1. Alarmbot – This is similar to Raze’s boom bot but it acts more like a trap. You can place an Alarmbot at entry points. It will track enemies in the vicinity and as they get close to the Alarmbot, it will explode to deal damage. Not just that, it will activate the double damage debuff, so it becomes easier to take down enemies.

2. Turret – As the name suggests, you can place turrets at important target points to deal some damage to enemies right off the bat. It can shoot in a 180-degree FOV but the damage isn’t too high and enemies can destroy it easily.

Valorant’s Newest Agent is German Robotics Genius Killjoy; Here are All Her Abilities

3. Nanoswarm – The promo seems to suggest that Nanoswarm will be Killjoy’s one of the most effective damage-dealing abilities. She will throw a bomb to release nano-robots that deal a lot of damage and take down enemies in a fixed radius.

4. Lockdown – This is Killjoy’s ultimate and it needs to be timed properly to be used effectively. Here, you place a robot to slow down all enemies within its radius for eight seconds and you can run them down if you know their location (thanks, Cypher). The downside though is the prolonged activation time.

When Killyjoy arrives next week, her agent contract will include two titles, three spray styles, a player card, and even a new gun buddy. You only need to wait a week to see Killjoy’s robotics prowess in action.

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