Tips to Use Widgets in macOS Big Sur on Your Mac

Though macOS had got widgets way back in 2014 with the launch of OS X Yosemite, they were quite limited in terms of functionality and customization just like their iOS counterparts. But things have changed big time with the introduction of macOS Big Sur. For a change, the new widgets are not just more functional but also offer some customization for a personalized experience. So, if you are willing to learn how to use widgets in macOS Big Sur on your Mac, you have arrived at the right place.

Tips to Customize Widgets in macOS Big Sur

Expectedly, macOS Big Sur widgets work in sync with iOS 14‘s widgets. So, you can choose the preferred size and even customize them. Though macOS doesn’t let you place widgets on the desktop right now, things might change later given how aggressively Apple wants to enhance widgets experience.

Right now, the widgets library doesn’t boast a massive collection. But you should expect the library to get a ton of cool widgets sooner than later. Notably, if you have a universal iOS app that comes with a widget, you will be able to use its widget on Mac as well.

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Access Widgets on Your Mac

It’s quite straightforward to access widgets in macOS Big Sur. You can access them by clicking on the time in the menu bar. Apple has integrated Notification Center with the widget panel for quick navigation.

Access widgets in macOS Big Sur

Add a Widget to Notification Center on your Mac

Depending on your needs, you can easily add widgets to your Notification Center to take a glance at the essential that the particular widget has to offer.

1. First off, click on the time at the top right corner of the screen.

Access widgets in macOS Big Sur

2. Now, click on Edit Widgets option at the bottom.

Click on Edit Widgets

3. Next up, choose the preferred size of the widget.

Choose the preferred size of the widget

4. Next, find the widget you want to add to the Notification Center. Then, hover over the mouse on the widget to reveal the “+” button. In the end, be sure to click on Done to confirm.

Make sure to tap on Done

Perfectly Rearrange Widgets in the Notification Center

1. To get going, click on the time in the menu bar.

Access widgets in macOS Big Sur

2. Now, scroll down to the bottom and click on Edit Widgets.

Click on Edit Widgets

3. Next, drag the widget at the right place. Once you have perfectly rearranged the widget, click on Done to confirm.

Rearrange widgets in Notification Center in macOS Big Sur

Remove Widgets from Notification Center on your Mac

If you no longer want to keep any widget in the Notification Center, you can quickly remove it.

1. Click on time at the top right corner on your Mac.

Access widgets in macOS Big Sur

2. Scroll down and click on Edit Widgets.

Click on Edit Widgets

3. Find the widget which you want to remove. Then, click on the “-” button to the left of a widget to remove it from the notification center. After that, click on Done at the bottom to confirm.

Tap on Done

Tips to Customize Widgets in macOS Big Sur on Mac

So, these are the ways you can get the most out of widgets on your Mac running macOS Big Sur. Though macOS doesn’t have a ton of widgets right now, it’s just a matter of time before they will be in huge numbers.

macOS Big Sur features a customizable Control Center, vastly improved Messages app with Memojis and effects, and a well-though-out battery setting to boost the battery life of Mac. Which one of these features has impressed you the most? It would be great to know your thoughts.

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  • Bruce says:

    Why no calculator widget – the one I used the most?

    • nancy rayfield says:

      I totally agree! I only use TWO – the weather and 99% of the time the CALCULATOR

      This is really upsetting. I can’t believe I will now have to go and buy a freaking handy-sized calculator

      Of all the STUPID things to delete!!!!!

  • Jimbo the cliwn says:

    No me. Destroy the widgets!!!!!

  • tzipora says:

    I still don’t know how to edit within a widget. For example, how to add and subtract cities in the clock widget. There are some I want to delete. How?

    • Tuttigiorni says:

      To edit, click edit widgets and then click on the widget you want to edit. I don’t think you can add or subtract cities, you can only replace them.

    • sandra says:

      It’s not that different than changing the world clock cities on iOS 14.

      Assuming you kept the World Clock widget in place:

      1. Bring up the Widgets panel.
      2. Click Edit Widgets.
      3. Click the World Clock to edit it.
      4. Double-click on an existing city in the list. This brings up a searchable list of cities that you can use. (Not a super extensive list…)

      It took me a little while to figure it out. 😉

    • sandra says:

      Just double-click the city in the list (when you get into Edit Widgets, then edit the clock widget) and it lets you change the city from a predetermined list of cities.

  • Tom says:

    does anyone know how to add an image widget to the Notification Center

  • Kso says:

    that’s what I have looked for, too.

  • Guy says:

    Same here.

  • Sheryl says:

    I had a calculator widget that I used all the time. Now it’s gone! Not liking macOS Big Sur.

    • Ellen Claire Perry says:

      Same here!!!!

    • Sean says:

      ME TOO!

    • Francois Boucher says:

      This is really stupid, Apple… Calculator was useful to me almost everyday. Where is it now?

    • nancy rayfield says:

      I HATE HATE HATE Big Sur! They did not improve anything. Just took away stuff that I used!

      What the heck????

  • Ricardo B says:

    This widgets suck! There is no point of having a big screen and use only tiny pice of it. It is ridiculous. They should use the entire screen as they did with the Dashboard. For example I used to be able to look at 10 or 20 socks with just one click, now only a maximum of 6!!! At least if you could select the stocks, you could use several widgets to see them all, but now you end up opening the app to see them all.

  • Ben Lloyd Copywriter says:

    I’m going to miss the weather and calculator widgets – they were the ones I used the most

  • Anon says:

    Still no always on widgets. I want them to be persistent on the desktop, like on iOS 14.

    • Tim says:

      Me too 🙁

    • Mixmad says:

      Me three

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