Truecaller Adds Call Recording Feature in India; Here’s How It Works

Truecaller new AI call recording and transcript summarize feature
Image Courtesy: Truecaller
In Short
  • Truecaller is introducing a new call recording and an AI-powered transcription feature for Indian users.
  • These features will allow you to record ongoing calls and summarise them easily on Android and iOS devices.
  • These features are available only in India and exclusive to Truecaller Premium plan members.

Over the last few months, we have seen several apps and services introduce some kind of AI integration. The latest addition to this list is Truecaller, as the service has released a call recording and an AI-powered transcript feature for Indian users. The best part is that the call recording feature is not limited to Android but is available to iOS users as well.

As for the transcription feature, it works with incoming as well as outgoing calls and lets you create transcripts for ongoing conversations with the help of generative AI. Once the call ends, users will receive a notification that their transcript is ready. They can then read and manage it from within the app, as shown in the screenshot below.

As of writing this article, the transcript feature can note down conversations in English and Hindi languages. Support for more regional languages is on the way.

On the other hand, the call recording feature, as mentioned above, is available for both Android and iOS devices. However, the way it works differs on both platforms. So here is a brief process for how to use the Truecaller call recording feature on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Use Truecaller Call Recording on Android

On Android, you can use the call recording function through a dedicated button in the Truecaller dialer, as mentioned by the company. If you are using the stock dialer app, you have the option to record calls using a floating Record button.

Image Courtesy: Truecaller

Use Truecaller Call Recording on iOS

iPhone users don’t have it as straightforward, though, thanks to CallKit restrictions. They will have to visit the Truecaller app during an ongoing call, and then select the Record a Call option. This will initiate a call to a separate recording line that you will then have to merge with the call you want to record. Once the call ends, you will get the recording and the transcript.

Image Courtesy: Truecaller

Call recording will be available with the Truecaller Premium plan, which costs about Rs. 529 per year or Rs. 75 per month. This feature has been in much demand among Indian users, however, do remember that it’s illegal to record calls silently without prior intimation. Still, this feature might turn out to be a hit in the region.

However, for iOS users, I am concerned about the privacy issues that tag along, especially with the fact that you have to add a separate recording line to listen in on your conversation. What are your thoughts on the call recording and transcription features, and will you get Truecaller Premium to use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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