Valorant ‘Hot Mic’ Bug Is Letting Teammates Hear Your Party’s Weird Conversations

Valorant Hot Mic bug 6.11

An annoying but hilarious Valorant bug, dubbed the “hot mic” bug, has cropped up after the recent 6.11 patch, and it causes conversations in a party to be heard in the team’s voice chat. So far, folks who stream the game on Twitch, YouTube, or Kick are reported to have suffered the most with embarrassment as their only job of streaming and interacting with their audience is now audible in the team voice. That said, let’s look at what this bug is and some examples.

Valorant Hot Mic Bug Causing Some Awkward Conversations

To let you know how bad the situation is, streamer Tokibibi ended up explaining to a group of men what her haircut looks like for about 20 seconds without realizing she was speaking in Team voice.

A friend of mine had to face the same embarrassment yesterday as he tried to talk to a teammate and tried to mimic his voice in a coarse way, and was instantly taken aback when the teammate blabbered back.

Streamer Pantuse spoke about how he wanted to date a streamer without knowing that he was being heard in the team voice and was instantly taken aback as his teammate said “huh!?” And his reaction was hilarious.

While most have criticized this bug, there are those who said, “It’s a good addition to the game because now you know who’s two-faced and who you should stay away from.”

We are yet to hear a statement from Riot about a bug fix, but considering Riot’s track record, a fix should already be on its way. Did you have to go through an embarrassment due to the Valorant hot mic bug? Let us know in the comments section below.

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